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Celebrated the Art Miles Mural Project from 02/28/09-03/10/09.

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1 Celebrated the Art Miles Mural Project from 02/28/09-03/10/09

2 The Art Miles Mural Project is a passionate and colorful 12 year movement combining the efforts of children and adults worldwide to promote global peace and harmony. Tawfilis, a former U.N. executive, founded and directs the Art Miles Mural Project, an effort to create 12 miles of murals – 5,280 to be exact – painted by people of all ages and cultures around the world. The murals will be displayed on an enormous pyramid to be unveiled in Giza, Egypt in 2010.

3 To kick off the event, the Seaside Neighborhood School sponsored a Mural Marathon on Feb. 28 where all 2,800 participants of the Seaside Half Marathon and 5K were invited to paint a Sports-themed mural. This mural, along with murals painted by students at Butler Elementary School and the Seaside Neighborhood School, were displayed along Scenic Highway 30-A.

4 Approximately 20 murals were on display during the event.

5 The Art Miles Concert: World Music filled the Seaside amphitheater. Joanne and Fouad Tawfilis will shared their story and renowned classical guitarist Johannes Linstead, the Seaside Neighborhood School Band and 30A Radio had everyone dancing.




9 Please view the following links for more information Schedule News Release Art Miles Website

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