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Making Character Count! Counselor’s Presentation Grades 3-5.

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1 Making Character Count! Counselor’s Presentation Grades 3-5

2 Building Empathy What is Empathy? Be concerned for the feelings of others. We all like to give pleasure and enjoyment to others. We all have different points of view.

3 Building Empathy “Put Yourself in Someone Else’s Shoes” It is important to try to imagine how someone else feels. Give examples

4 Different Responses - Situation Pam misses an easy word in the spelling bee. Pam feels crushed and humiliated. “I’m such a loser,” she thinks. “I’ll never compete in a spelling bee again.”

5 Different Responses - Situation Leora misses an easy word in the spelling bee. Leora is disappointed but not upset. “I can try again next year, “ she thinks. “And I’ll practice more next time.

6 React to Scenarios! Different people can react differently to the same event. That’s why you can’t always assume that someone else feels exactly the way you would feel. For each scenario, write two different ways that the character might feel and why.

7 Scenario #1 An older kid grabs Jason’s hat. How might Jason feel? Jason’s feelings could vary depending on who the older kid is, whether the older kid is friendly or hostile, whether this is part of a pattern, or how easily Jason’s feelings are hurt.

8 Scenario #2 Lee invites Chris to a kung fu movie. How might Chris feel? Chris’s feelings could vary depending on how Chris feels about kung fu movies, how Chris feels about Lee, and what other prospects Chris has that day.

9 Empathy Story When someone shows you empathy, you feel understood and supported. The other person knows and cares how you feel and what you are experiencing. Draw a picture and write about a time someone showed empathy to you. When you are finished, get together with a partner, Share your work with each other.

10 Feeling Words Write a word to tell how you think each person feels. What could you do or say to show empathy to each of them? 1. At recess, some kids make fun of Fred for being clumsy. Fred feels ____________________ 2. Amy knows Karen likes Michael because Karen wrote “Karen M.” on her new notebook. Karen feels _________________________

11 3. Jack studied hard for his math test, but he only got a score of 78. Jack feels ________________ 5. Jenny’s best friend is moving far away. Jenny feels __________________________ 4. Yolanda lost her purse. All her money was in it. Yolanda feels __________________ 6. Calvin accidentally spilled grape juice on Alyssa’s white sweater. Calvin feels _______________________

12 More Feeling Words Activity Happy ___________________ Angry ___________________ Sad ___________________ ___________________ ___________________ Afraid__________________ __________________

13 Closing Discussion Questions 1. Have you ever lost a pet that you loved very much. How did you feel? 2. What would you say to someone whose pet had just been killed? What do you think would be the best way to show you understand? 3. Why is it important to think carefully before you say anything to a friend who is feeling very sad?

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