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2 WE LISTENED (to the clues) 1. Our project outline 2. Lectures in Leadership class 3. The Fenelon Falls area and community 4. Mike Perry-our amazing liaison

3 Why Benches?  Benches influence people to use the currently under used park  Benches serve useful to every demographic in Fenelon Falls  Suggested by the citizens  Benches require virtually no maintenance

4 Why Tire Mulch? Recycle, Environment, Sustainability! Choosing tire mulch for YOUR project not only impacts the community of Fenelon Falls, it impacts our environment! It’s a WIN WIN situation!

5 The Sustainable Alternative!  The Ontario Tire Stewardship program is aiming at municipalities to use eco-friendly products for building parks, curbs, and play areas in their communities (Nash, 2012)  Turning shredded tires into a sustainable product makes sure they don’t end up in our landfill sites or be burned into our environment (Nash, 2012)  A OTS poll found that 89% of Ontarians felt their communities would benefit from the use of recycled tire products in community projects (OTS, 2012) So why tire mulch… WHY NOT!

6 Design Options (Champlin, 2013)  100% recycled materials!  Commercial grade benches  Various colors  4, 6, and 8 foot lengths  Low maintenance  Moisture and sun resistance  Never requires staining or preservative treatments  Aesthetically pleasing and no tire odor

7 Future Expansion Projects Park and waterfront picnic tables with wheel chair access that cater to Fenelon’s senior community as well as giving physically challenged visitors the opportunity to enjoy the beauty of the waterfront and parks the Falls have to offer! (Champlin, 2013)

8 Other Expansion Options  All tables are 100% recycled materials  Like the park benches they come in various colors and lengths for all types of applications  Weighing between 280 and 470 lbs. these tables are heavy duty and maintenance free (Champlin, 2013)

9 Budget/ Costs obstacles  Volunteers  Bench price comparisions  Money allotted to us  Permits  Already have the means to use the $750 already have a plan

10 Maintenance Costs Over Time

11 Distribution Of Given Budget

12 Meetings and follow ups Personally in touch with Mike Perry Town Hall meeting on April 10 Discussions with Lions Club E-mailing various companies (cottage rental features, 2013)

13 Recycled tire mulch as a number of other applications(Garden mulch, playground, slip reistantance, crash barriers, parking lots, etc..) Tire drives to help clean up landscape Meetings and follow ups with council to ensure success The Future Of Fenelon Falls (tire form 2013) Ontario Tire Stewardship, 2010 ) (Tire Pile, 2013)

14 Conclusion/ final points or arguments  We are ready to go  We are involved  We are on the money

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