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Location: Central Europe Size: 20.265km Independent since 1991.

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3 Location: Central Europe Size: km Independent since 1991

4 Slovenian flag

5 Ljubljana – the capital city Ljubljana – the capital city

6 Triglav- the highest mountain (2864)

7 Sava- the longest river

8 Lake Bled

9 Lake Bohinj

10 Piran Piran

11 River Soča River Soča

12 Velika Planina Velika Planina

13 Maribor Maribor

14 Ptuj Ptuj

15 Portorož Portorož

16 Kranjska Gora Kranjska Gora


18 Protestant priest Primož Trubar Poet France Prešeren

19 Architect Jože Plečnik Musician Slavko Avsenik

20 Gymnast Leon Štukelj Skiier Bojan Križaj

21 Pianist Marjana Lipovšek Mountain climber Tomaž Humar

22 Ski runner Petra Majdič


24 Triglav National Park(the only Slovenian national park named by the mountain Triglav

25 Karst lend of carbonate rocks, water forms special shapes on the limestone

26 Škocjan Caves Škocjan Caves

27 Postojna Cave Postojna Cave

28 Sečovlje Saltworks - in the Littoral, shore of Adriatic Sea

29 Forest – 60 % of Slovenia Vineyards

30 Hopfields Olive tree plantations

31 Proteus-amphibian, lives in the underground waters Proteus-amphibian, lives in the underground waters

32 Lipizzaners - world known horse breed in Lipica

33 Raffting- on the river Soča

34 Mountain climbig Mountain climbig

35 Cultural heritage

36 Floating mills on the River Mura

37 Hayrack - open wooden structure for drying hay

38 Apiary - wooden building for beehives

39 Wind rattle-wooden mechanic device used as a scare crow in vineyards

40 Bobbin lacing-in Idrija

41 Honey bread-pasry,used for decoration,too

42 Pottery - making clay products

43 Kurent-traditional mask from Ptuj

44 Pisanica - Easter egg from Bela krajina, egg shells colored with red, black and wax

45 Woodware - wooden products from Ribnica

46 Traditional folk clothes Traditional folk clothes


48 Potica-rolled pastry made of yeast dough and walnut filling

49 Kranjska klobasa-smoked sausages made of pork meet

50 Prekmurska gibanica-pastry with diffrent layers of walnut, poppy, cottage cheese and apples

51 Belokranjska pogača -thin bread, coated with eggs, cumin and salt

52 Ocvirki - fried pieces of pig skin

53 Karst prosciutto- salted pig thigh, dried for 13 to 16 months

54 Idrija žlikrofi- filled dough, boiled in water

55 Štruklji- rolled dumplings, cooked phyllo dough with filling

56 Slovenian honey


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