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SCA Olympics 2013: “Because epic fails happen”. Judging the events, pt. 1 There are five judges, “team neutral”, and judge assistants in charge of keeping.

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1 SCA Olympics 2013: “Because epic fails happen”

2 Judging the events, pt. 1 There are five judges, “team neutral”, and judge assistants in charge of keeping tally No team has a “lock” on winning or losing—all teams can and will bring it. Teams MUST high-five between events in order to complete a section of the relay race or obstacle course

3 Judging the events, pt. 2 At the end of each GAME, the judges will quickly agree on the order in which teams completed the game –All teams must follow the rules or will be DQd –All teams must complete all parts of each game or will be DQd Results are announced on an ongoing basis

4 Tallying results for each event First place: 5 points Second place: 4 points Third place: 3 points Fourth place: 2 points Fifth place: 1 point DQ: 0 points Team with most points at the end of the Olympics wins!

5 EVENT FOCUS for Participants

6 Event 1: Water Balloons 25 pairs—all participants (5 pairs per class/staff) All participants line up along the 50 yard line (middle of football field) Each pair gets a balloon and when they are instructed, they throw the balloon to their partner. After each throw, both pairs will move back one yard. If balloon is dropped AND it pops, the pair is eliminated, BUT if balloon is dropped and it DOES NOT pop, the pair can still continue playing. Last standing pair wins the competition for their class

7 Event 2: Hula Hoop 1 boy, 1 girl from each class/staff Each person has a hula hoop. On the signal, everyone starts circulating the hula hoop at his/her waist. Eventually, the MC will call things like “put hands on head” or “stand on one leg” to make the hula hoop progressively more difficult. The team with the last person doing the hula wins.

8 Event 3: Obstacle Course Frozen Shirt: (2 People at the 0 yard line) A frozen shirt will be given to two participants. The task is for the participants to pull apart the frozen shirt and one of them must (properly) put it on. Noodle Run (2 people @ 50 yard line) Two people will stand on 50 yard line, one holding a noodle. When the participant with the frozen t shirt high fives person with noodle, person with the noodle throws it as far as they can, alternating until you get to the end zone. Dressing Room Station: (1 person at 10 yard line) A bin filled with one oversized shirt, pair of pants, jacket and hat. Participant will put on all articles of clothing then run the rest of the way to the edge of the field to an empty bin. High-five crab walker. Crab Walk: (1 Person at 10 yard line) crab walk until you reach the 30 yard line. At 30 yard line, skip the remaining distance until they reach the 50 yard line. In order to move onto next obstacle, they must (again) high five the next member. Running Cones- 1 set: (1 Person at 50 yard line) Cones will be set up in order for the participant to figure eight between the cones diagonally across the field. Halfway to the 10 yard line at the opposing side, the participant will stop running through the cones and begin sprinting to the finish line. The order in which the participants finish this section determine the winner.

9 Event 4: Relay Race Three legged race (2 people) Hardboiled egg on a spoon (1 person) Once teammate has been high fived, they will transfer the egg onto their own spoon. (DQed if egg is on spoon before high five) This participant will run down the other stretch of the field with the spoon in their mouth and the egg on the spoon. (Note: If egg falls, player must go back to the starting point and attempt to run again, without the egg falling.) Soccer Ball between legs (1 person) Once this team member is high-fived by the previous participant, they will place a soccer ball between their legs and will run across the entire length of the field. If the ball slips out, they do not go back to the starting point. They instead to where ball was dropped, place between legs, and continue race. This person will high five the next team member. Running to high five (1 person) The goal for this member is to run from the corner to the center of the field on the outside of the marker cones to high five the next member, who is at the WL logo in center field, as quickly as possible. Run from center field to pie eating contest on track (1 person)

10 Event 5: Tug of War All members of the competing teams participate. Teams will be disqualified for poor sportsman- like behavior (additional people coming out of the bleachers to join in and/or supporters of a team throwing items onto the field) Round 1: Seniors vs. Juniors Round 2: Sophomores vs. Freshmen Round 3: round 1 winner vs. round 2 winner Round 4: round 1 loser vs. round 2 loser Round 5: round 3 winner vs. faculty

11 Questions? Contact Kira Jordan in 1011 There will be an announcement to meet on the field at 1:55 pm. HAVE FUN and BE SPORTSMAN-LIKE!

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