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Long shot of Vraj temple. Temple or haveli receives pilgrims on the first day of dedication.

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1 Long shot of Vraj temple

2 Temple or haveli receives pilgrims on the first day of dedication

3 Temple will be landscaped and decorated over the next several years

4 Schuylkill Haven Marching Band lends a presence on the first day of dedication

5 Carriage with sacred images of deity and founder on first day of dedication

6 Pontiff or Tilkayat from Nathdwara is transported to the new temple (haveli)

7 Procession during dedication moves towards the temple

8 Crowd during dedication closely follows palanquin carrying sacred images

9 Vallabhacharya, the founder, beckons pilgrims to enter 84 baithak area, which represents pilgrimage route in India

10 One of the tableaux representing a pilgrimage site in the baithak exhibit

11 Images of deities for sale for home shrines in the bazaar area during dedication ceremonies

12 Varieties of drums, as tabla set, for sale in bazaar during the dedication weekends

13 A group of women break into a spontaneous performance of dance and song (bhajan)

14 Girls trained in classical Indian dance perform at the Cultural Center during dedication

15 Distinguished Indian architect, Atul Parikh, outside of temple he designed

16 Gold-plated doors close the deity’s personal mansion (haveli) in the main sanctuary

17 Priest takes care of needs of deity during the worship (darshan)

18 Lake outside of deity’s abode with silver boat featured at this darshan

19 After the afternoon darshan, people move to eating area for food blessed by deity (prasad)

20 People wait outside of cottage for priests or gowamis to emerge to begin procession

21 Helicopter sprinkles flower petals over temple on the last day of the dedication

22 Helicopter holding a visiting dignitary from another temple on last dedication day

23 Mass of people waiting to process on last day of dedication

24 Movement of crowd estimated to be 12,000 people on last weekend

25 Procession on the last day waits to enter the temple

26 Indirabetiji, a strong supporter of Vraj, visits and lectures once a year from India

27 Research associate, Mohammed Rajmohammed, receives a garland from Indirabetiji

28 Allen Richardson speaks at memorial service for G.B. Shah, (Govindkaka), a founder of the American Vraj, on Feb 8, 2004

29 His Divine Highness, Goswami Shri Dwarkeshlalji, visiting Vraj for Tavasmi devotional event on May 1, 2004

30 Swan cart driven in procession during Tavasmi devotional event, May 2004

31 Tour group from Cedar Crest College with Diana Eck at Vraj, May 14, 2004

32 Diana Eck with Chompakbhai Shah at Vraj temple

33 Diana Eck with Vraj musicians during her visit

34 Decorative cornices over windows being installed

35 Pond in front of temple that represents the sacred Yamuna River in India

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