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Equity and Diversity Education Department

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1 Equity and Diversity Education Department
Dr. Greta Peay, Director Brandon L. Moeller, Assistant Director

2 ~Packing for Success in LifeWhat
What’s In Your Back pack? ~Packing for Success in LifeWhat Present What is in our Backpacks.

3 Equity and Diversity Education Department
Outcomes As a participant in today’s session, you will have the opportunity to: Review the key principles of success. Invest time and energy in the right things. Examine the things in your life that enable you to have purpose.

4 Believe in Yourself If it is to be … it is up to me.
The words you use to describe yourself help dictate who you will be. Be proud of the ancestry that makes you unique.

5 Attitude is Everything
B.U.I.LD. Believing falsehoods like: there is no future, no one cares, using negative self-talk etc. Uncertain attitude: fearing the future I can’t attitude: sense there’s no possibility, I am good for nothing, I can’t…. Loser attitude: I guess I’m nothing but a loser; I’ll never amount to anything. Doubting attitude: the number-one killer for success.

6 Courage If we are consumed by fear, we can be bankrupt of courage.
Our challenge is to see fear for what it is: False Evidence Appearing Real. Never deprive people or yourself of hope. The best gift you can give yourself is a solid foundation.

7 Knowledge Knowing has not, is not and will not ever be enough.
Knowledge is a good start, but applying the right knowledge at the right time, under the right circumstances is the key to your success.

8 People Skills People judge you on how you present yourself verbally, vocally and visually. Protect your reputation. Put your ears in gear before you put your mouth in motion. Smile, laugh and forgive others often.

9 People Skills Expect the best in people. Handle conflict wisely.
People don’t care how much you know until they know how much you care. Motivate others.

10 Always Set Realistic Goals
Goals are dreams with a timeline. “Goalmaking” is not an accessory; it is a necessity. Goals turn possibilities into probabilities. People who fail to plan, plan to fail.

11 Commit to Excellence People who seem to be totally committed have the following in common: Strong sense of themselves. Internal compass – keep moving forward. Aware of weakness and talents. Flexible and resilient. Incredible amount of energy and enthusiasm.

12 Help others realize their dreams while you pursue yours.
Keep Dreaming Dreamers are people who turn negative experiences into positive. Put your common sense in gear before you put dreams in motion. Help others realize their dreams while you pursue yours.




16 Start Stop Continue ________________
What can we stop doing? What can we continue doing? What can we start doing? Identify the top three in each category that are most important.

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