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Charles Kennedy Senior Vice President, Insights - DYG.

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1 Charles Kennedy Senior Vice President, Insights - DYG

2 “Five Key Trends Impacting The Future Of Golf” ©Copyright DYG, Inc. 2006 Prepared for: World Golf Foundation October 30 th, 2006

3 Who We Are What We Do How We Do It A Word About DYG SCAN ® We are, since 1987, a research service specializing in the study of trends in American attitudes, values, beliefs and demographics We help companies apply the trends in America to product development, marketing, communications, planning, H.R. management and dealing with public issues We conduct an annual nationally representative phone survey (n=4,000), focus groups and draw on many secondary sources 3

4 In 2003, DYG talked about the “Time Crunch.”

5 The Experience Economy Technology Trap of Endless Improvements Conspicuous Activation The Marketplace Trap of Endless Choice The Media Trap of 24-7 Lifestyle Integration Child Centered-ness Time Crunch “Time Crunch” trends haven’t left. They’ve intensified.

6 The Time Crunch Equation: Lower the Time Commitment … …Raise the Value of Time Investment OR

7 New trends have emerged as threats - and opportunities - to golf. 1. Connected-ness 2. The New Power Of Women 3. A Winner/Loser Society 4. Child Preparation 5. The Health Imperative

8 Ending isolation, loneliness, planting roots Key Value: Definition: Being part of a larger web of connections “Connected-ness” Trend #1

9 Forces behind “Connected-ness”: 9/11 New, long-term sense of uncertainty. Aging Boomers 78 Million Baby Boomers starting to empty their nest. Need to create new connection. Rising Twixters & Soloists Two new life stages that are not centered around the home or the nuclear family. Integrated and Mobile Lifestyle Cell-phones/GPS let you plan, meet, connect on- the-fly, allows for more connections to be made – feeding the trend.

10 Drive for connected-ness is transforming where we live, shop and surf (on-line). Mixed-use centers Life-style malls On-line mega-verse

11 Threats to golf from “Connected-ness”: What if… Fewer people move/retire to golf-centric locations, in favor of more “connected” sites? Golf loses out to more “connected” activities? As diversity of group goes up, agreement on any one activity (including golf) goes down?

12 Opportunity for golf from “Connected-ness”: Grandparents connecting with grandkids via golf They’ve got the time, money, interest… and even the health

13 Gen X and Y Trend Leaders: Definition: Shift from Stealth to Overt power – in workplace, marketplace, politics, home, society, culture Key Values: Gender Equality For Women Confidence “The New Power Of Women” Trend #2

14 Forces accelerating “The New Power Of Women”: Education movement Self-esteem movement Long life span allows for delayed marriage New economy needs traditional “female” skills

15 2000 % 56 2010* % 59 % of Bachelors Degrees conferred to women 1971 % 43 % of Masters Degrees conferred to women * Projection (National Center for Education Statistics) Educational attainment 1981 % 50 2000 % 58 2010* % 60 1971 % 40 1981 % 50

16 Marketplace impact of “The New Power Of Women”: Sphere of influence expanding to encompass autos, homes, financial services 16

17 Threats to golf from “The New Power Of Women”: What if… Women breadwinners set a non-golf leisure agenda at home and for the family? Women business leaders reject/don’t embrace golf?

18 Opportunity for golf from “The New Power Of Women”: What if… Golf becomes the sport and leisure activity of choice for women? What could make that happen? Positioning golf in multiple ways (health, environmental cause, social activity)

19 Definition: Key Values: Personal Responsibility Hard Work Education as Primary Determinant of Success Acceptance of government policies and market forces that embrace “Social Darwinism” “A Winner/Loser Society” Trend #3

20 Middle-class neighborhoods are getting squeezed out.

21 A Return to the gilded age ?

22 Wealthiest 1% have 190 times the median wealth. Source: Wollf 2006 x190

23 Marketplace impact of “Winner/Loser Society”: Size of “Losers” is growing So is the intensity This group will need more comforting

24 Marketplace impact of “Winner/Loser Society”: Size of “Winners” is growing 15% of all U.S. households have an income of $100,000 or more (compared to 2% in 1995) Need more upscale categories Rich Filthy-rich “My-plane’s-bigger- than-your- plane”-rich

25 Threats to golf from “The Winner/Loser Society”: What if… The Losers can’t afford the cost of golf? The “Exhausted Affluent” don’t have time for golf? The new rich gravitate to newer sports/activities?

26 Opportunity for golf from “The Winner/Loser Society”: Mass Affluent see golf as the ultimate de-stress tonic But must make playing as simple & stress-free as possible Uber-golf as the ultimate win More expensive, exclusive, elite Packaged with high-end experiences and/or exotic local

27 Gen X Trend Leaders: New Definition: A willingness to sacrifice time, energy and money – now for the preparation of our children Key Value: “Once you have a child, your own needs come second” “Child Preparation” Trend #4

28 How child centered-ness has Morphed. Early ’90s Protecting Post 9-11 Preparing Late ’90s Pampering

29 Forces behind Child Preparation: Pampered kids can’t compete as effectively Globalization Threatens job security; education as panacea Shifting Demographics Childhood a smaller part of people’s longer life Integrated Lifestyle Children seen & heard everywhere; requires new kinds of behavior from them

30 Marketplace impact of “Child Preparation”: Tutoring hits $3.2 Billion a year in America More time & money directed at kids Less time & money directed to parents

31 Threats to golf from “Child Preparation”: What if… Parents siphon their golf resources (time & money) towards their kids? As a result, the parents never develop the golf habit?

32 Opportunity for golf from “Child Preparation”: What if… Golf becomes a critical multi- tasker for parents? Teaching kids key life skills Teaching kids key business/social skills Developing family fitness Giving self some R & R

33 Sophisticated understanding that health – in all its aspects – is key to a valuable and meaningful life Key Values: Happiness (under changed circumstances) Personal Responsibility Trend #5 New Definition: “The Health Imperative”

34 Expanded definition of health and well-being: Absence of Illness (Pre 1960s) Pursuit of Wellness Pursuit of Wellness (1970s-early 1990s) BODY Attention to Whole-ness (21 st Century) BODY & SOUL

35 WHOLE-NESS is a fundamentally new approach (in America) to Health & Happiness that Incorporates all states of being 35

36 Forces accelerating “The Health Imperative”: Valuable Life Goal Requires Health To be active, meaningful, significant Aging Population “Silent” problems now scream for attention Real World Threats Mounting From Terrorism to Avian Flu to National Disasters Pain Of Poor Health Too Great To Ignore Medical costs, emotional cost

37 Marketplace impact of “The Health Imperative”: Significant New & Expanded Health Criteria Used For Shopping Wal-Mart Goes Organic 37

38 Societal implication of “The Health Imperative”: Success and Status Defined by Health Success and Status Defined by Wealth

39 Threats to golf from “The Health Imperative”: What if… Golf isn’t seen as active enough? Golf courses are seen as unhealthy Chemicals Pesticides Water hogs

40 Opportunity for golf from “The Health Imperative”: What if… Golf is seen as a health panacea? Doctors’ orders. Tee off! HMOs offer discounts if you’ll play Studies link regular golfing to better health, less costly insurance Golf goes really green? Organic golf courses? Natural golf courses? Protection against sprawl Multi-purpose courses (farm, park, golf)

41 Summary Key Trends Impacting Golf 41

42 Key Trends = Golf Opportunities 1. Connected-ness 2. New Power Of Women 3. Winner/Loser Society 4. Child Preparation 5. The Health Imperative 1. Golf = Grandparenting 2. Golf = Multi-vitamin 3. Golf = Uber-experience 4. Golf = Great skills 5. Golf = Well-ness, Green-ness What if…

43 For more information, contact DYG’s Main Office: Phone #: 203-744-9008

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