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Questions for Loser Did you read your book?.

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1 Questions for Loser Did you read your book?

2 Questions A What did Zinkoff wear on his first day of school despite his mother telling him not to? How did Donald’s mother reward him? Who was Donald’s neighbor? What kind of housewarming present did Donald give him? How did Donald get the housewarming present ? What did Miss Meeks say on the first day of school that impressed Zinkoff the most throughout his school life?

3 Questions B What sport did Donald play in first grade?
What did Zinkoff do after he got his first trophy? What did Zinkoff and his mother call his father’s car? How many cars have his father bought? How was his father’s car? What is the occupation of his neighbor’s father? What is his father’s occupation? Did Zinkoff go with his father on “take you kid to work day”?

4 Questions C When did Zinkoff go for “take you kid to work day”?
Did he have mails to deliver? Where did the mails come from? Who was the most sepcial person that he met on his way to deliver mails? What was the “waiting man“ waiting for? What was Zinkoff’s lunch on “take you kid to work day”? What did Donald like to do when he delivered mails?

5 Questions D How many mails did he have to deliver on his “take you kid to work day”? What did Zinkoff learn about the job of mailman? Who is Zinkoff’s teacher in his 2nd grade? What did she buy for herself but it was broken because of Zinkoff? Where did Zinkoff go after his teacher asked him to go out of the classroom in his 2nd grade? Who was the volunteer for teaching Zinkoff how to write better letters and numbers?

6 Questions E How many times did Mrs. Bisbell smile a year?
Where is “Jabip”? What did Miss Meeks ask students to wear when they misbehave in class in his 1st grade? How many days would they stay in this school? What word did Zinkoff usually shout out when he was excited? Why did Zinkoff throw up often? How manys seats are there on his father’s mailman jeep?

7 Questions F What is Donald’s greatest fear as a child?
When did Andrew move away from Kinzoff’s neighborhood? How might he move away? What is the bad thing for Zinkoff to get a surgery? Because Zinkoff tried to sneak off to school, what kind of alarm did his mom put in front of the front door? How old was Polly when Zinkoff got a surgery?

8 Questions G What kind of games do the teachers design only for kid in Field Day? Which time was Zinkoff in for the race in Field Day? Who is the fastest student in fourth grade? How many cars did his father have when Zinkoff was in fourth grade? On page 99, what does the word ’atrocious’ mean? What was Donald’s father ‘s favorite phrase? What did Donald and his mother call his father’s cars?

9 Questions H Why did Zinkoff give himself a test after his operation?
What kind of test did Zinkoff give himeself? Who is his class teacher in fourth grade? Where did Zinkoff see in fourth grade? What happened to Zinkoff on Field Day in the fourth grade? What did Donald’s father call his cars?

10 Questions I Was Zinkoff a fast runner?
What is the name of Zinkoff’s first bike? When did Zinkoff graduate from elementary school? What is Donald’s mother part time job? What was one thing that Zinkoff hated the most? Who gave Zinkoff his lucky stone? What was his lucky stone made from?

11 Questions J What was Zinkoff’s favorite spelling word?
Why did Zinkoff skip school one day in fifth grade? What did Zinkoff do in an old lady’s room on the day that he skipped school ? Why did Zinkoff like his teacher in fifth grade? Why did Donald stay out all night in a snowstorm?

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