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Toy Play in Autism Toy Play in Autism By Tracy Vail,MS,CCC/SLP.

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1 Toy Play in Autism Toy Play in Autism By Tracy Vail,MS,CCC/SLP

2 People Play  Determine Child’s sensory profile  Provide input the child will likely find pleasurable  Stay connected  Watch for reaction  Build anticipation  Repeat as the child signals to continue  Look for smiles, eye contact, social engagement

3 Examples of “People Play”  Peek-a-boo  Ride on legs  Spin in circles  Jumping  Dancing  Tickle games  Chase (be careful!)

4 Dancing with Elmo

5 First Toys  Match to child’s sensory profile  “stimmy toys”  Be sure child doesn’t have access to “stimmy” toys when alone  Be sure child connects to both you and the toy  Watch to be sure the toy isn’t overwhelming the child  Help the child stay regulated

6 Examples of Stimmy Toys  Wheels  Tops  Ribbon sticks  Sticky toys- gak, creatures, putty  Spinning lights  Sound toys  Music toys

7 Brian Top

8 Brian Wheels

9 Cause-effect toys  Use to engage child in pretend play  Demonstrate “effect” to get engagement  Stay in control of “cause” to increase motivation to communicate  Say the “cause” as you manipulate the toy  Once engagement is made, pause and look at the child to get a signal to continue  Invite, don’t demand communication

10 Examples of Cause-Effect Toys  Horse barn that squirts water  Sink that quirts water and “cooks”  Pretend food that you can cut  Weebles toys that roll  Pop beads on board that turn

11 Gabby Horse Barn

12 Beginning Role Play  Build a script or sequence of events  Engage in the sequence by yourself at first if necessary  Give the child a role as engagement increases  Set up a problem and give child choices of solutions  Encourage problem solving and flexibility in developing strategies  Avoid scripting

13 Examples of Role Play Toys  Dolls  Bob the Builder toy sets  Thomas the Train tracks/play sets  Disney character play sets  Pretend food/kitchen  Housekeeping toys


15 Board/Card Games  Teach turn taking  Keep short and simple at first, gradually increase flexibility  Teach appropriate “winner” and “loser” communication.  Give plenty of opportunities for choice making/requesting  Modify games as needed  Child should have a history of many “rule following” behaviors before teaching

16 Examples of Board/Card Games  Chutes and Ladders  Memory games  Favorite TV character games  Uno  Go Fish

17 Abby Go Fish

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