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Divya Chandrasekar Simrat Hansra Siri Kunchakarra Shadi Lanham Organic Chemistry.

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2 Divya Chandrasekar Simrat Hansra Siri Kunchakarra Shadi Lanham Organic Chemistry

3 Question Answer Me Llamo Compound

4 Question Answer DisFunctional Groups

5 Question Answer Organic Potpourri

6 Question Answer Who am I?

7 Question Answer Round the Outside

8 Organic Chemistry Me Llamo Compound DisFunctional Groups Organic Potpourri Who am I? Round the Outside EndHelp

9 HAH! Can’t even use powerpoint.. LOSER Return

10 A-100 What is Propane? Return

11 A-200 What is 2-Butyne? Return CH 3  CC H 3

12 A-300 What is cis-2-Pentene? Return

13 A-400 What is Acetic Acid? Return This acidic compound is commonly used in salad dressing

14 A-500 What is Ethene? Return This Alkene that has two Carbons is a fuel and feedstock for plastics

15 What is an Aldehyde? B-100 Return

16 B-200 What is an Ether? Return

17 B-300 What is an alcohol? Return This functional group is mostly likely to form hydrogen bonds

18 B-400 What is a Ketone? Return

19 B-500 What is NH 2 ? Return A Peptide bond is formed when an organic acid reacts with a compound containing this functional group.

20 C-100 What is Carbon? Return This is needed for a compound to be organic.

21 C-200 What is an Alkane? Return This type of hydrocarbon has the general formula C n H n+2.

22 C-300 What is sp 2 ? Return This hybridizaton must be present on the Carbon atoms for a compound to have cis and trans isomers.

23 C-400 What is unsymmetrical distribution of electrons? (great difference in electronegativity) Return This characteristic makes an alcohol polar.

24 C-500 What is an Ether? Return This is produced when two molecules of ethanol dehydrate.

25 D-100 What is a pi bond? Return Add me to an Alkene and I will become an Alkyne. I am …..

26 D-200 What is Carbon Dioxide and Water? Return We are formed when cycloalkanes are burned in air.

27 D-300 What is an Isomer? Return I am different yet the same.

28 D-400 Return I have a five carbon sugar, a nitrogen base and a phosphoric acid molecule. I am …. What is a Nucleic Acid?

29 D-500 What is DNA? Return Hydrogen bonds us. We are two strands of...

30 E-100 What is a cycloalkane? Return This is the compound formed when Alkanes form rings.

31 E-200 What is cyclopropane? Return This compound (shown below) has a triangular shape.

32 E-300 What are Aromatic Compounds? Return These organic compounds are related to Benzene.

33 E-400 What is more strain on molecules (smaller bond angles)? Return This is why cyclopropane is more reactive than its straight chain analog, propane.

34 E-500 What is Resonance? Return This is the reason why electrons are delocalized in Benzene.

35 END OF GAME Thanks For Playing………. Oops go back

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