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2 Registered on 04-01-1960 Started on 06-05-1960 REGISTERATION AREA OF OPERATION Whole Union Territory of Puducherry

3 OBJECTS  To promote the economic interest of its members and more particularly to arrange for funds to be lent to its members on mortgage of land and other immovable property.  To float debentures and security of its assets and of land mortgages and other assets transferred to it by its members for such period and on such terms and conditions as have been approved by the Trustee.  To receive deposits.  To raise loans from the NABARD and Government.  To issue Jewel loan on pledge of jewels Major objects are :

4 The Management shall vest with the Board of Directors consisting of 15 members: MANAGEMENT ELECTED MEMBERS - 12 Registrar’s Nominee - 1 Agriculture Dept. Nominee - 1 Managing Director - 1

5  Last Election General Body was held on 12-12-2008  From 01.07.2011 the affairs of Bank is managed by the Administrator.

6 CLASSIFICATION OF MEMBERS “ A “ Class - Government “ B “ Class - Agriculturists “ C “ Class - Nominal Members AUTHORISED SHARE CAPITAL The Authorized Share Capital of the Bank shall be Rs.2,000 lakhs as follows: 90,000 “ A “ Class shares of Rs.1,000 each = Rs. 900.00 lakhs 2,00,000 “ B “ Class shares of Rs.500 each = Rs. 1,000.00 lakhs 2,00,000 “ C “ Class shares of Rs.50 each = Rs. 100.00 lakhs

7 PROGRESS OF MEMBERSHIP Details of Subscribed Share Capital and Total Membership for the last five years 07-0808-0909-1010-1111-12 ClassNo.sAmt.No.sAmt.No.sAmt.No.sAmt.No.sAmt. A1255.001259.901269.901279.901299.90 B472149.23471448.03471246.16470845.89471545.79 C912112.68972214.711029916.581079318.201123119.23 Total13843316.9114437322.6415012332.6415502343.9915947364.92 (Amount Rs. in lakhs)

8 The membership as on 31-03-2012 as follows: 2011-12 Class No.sAmt. A 1299.90 B 471545.79 C 1123119.23 (Rs. in lakhs)

9 Role of NABARD in the Development of the Bank The Bank adopted the strategy of preparing Development Action Plan (DAP) as on integral planning exercise since 1994-95. The DAP has been prepared as per the guideline issued by NABARD. Fourth Phase of DAP/MoU came to an end by 31.03.2012. Fifth Phase of DAP/MoU for the period from 2012-13 to 2016-17 is under the consideration of NABARD.

10 Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) has been entered into by the Government of Puducherry and the Pondicherry Cooperative Central Land Development Bank with NABARD to ensure satisfactory compliance with more important items of the DAP. Every year the NABARD is conducting Voluntary Inspection in the Bank.

11 GUARANTEE AND REFINANCE  Based on the Government of India Guarantee, Bank has availed Refinance upto 1996-97 to the extend of Rs.648.15 lakhs and repaid fully.  From 1996-97 to 1999-2000 in anticipation of Guarantee a sum of Rs.329.97 lakhs has been availed as Refinance and the repayment has been made properly and the outstanding balance as on 31.03.2012 was Rs.9.84 lakhs only.  The power of issuing Guarantee vested with the Government of Puducherry from the year 2006.

12  Government of Puducherry has given Guarantee for availing refinance from NABARD to the extend of Rs.265.00 lakhs for the period from 2009-10 to 2011-12 and the same was expired on 31.03.2012. The Bank has not availed refinance from NABARD based on the guarantee given by the Government due to poor in take of loans.  Bank was able to grant Long Term loan to farmers only to the extend of Rs.3.75 lakhs during the above Guarantee period from its owned funds.

13 WORKING OF THE BANK (Rs. in lakhs) Sl.No.Particulars07-0808-0909-1010-1111-12 1Owned Funds765.24550.32526.27544.80571.90 2Share Capital316.91322.64332.64344.00364.93 3Reserves448.33227.68193.63200.80206.97 4Borrowings454.09391.25307.35548.00721.00 5Deposits764.88762.33874.04871.11930.77 6Investments127.41168.18181.44168.74181.10 7Loans & Advances outstanding 1287.651117.041292.081548.161760.90 8Recovery %74.7992.9995.4996.0995.85 9Int. received200.65149.36172.28203.46250.87 10Int. Paid108.54120.66115.12124.10155.27 11Estt. & Contingencies76.74108.04104.46112.48117.37

14 07-0808-0909-1010-1111-12 Deposits & Borrowings 1218.981153.581181.391419.111651.77 Loans & Advances 1287.651117.041292.081548.161760.90

15 Kinds of loans issued by the Bank Schematic Loans Agriculture and Allied a) Minor Irrigation b) Tyre Cart & Bullocks c) Mini Dairy d) Farm Mechanisation ( Tractor Trailor, Power Triller) e) Inland Fisheries f) Farm Pond g) Poultry

16 07-0808-0909-1010-1111-12 Issues10.544.090.930.501.37 Collection8.78230.701.633.111.82 Outstanding243.5516.9416.2413.6313.18 Ultimate Borrower lending rate - Upto 2.00 lahks 11% & Above 2.00 lakhs 12%

17 Non Farm Sector a) Cottage and Small Scale Industries b) Misc. Industries c) Transport of Vehicles.

18 07-0808-0909-1010-1111-12 Issues0.004.350.000.950.00 Collection25.5611.7820.760.620.58 Outstanding46.9039.4718.7119.0418.46 Ultimate Borrower lending rate - Upto 2.00 lahks 12% & Above 2.00 lakhs 14%

19 JEWEL LOAN 07-0808-0909-1010-1111-12 Issues488.54489.48621.29759.98963.15 Collection449.43463.30554.79662.79789.34 Outstanding276.26302.44368.93466.15639.97 Ultimate Borrower lending rate @ 13.50%

20 CONSUMER LOAN 07-0808-0909-1010-1111-12 Issues488.54489.48621.29759.98963.15 Collection449.43463.30554.79662.79789.34 Outstanding276.26302.44368.93466.15639.97 Ultimate Borrower lending rate @ 15.00% recovered in 60 instalments

21 RECOVERY During 2011-12, the over all recovery position was 95.85%. A target of 96% was fixed fro the recovery to demand, during the year 2012-13. The bank has implemented the “Compromise Package of Interest Waiver Scheme” announced by Government of India and the Government of Puducherry. The financial assistance received by the Bank under the said package is furnished below (Rs. in lakhs) Government of India Scheme 279.79 Government of Puducherry Scheme 172.12 Total 451.91 The same had an impact on recovery and a number of chronic overdues have been settled.

22 The demand, collection and balance position of various loans for the past 5 years are given below. 07-0808-0909-1010-1111-12 Issues1360.791451.611227.501320.861484.29 Collection1017.781349.791172.091269.271422.68 Outstanding343.01101.8255.4151.5961.61 % of Recovery74.7992.9995.4996.0995.85

23 SAFETY LOCKER  Bank is extending Safe Deposit Locker facility to the “B” class members  At present 82 lockers in three Safes were let out  Bank mobilized nearly a sum of Rs. 8.00 lakhs as Deposit from the hirers.  A sum of Rs. 0.45 lakhs has been collected as Service charges during 2011-12.  Proposal to purchase one additional Safe consists of 40 lockers has been approved by the Registrar of Cooperative Societies.

24 THE FINANCIAL RESULT FOR THE LAST 5 YEARS Sl. No. Particulars 07-0808-0909-1010-1111-12 1Loss / Profit (-)21.78*(+)201.01(-) 7.77(-)14.58(-)25.03 2Accumulated Loss (-)283.12(-)82.11(-) 89.88(-)104.46(-)129.49 * Profit due to implementation of Waiver Schemes

25 Categories of Employees S. No ParticularsSanctioned Staff Strength Existing Staffstrength 1Manager66 2Asst. Manager87 3Supervisor85 4Driver Gr-I11 5Assistant44 6Attender44 7Peon / Watchman44 8Jewel Appraiser22 9Daily Rated-3 Total3736

26 Board / Administrator Managing Director Manager (Establishment) Assistant Manager Supervisor (Daily Rated Driver Gr-I Assistant Attender Sweeper (Daily Wages) Manager ( Accounts ) Assistant Manager Supervisor Assistant Attender Appraiser Manager ( Loans ) Assistant Manager Supervisor Peon Manager ( Recovery ) Assistant Manager Assistant Attender Peon Manager (Internal Auditor) Assistant Manager (Karaikal Branch) Assistant Manager Supervisor Assistant Appraiser Sweeper (Daily Wages) ORGANISATION CHART

27 BENEFITS TO EMPLOYEES: The following Benefits are provided to the Employees of the Bank 1. Medical Allowance @ Rs. 300/- per month 2. Tea Allowance @ Rs. 8/- per day 3. Festival Advance @ Rs.5,000/- per employee per annum 4. Term Loan upto Rs.1,00,000/- per employee General Body Meeting The Annual General Body Meeting was held lastly on 26-11-2008. Approved Annual Reports for the year from 2003-04 to 2007-08.

28 AUDIT The Final Audit upto 2010-11 was completed and Report issued. The Bank is classified under “C” Class for the Financial year 2010-11. For the year 2011-12 proposal for the appointment of Auditor has been sent to the Registrar of Cooperative Societies. BRANCHES There is only one service Branch functioning at Karaikal. The Accounts are consolidated with the Head Office Accounts

29 ACHIEVEMENTS AND CREDITS FOR THE YEAR 2011-12 The Bank has awarded for the Best Lending performance in the National Level by the National Cooperative Agricultural and Rural Development Bank’s Federation as detailed: Sl. No. AwardsName of the Trophy 1 Best Lending Performance 2001-02 Meloth Narayanan Nambiar Memorial Trophy 2 Best Lending Performance 1999-2000 Meloth Narayanan Nambiar Memorial Trophy 3 Best Recovery 1997-98Dattatrayulu Memorial Trophy 4 Outstanding Performance 1993-94 Dattatrayulu Memorial Trophy 5 Best Lending Performance 1985-86 Meloth Narayanan Nambiar Memorial Trophy 6 Appreciation Award 1984-85Dattatrayulu Memorial Trophy

30 Issues and Challenges Our Bank is purely depends on NABARD for refinance to undertake Long Term activities. Without refinance the bank may not able to issue Long Term Loans to the farmer. It is necessary that the Government of Puducherry has to give Guarantee for availing refinance from NABARD. After implementation of Government of India and Government of Puducherry waiver Scheme, the Schematic lending has been stagnated. Fast urbanization of union territory of Puducherry is one among the other factors which impacts on the business of the bank.

31 To advice break even level, the present business level which is around 2000.00 lakhs has to be increased to above Rs.3000.00 lakhs. Since there is instruction from NABARD in mobilizing deposit above its net owned funds, the bank finds it difficult to attain the desired level of business. It is necessary that the government of Puducherry has to contribute generally to the equity share of the bank until the owned funds position is stabilized to attain the business level. Though the NABARD has stopped the refinance from 2009-10 the bank has managed its funds from deposits and borrowings from Puducherry State Cooperative Bank at high cost.

32 PROJECTS IN PIPELINES The Bank has proposed to start Recurring Deposit Scheme for the members for which necessary proposal has been submitted to the Registrar of Cooperative Societies. For renewal of Government Guarantee for Rs.500.00 lakhs for the period from 2012-13 to 2016-17 has been submitted to the Registrar of Cooperative Societies. E-Mail ID



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