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Xian Wu 吴 宪 April 10, 2015. India Burma Thailand Vietnam Mongolia Russia Korea Japan etc.

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1 Xian Wu 吴 宪 April 10, 2015


3 India Burma Thailand Vietnam Mongolia Russia Korea Japan etc.

4 PRC Flag PRC Emblem



7 Running from West to East Yangtze River 6300 Kilometers Yellow River 5500 Kilometers

8 4 Major Basins (Sichuan Basin) Three Major Plains all in the east part of China Wild West To be developed

9 Railway system Grand Canal 京杭运河 (created in 605-618 from North to South) 1800 Kilometers from Beijing to Hangzhou

10 Legendary Heroes (Mythology) Descendants of 炎黄 Huangdi & Yandi 3000-2000BC Da Yu & Gun 大禹 和鲧 Taming flood 2070- 1600BC

11 Confucius had 3000 students, 72 were notable “ 三人行,必有我师 ” “ 不耻下问 ” “ 论语 ”Analects compiled by his students

12 In 506BC Wu State with 30,000 soldiers won the battle against Chu State with 200, 000 soldiers. 孙武《孙子兵法》

13 屈原:《离骚》 immortal masterpiece Drowned himself in Milo River in Hunan

14 秦始皇 from 230-221 BC succeeded in annexing six other states, and established a centralized feudal government. 车同 轨,书同文。

15 司马迁:《史记》 was written in prison. It took him 13 years to finish it. The set was of 130 volumes. He was arguing for one of the generals, and was imprisoned for this.

16 毕昇 Bi Sheng (990- 1051) father of block- letter (movable type) printing with clay-made pieces of characters. 蔡伦 Cai Lun ( 63 - 121 ) inspired by silk processing procedure, experimented with barks of trees, rope ends & rags to make paper.

17 In the year 132 , Zhang Heng invented a seismograph 候風地動儀 to detect the 候風地動儀 earthquake area. 八個主要方位如下:

18 张骞 (195-114BC?) Zhang Qian answered the call from the emperor, leading a group of 100 people to start a journey to the Western Regions in 138BC. Thus began the official exchanges between China and countries in central and west Asia. Cross-Country Collaboration

19 Xuan Zang 玄奘 in 627 went to India to study Buddhism for 15 years. He came back with many volumes of scriptures. Monk Jian Zhen 鉴真 (688-763) was invited to preach in Japan in 642. He made 11 attempts, but failed. In 753 when he was blind & 66 years old, he got into Japan.

20 In 641 the 18 year old Tufan leader Songtsam Gambo in Tibet married Princess Wen Cheng, daughter of Chinese emperor in Tang Dynasty. Han and Tibetans thus tied knots.

21 Sun married Song Qing Ling around 1915 March 1945, he was 57 years old. Jiang married Song Mei Ling in Dec. 1927

22 Mao announced the founding of PRC in 1949 Deng led the economic reform starting in late 1970s. 白猫黑猫说 White and Black Cats Theory

23 What you see provides you much food for your thought.


25 Si Chuan – a heavenly state Chengdu – a city of paradise One of the best universities in China

26 杜甫草堂: in the year 759 when he was in exile in Chengdu, he wrote collections of poems in this thatched cottage. “ 朱门酒肉臭,路有冻死骨 ” 。


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