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December 2009 Raising the Standard. Members : Representative from each School Health Council Administrator from County Office Food Service Director &

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1 December 2009 Raising the Standard

2 Members : Representative from each School Health Council Administrator from County Office Food Service Director & Coordinator Principal Nurse To Add: Human Resources Director, Counselor

3  National, State, and District Regulations and Requirements  Availability of Resources  Grant Opportunities  Sharing Opportunity

4 Meet a minimum of three times per school year Maintain accurate minutes of the meeting to document the recommendations and topics of each meeting. Make at least one annual presentation to the local school board. Food Safety Video and Pre/Post Test Ensure that all staff have viewed the video developed by the Office of Healthy Schools to support food safety on the school campus. For compliance with the Nutrition Standards, all staff must complete and sign pre and post test developed by the Office of Healthy Schools and maintain documentation of completion. Monitoring Tool for Princi pals - Measurement and Implementation of plan is through discussion and documentation during district principal meetings. Annual Office of Healthy Schools Monitoring Tool will be kept on file at each school.

5 Developed School Wellness Plan Submitted Report of Activities for 2009-2010

6 Community Speakers: Hand Washing Demonstration Dental Presentation Asthma Friendly School Dietician Reinforce Healthy Lifestyle through lesson plans Promote awareness of need for campus walking track

7 Students: Weekly Newsletters P.E. Everyday – tracking progress on running, weight, team games, teaching exercises, increasing endurance, teaching healthy choices School Nurse – once a month health lesson “You’ve Got To Move” DVD, 3-5 minute wake up break Hand Washing Education American Red Cross – “Scrub Club” Weekly health lesson in science class School Website links to wellness Smart Choice in Social Studies to encourage healthy lifestyle Adults: Fitness Room for all employees PTO water service for employees Walking off the Pounds Videos Contests to Motivate Faculty

8 Planning for Teacher Exercise Room Weight Loss Program for Adults, Biggest Loser Presidential Fitness Test for Students Field Day Class Competition

9 Students: PE students participate in weight training twice a week PE student walk at least a mile twice a week Following the School Wellness Plan Staff and Students walk and run after school in groups Staff: Staff Members have formed a Walking Club Weight Watchers meetings once a week Certified personal trainer on staff Staff members training for a 5K run

10 Collaborate with Bienville Orthopedic and American Medical Response to Provide CPR training American Red Cross Lectures Hand Washing Signs Health Fair Scheduled Guests Speakers

11 Hand Washing Education – Posters, Demonstrations Physical Education 52 minutes Daily – Walk, Run, Wii Fit “Biggest Loser” contest for Faculty Monthly Newsletter Field Day in May Health Fair in Dec/January

12 Physical Education - Tennis, Dodge Ball, Kick Ball and Other Sports, Wii Sports Music - Dance, Yoga, Tae Bo, Tai Chi, Rhythm Sticks, Musical Chairs, Limbo, and Various movement games played with music Let’s Go Walkin Walking to and from lunch – located a good distance from the cafeteria and from the playground area Recess – walk the track Coastal clean up Strides against Breast Cancer Walk Leukemia/Lymphoma Walk Tennis Clinics Red Ribbon Week Drug Awareness Thanksgiving Can Food Drive

13 Student Activities: Jump Rope for Heart Let’s Go Walkin’ MS Field Trips/Field Day Run the Halls for AR Staff Activities: Bridge Walk/Can Food Drive Fit Club Ideas To Promote: Walking Track Library Trip NFL 60 Program President’s Challenge

14 Annual Health Fair Field Day Fit For Five School Lunch Week Planned: Weight Loss Challenge for Adults

15 Crusin’ the School – Germ Training, Exercise Stations Safety & Wellness Fair – Two Day Event Poster Contest: "Eat Smart, Stay Healthy“ Field Day: Exercise, healthy snacks Smart Choices: Monthly Activity book A Jammin’ Minute Parent Newsletter Hand Washing Education WLOX “Coloring The Coast Going Healthy” Contest Fit Bulldog on VLE T-Shirt Staff Members Weigh In and Walk

16 Pedometers – monitor steps taken each month and charted Smart Choices Reading Program Monthly in Library Red Ribbon Week, “Pull Away From Drugs” Tug of War Weekly Health lesson in science class School Website – Wellness Section

17 Enforce Healthier Eating Habits Enforce Healthier Habits for Keeping in Shape Through Newsletters, Acceptable Snacks, Approved Vending, And Improving Wellness Program

18 Health and Wellness Section In School Newsletter Food and Fitness Newsletter PE Classes, Health Classes, Nutrition and Wellness Classes

19 Physical Education Instruction – Archery, Wii Fit 20 Minute daily outside break Basketball, Soccer, Football, Hackey Sacks Posters on Healthy Food And Fitness Choices Planned Activities: Wii Fit for Adults Pedometers for Staff

20 Medical Program Students Participated in Vancleave Lower Health Fair with Fifteen Health Stations Red Ribbon Week – Drug Task Force of Jackson County Presented “Faces of Meth”, along with various activities ROPES Challenge Course at MGCCC – Jackson County Campus Ocean Springs Hospital Partnership with students to rotate through various departments of the hospital CPR Certification For Medical Students and Staff Staff- Weight Watchers and Reduced Calories, Fitness Room

21 The Office of Healthy Schools launched the “Health is Academic” initiative in 2004 to encourage health and wellness in Mississippi's public schools. The goal of the initiative is to support the implementation of school health programs to ensure students are fit, healthy, and ready to succeed. The Office of Healthy Schools needs Success Stories that tell about activities and health related improvements at our schools. These Success Stories will be used as an example to help others make successful changes.

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