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Eating and Food. Hungarian breakfast tea/milk/cocoa cold cuts with a slice of bread butter/jam/honey cheese vegetables.

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1 Eating and Food

2 Hungarian breakfast tea/milk/cocoa cold cuts with a slice of bread butter/jam/honey cheese vegetables

3 Hungarian lunch Soups: meat vegetable pea bean fruit chicken fish goulash

4 The second course tomato sauce vegetable dish made from green peas stuffed cabbage stuffed peppers meat stew mixed grill rakott krumplipaprikás krumplitúrógombóc

5 The third course Traditional desserts: dobos cake doughnutstrudelbundt cake poppy seed and nut rolls Gundel pancake somlói galuska

6 Specialities from Hungary körözött a spicy spread made from cottage cheese mixed with sweet pepper and garlic rizi-bizi white rice mixed with green peas, served as garnish tarhonya big pasta grain, served as garnish lecsó mixed vegetable stew winter salami salami made from spiced meat, cold smoked and dry ripened lángos fried bread dough Túró Rudi chocolate bar filled with cottage cheese

7 Hungarian drinks Tokaji white dessert wine Villányi red wine Egri Bikavér Bull’s Blood, dark, full- bodied red wine Unicum herbal, bitter liquor Pálinka a range of fruit brandies

8 Unhealthy nourishment more food than necessary double calorie intake a lot of carbo-hydrates lots of fruitslots of vegetableslots of grains

9 Vegetarianism Vegetarians: - exclude meat and all types of animal origin or - only eat lean meat or fish Disadvantages: - expensive - not provide the necessary proteins and vitamins - less delicious

10 British eating habits beginning the day with a cup of tea or coffee English tea: - bitterer than a normal tea - it’s drunk with milk and sugar

11 British breakfast Full English breakfast: - bacon - fried eggs - fried tomatoes - fried mushrooms - sausages - fried beans - fried bread - butter/jam

12 British breakfast Kipper for breakfast: has been split from tail to head, gutted, salted and cold smoked

13 British elevenses Elevenses: a cup of tea and some biscuits Brunch: a combination meal, which is eatan for breakfast and lunch at weekends

14 British lunch Lunch: a warm dish and a dessert, or just ham and cheese sandwiches and some fruit

15 Afternoon Tea Afternoon Tea: - between 4pm and 5pm - thin slices of bread - butter - cheese/fish/ham/meat paste - perhaps some vegetables - jam/tarts/cakes

16 British dinner Dinner: - the main meal - at around 7pm - 3 or 4 courses - soup - fish and chips/meat with vegetables - meat puddings/meat pies - fruit salad/pie/custard/ice cream

17 Traditional English Food Roast beef and Yorkshire pudding: usually eaten as lunch on Sundays Yorkshire pudding : - is eaten as part of the main course - made from flour, eggs and milk Roast lamb with vegetables: also served on Sundays Vegetables: - carrots - brussel sprouts - roast potatoes

18 Traditional English Food Fish and chips: - England’s traditional take-away food - contains fried fish and fried potatoes Toad-in-the-Hole: similar to Yorkshire pudding but with sausages places in the batter before cooking Ploughman’s lunch: - served in pubs - contains a piece of cheese, a bit of pickle, pickled onion, a chunk of bread

19 Traditional English Food Shepherds’ pie Gammon Steak with eggLancashire Hotpot Pie and Mash with parsley liquor Bangers and MashBlack pudding

20 Vocabulary cold cuts – felvágott garnish – köret vegetable dish – főzelék stuffed cabbage – töltött káposzta stew – ragu meat stew – pörkölt mixed grill – rostélyos, pecsenye dumpling - gombóc cottage cheese – túró stewed fruit – kompót sponge cake – piskótatészta doughnut – fánk strudel – rétes bundt cake - kuglóf poppy seed – mák raisin – mazsola whipped cream – tejszínhab spread – kenyérre kenhető massza cold smoked – hidegen füstölt dry ripened – szárazon érlelt dough – tészta nourishment - táplálkozás intake – felvétel, felvett anyag carbo-hydrate – szénhidrát junk food – műkaja to exclude – kizár substantial – kiadó, tápláló kipper – sózott és füstölt hering to gut – kibelez brunch – villásreggeli snack – könnyű étkezés brussel sprout - kelbimbó on the premises – helyszínen, helyben batter - tészta

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