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人教版新目标七年级下册 参赛教师: 湖南省怀化市第三中学初一年级组 陈秋梅、杨惠文 制作时间: 2006 年 5 月 30 日 a b c d e......

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Presentation on theme: "人教版新目标七年级下册 参赛教师: 湖南省怀化市第三中学初一年级组 陈秋梅、杨惠文 制作时间: 2006 年 5 月 30 日 a b c d e......"— Presentation transcript:


2 人教版新目标七年级下册 参赛教师: 湖南省怀化市第三中学初一年级组 陈秋梅、杨惠文 制作时间: 2006 年 5 月 30 日 a b c d e......

3 1a. Do you know the words in the box? Read these words, turn to the words list and find the words you don ’ t know. noodlessoap operawalletpotatoesthin uniformexpensiveheightcleanedcool geographykey ringwalkfashionhost beachshortcan ’ t standbeardmountains museumsunglasseslibraryonionbelt crowdeddeliciousdumplingsgood- looking sitcom hallwaymagazinescarfoutsidemutton 面条 肥皂剧 钱包 土豆瘦的 制服 昂贵的 个头,身高打扫美好的,酷的 地理学钥匙链 走时尚的 主人,主持人 海滩短的无法忍受大胡子 山 博物馆太阳镜图书馆 洋葱 皮带 拥挤的 美味的 饺子 漂亮的 情景喜剧 走廊,过道 杂志,刊物围巾,头巾外面羊肉

4 1b. According to the pictures fill in the blanks below. 1.We wear every day. school uniform 2.Lisa bought a new yesterday. sunglasses 3.Tonny lost his. wallet 4.We have many great new for you. magazines 5. Lin Lin saw Mr. Wang go through the hallway

5 6. There is snow on the. mountains 7.--What is your favorite subject, Jake? --. Geography 8.The in my school is very crowded. library 9.--When do you get up in the morning? --I usually get up. at six o’clock

6 2a. Listen to the three conversations. Circle the words you hear. Conversation 1 Conversation 2 conversation 3 kind of really long curly hair very blonde music listen do some favorite beef restaurant broccoli don ’ t mind went mountains was humid about park terrible enjoy

7 2b.students are talking about their new teachers. Listen to Conversation 1 and fill in the chart. Lookssubjects Mr VickersGeography Ms LimShe is short with curly hair. Mr Smith He is tall with glasses. Math He is tall with beard. Science

8 Tapescript: A: So do you like your new teacher? B: Yeah, it ’ s Mr Vickers. He teaches geography. A: Is he the tall man with glasses? B: That ’ s right. I really like him! And who ’ s your new teacher? A: My new teacher is Ms Lim. She ’ s too strict

9 A: I want my old teacher back! B: Who was that? A: Mr Smith. Remember? He was the tall man with beard. B: Oh, yeah, I remember. He was the science teacher.

10 2c. Mark and Yang Lei are talking about lunch. What are their opinions of these foods? Listen to Conversation 2 and fill in the chart. NoodlesHamburgers Markloves Yang Lei doesn’t mind doesn’t like really like

11 Conversation 2 Yang Lei: Hi, Mark! How was your lunch? Mark: Hi, Yang Lei. My lunch was great! I went to the noodle house. I love noodles. Yang Lei: Really? I don ’ t like noodles. What kind of noodles did you have? Mark: I had beef and tomato noodles. They were delicious. How about you? Where did you go for lunch? Tapescript:

12 Yang Lei: I went to the hamburger restaurant. I had a hamburger and French fries. I really like hamburgers! Mark: Oh, really? I don ’ t mind hamburgers. But they are not very healthy.

13 2d Kate, John, and Sue are talking about the places they went to on vacation. Listen to Conversation 3 and fill in the chart. Where? How was the weather? Kate John Sue went to the beach cold and windy stayed at home Went to the mountains sunny and warm cloudy and cool

14 Conversation 3 John: Hi, Kate. Where did you go on vacation? Kate: I went to the beach. John: Was the weather nice? Kate: Yes, it was. It was sunny and warm. And you, John? Where did you go on vacation? John: I stayed at home. And the weather was terrible! It was cold and windy every day. Tapescript:

15 Kate: What about you, Sue? Did you also stay at home? Sue: No, I went to the mountains. John: How was the weather in the mountains? Sue: It was cloudy and cool. Just right!

16 Task1. What did you do during your last vacation? Make notes, then ask your partner questions about their vacations. A: How was your vacation? B: It was great! I went to the movies a lot. Where did you go on vacation? A: I went to New York City with my family. B: What was the weather like in New York City? A: It was hot and sunny. B: What did you do in New York City?.... For example:

17 Task2. If you find a man near your school, he is lost. Please tell him the way to the place he wants to go. A: Good morning. I am new here. Can you tell me the way to Beilin park? B: Yes …

18 Task3. Order food in a restaurant Waiter: Can I help you? Customer: I’d like some noodles, please. Waiter: What kind of noodles would you like? Customer: I would like…

19 Can we wear hats in school? No, we can ’ t. Can we listen to music? Yes, we can. What else do we have to do? We have to eat in the dining hall. Do we have to wear a uniform? Yes, we do. Can you watch TV after school? Yes, I can. Can you go out on school nights? No, I can ’ t. What else do you have to do? I have to practice guitar every day. Do you have to clean your room? Yes, I do.


21 Homework: Ask your friends what they think of these things or people, and then make a report.


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