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Irrational Thinking and Debilitative Emotions

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1 Irrational Thinking and Debilitative Emotions

2 FALLACY A fallacy is a component of an argument that is perceptibly flawed in its logic or form, thus rendering the argument invalid in whole.

3 Fallacies of Perfection: the irrational belief that a worthwhile communicator should be able to handle every situation with complete confidence and skill.

4 Approval: the irrational belief that it is vital to win the approval of virtually every person a communicator deals with.

5 Shoulds: the irrational belief that people should behave in the most desirable way.

6 Overgeneralizations: the irrational beliefs in which (1)conclusions are based on limited evidence or (2) communicators exaggerate their shortcomings.

7 Causation: the irrational belief that emotions are caused by others and not by the person who has them.

8 Helplessness: the irrational belief that satisfaction in life is determined by forces beyond one’s control.

9 Catastrophic Expectations: the irrational belief that the worst possible outcome will probably occur.

10 WHAT IS THIS FALLACY? “I really don’t like rock concerts, but I go so others won’t think I’m a loser.”

11 “Those interviews made me so nervous.”

12 “ She’ll really upset me if she comes late again.”

13 “You ought to keep in touch more.”

14 “ She is such a cold fish; I’m lucky if I get a kiss on the cheek!”

15 “Look at this rotten paper
“Look at this rotten paper! I got an “A”, but I missed these two dumb typos.”

16 “ I know I’ll make a fool of myself if I tell him how I feel.”

17 “No matter what I do I just can’t seem to manage my time.”

18 “ You’re always finishing my sentences for me.”

19 “ I can’t afford it, but if I don’t lend Rob $50, he probably won’t like me anymore.”

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