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Understanding Alpenrose Invoices (Click or hit enter to advance to next slide)

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1 Understanding Alpenrose Invoices (Click or hit enter to advance to next slide)

2 Overview Alpenrose bills you first for the product you ordered not what the driver delivered. Second, the driver adds or credits you for the difference between what you ordered and what he leaves in your building at the time of delivery. Additions appear as whole numbers, credits are marked with a “Cr”. Credits are the only way you can avoid being charged for product that was ordered but not delivered or product that you received that was damaged or spoiled.

3 Work with your driver to make sure that he is forecasting reasonable quantities of milk and milk products for your next delivery. His forecast is the amount you will see charged on your next invoice. If you have concerns, send a copy of the invoice to the inventory clerk. Make sure your copy reflects the credit you are expecting. Only by auditing these invoices will you be assured that your school is only being charged for what you actually are receiving Overview Continued

4 Invoice– “Today’s Delivery” This is the invoice that is left with you at delivery. It is an exact copy of your bill. The “TODAY’S DEL.” column shows you what product you are being charged for. Quantities listed in this column are always based on what you & your driver forecasted the delivery before.

5 In the example on the right, we can see that the delivery before (Nov. 1) the driver estimated he would leave 2 cases of white (100 ea) and 5 cases of chocolate (250 ea) and 1 case (12) of yogurt for delivery on the 3rd of November. Note that Alpenrose bills by the each. Buckman’s bill for November 3rd totals $70.77. Invoice– “Today’s Delivery”

6 Invoice– “Today’s Adjustments” This column is for changes made at the time of your delivery. When more product than forecast is delivered to you, the driver notes the quantity he added in this column. When less product is delivered to you, the driver uses a “Cr” before the quantity to show that Alpenrose owes you a credit.

7 Invoice– “Today’s Adjustments”. Looking at our example school, although the driver planned to leave 5 cases of chocolate milk he only left 4 (Cr 50) and he also delivered an extra case of yogurt (12).

8 What should I be getting credit for? Product that was ordered but not delivered. Remember, you have already been billed for product that you or your driver ordered. If you receive less product than ordered, make sure a “Cr” appears on both your copy of the invoice and your driver’s copy. Spoiled or damaged product. Remember, Alpenrose bills by the “each”. You do not need a full case of product to ask for a credit. Make sure that just before the long winter break or summer break you make a note of the amount of product left in your cooler. This will insure proper credit. Please minimize this credit by not over ordering prior to a long break. Send a copy of your invoice to the inventory clerk if you have any concerns about your delivery or credits due.

9 A Guide to Alpenrose Product Descriptions BMILK HG – Half gallon Buttermilk 1.0 HP MINI – Small white milk 0%CHC HP MINI – Small chocolate milk 1%CC 5LB – Container of cottage cheese SRLTE 5LB – Container of sour cream LF STRAW HP YOG, etc – Yogurt by flavor (all flavors of yogurt are the same price) If you need to increase what you have on order, please call the Alpenrose Order Desk at 503-244-1133. The deadline for adding to your order is 11 am the day before your regularly scheduled delivery. Items that may be added is limited to the products listed above.

10 If you have any further questions about understanding your Alpenrose Invoices, please call the inventory clerk at 503 916-3568

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