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COTTAGE GROVEWOODBURY14U, 2012-2013 14 U Informational Meeting Sunday, October 7, 12:30 pm.

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1 COTTAGE GROVEWOODBURY14U, 2012-2013 14 U Informational Meeting Sunday, October 7, 2012 @ 12:30 pm

2 COTTAGE GROVEWOODBURY14U, 2012-2013 Agenda 1.Club Philosophy / Vision for 14U Program 2.Coaching Update 3.Player Update 4.This Season 5.Administrative Information 6.Discussion and Questions

3 COTTAGE GROVEWOODBURY14U, 2012-2013 The WAHC Mission Statement The Woodbury Area Hockey Club aims to provide the most gratifying and rewarding youth hockey experience for players, parents and coaches seeking either the best competitive or recreational athletic experience in a positive, developmental environment at a reasonable expense.

4 COTTAGE GROVEWOODBURY14U, 2012-2013 Club Philosophy / Vision

5 COTTAGE GROVEWOODBURY14U, 2012-2013 Club Philosophy / Vision

6 COTTAGE GROVEWOODBURY14U, 2012-2013 Challenges NUMBER of players 3 District 833 Public High Schools plus the Private Schools Coaches have pressure from Principals, Ads, Boosters Coaches philosophies Family Decisions and Constraints Family finances Older siblings Family beliefs Girls Opinions Friends MSHSL Rules and Regulations Seventh graders are allowed to play HS

7 COTTAGE GROVEWOODBURY14U, 2012-2013 How do we do it (become #1)? It’s Simple Increase girl participation Continuously improve the product

8 COTTAGE GROVEWOODBURY14U, 2012-2013 Challenges turned into Opportunities Increase our numbers at the base. Trickle down effect. HS have enough quality players Family decisions are not controllable but with a great product we can influence them If the friends are playing 14U then they are too MSHSL rules are not changing anytime soon. We are not unique. This is a state-wide problem.

9 COTTAGE GROVEWOODBURY14U, 2012-2013 Continuous Improvement Initiatives To make 14U the #1 hockey option for 8 th and 9 th graders in Woodbury and Cottage Grove: Quality consistent coaching Continued co-op High quality curriculum for PSC and in-season In-season off ice training

10 COTTAGE GROVEWOODBURY14U, 2012-2013 Coaching Update Interviews concluded One head coach for the 14U group has been identified: Monte French The plan is to conduct additional interviews on Sunday, 11/4 before tryouts and after the HS tryouts to identify additional coaches for the program. We have options.

11 COTTAGE GROVEWOODBURY14U, 2012-2013 Player Update Fully Registered Registered in June + Season payment Nine (includes 2 goalies ) Partially Registered Registered in June only Ten 14U Eligible not registered Ten + CG girls

12 COTTAGE GROVEWOODBURY14U, 2012-2013 This Season Pre-Season Camps (in progress) Clinics Dates Tryouts Tournaments Ice Hours and Arenas

13 COTTAGE GROVEWOODBURY14U, 2012-2013 Pre-season Camps In progress Ends October 17 Off-ice + On-ice = Prepared players for the season

14 COTTAGE GROVEWOODBURY14U, 2012-2013 Clinic Dates 10/25 6:25 PM Steffen Hockey 10/27 6:55 PM Steffen Hockey 11/2 8:30 PM WAHC All sessions are one hour at Bielenberg. Players must be registered in order to participate.

15 June Meeting on Tryouts U14 tryouts will likely be held before HS tryouts Results will be sealed Teams selected based on those players remaining with U14 Evaluations will be done jointly by CG and W personnel Tryout cost is TBD If there is ANY chance of playing U14, must attend tryout

16 COTTAGE GROVEWOODBURY14U, 2012-2013 Why the change? 14U eligible players cut from HS will have the opportunity to be part of the tryout for sure. We know that every player that shows up on Nov 5 is going to be part of the program. Logistics. Tryouts for the entire club have shifted to happen after MEA weekend.

17 COTTAGE GROVEWOODBURY14U, 2012-2013 Tryout Dates 11/05 7:15 PM 11/07 7:00 PM 11/09 8:30 PM All sessions are 75 minutes at Bielenberg.

18 COTTAGE GROVEWOODBURY14U, 2012-2013 Tryout Particulars Will Donovan - Girls Tryout Director All Levels 4 Evaluators Equal Woodbury and Cottage Grove representation Involved all 3 days Scrimmage on the 3 rd tryout date (the goal) Coach involved on 3 rd day

19 COTTAGE GROVEWOODBURY14U, 2012-2013 Tournament Dates 14B: 12/08/12 Menomonie 12/30/12 Wayzata 01/19/13 Duluth 14A: 11/24/12 Edina 1/19/13 Duluth 2/16/13 Sweetheart The Club covers the cost of the entrance fee for 4 tournaments (3 invitational and districts). If the teams move on to Region and State, the Club will cover the entrance fee for those tournaments

20 COTTAGE GROVEWOODBURY14U, 2012-2013 Ice and Arenas District 8 league games =  16 (determined at the MN Hockey Meeting this weekend) Number of ice hours = 101 + away scrimmages 35 Hours Shared Ice 30 Hours Dedicated Ice 16 District Games 14 Estimated Tournament Games 3 Hours of In-season Hockey Development 3 Hours of In-season Clinics Arenas Bielenberg Cottage Grove Harding which includes off ice opportunity Potentially 25 hours of ice at 4:150 PM

21 COTTAGE GROVEWOODBURY14U, 2012-2013 Registration The late fee =$100 Late fee effective date has been extended for the 14U group to 10/12/12 You must be registered to do the clinics before tryouts

22 COTTAGE GROVEWOODBURY14U, 2012-2013 Refund Information If have registered and go to HS, the Club will refund your fees minus $150. The withdrawal request must be received by 11:59 pm on November 3 rd (this is a change from the e- mail sent).

23 COTTAGE GROVEWOODBURY14U, 2012-2013 Communications/Have Questions?? Dan Severson 651-261-2004 Jen Bettencourt jenbettencourt@woodbury Shantel Rivard 651-705-5507 Dave Werner 612-385-9249

24 COTTAGE GROVEWOODBURY14U, 2012-2013 Discussion & Questions

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