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KS4 curriculum, assessment & Work Experience Information Evening Head of Upper School: Mrs Brierley Head of Year 10: Mr Rouse Pastoral Leader at KS4: Mrs.

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1 KS4 curriculum, assessment & Work Experience Information Evening Head of Upper School: Mrs Brierley Head of Year 10: Mr Rouse Pastoral Leader at KS4: Mrs Wheatman KS4 Learning Support: Mrs Reynolds (Ms Davies) Work Experience Co-ordinator: Mandy Morland Form Tutors: Mrs Thompson, Mr Gibbs, Mr Weightman, Mr Birtwistle, Mrs Kinlock, Mr Watson, Mr Patrick, Mr Hamilton Welcome The Queen Katherine School

2 Calendar of Assessment deadlines. Linear Exams, mainly at end of Year 11. Controlled Assessment in lessons. Support on VLE Progress Reviews Assertive Mentoring Raising of Participation Age. (RPA) Changes ahead at KS4

3 The Queen Katherine School Summary overview of subjects, exam boards. Details on VLE, plus contacts of Head of Departments if require more details. Summary of CA details, exam boards etc

4 Details on VLE – options

5 Single series exams, generally all at the end of Year 11. ( except Core Science for dual scientists and Eng Lang for combined English). Calendar of Assessment to help prepare for deadlines throughout the year. – Highlight subjects you study. Look how fit with other commitments in school and out of school. Linear Exams The Queen Katherine School

6 Scientists – 4 pathways (Triple, BTEC, Single or Dual Scientists) – Dual Scientists will sit Core Science in Summer Year 10. (Level of entry based on Decision Assessments taken in lessons. First one is on Monday next week.) – All other students are on 2 year courses and will sit exams / complete BTEC end of Year 11. Indiviudal Pathways for Core subjects - Science The Queen Katherine School

7 – Year 10 combined English (Lit/Lang) will sit English Language in Summer of Year 10 and go on to Literature in Summer of Year 11. (Possible to resit English Language in November of Year 11) Indiviudal Pathways for Core subjects - English The Queen Katherine School

8 -Linear exams. -Exams getting harder. -Spelling Punctuation And Grammar (SPAG) marks in English Literature, Geography, History and RS. -BTECs – new specifications this year. 75% coursework plus one examined unit. ( New this year.) -As of Sept 2013 English Language – no longer Speaking and Listening CA. -As of 29 th September 2013, only first entry score will count in League tables. -First Year group that will not study AS exams if continue in Sixth Form, so vital get best GCSE results possible for UCAS entries to University. Period of continuous change The Queen Katherine School

9 Work set by the exam board completed in school under supervision, which counts for the final GCSE mark. Time limit / guided hours Students own work Students and teachers sign declaration to show own work. Less onerous for students outside lessons In reality the new courses are demanding through out the 2 yr course, with Controlled Assessment running throughout the two year course. What does Controlled Assessment really mean? The Queen Katherine School

10 Students have access to resources. Students can work together. Students can receive guidance from teachers Low Control Some work can be completed without supervision, outside the classroom/centre. The Queen Katherine School

11 the students’ work is their own, no plagiarism. (Students must reference all sources.) the contributions of individual students are recorded accurately. Students have access to resources. Students can work together. Students are free to revise and redraft a piece of work before submitting the final piece. Teacher’s can review student work and provide oral and written advice at a general level. Medium Control Directly supervision not required at all times but adequate supervision to ensure work can be authenticated The Queen Katherine School

12 The use of resources is tightly prescribed, normally only research folders/diaries. Students must complete all work independently. Students must not communicate with each other. No assistance can be given to students. No access to internet, email or memory sticks. ( Students have secure logins if IT needed.) Teacher’s may answer questions but cannot advise students how to approach the task. High Control Students must be in direct sight of the supervisor at all times. The Queen Katherine School

13 Feedback from Year 11 students on how to prepare for exams and cope with pressures.

14 RevisionControlled Assessment Organise your folders of work and know what is going to be on the exam. Try and keep ahead of deadlines if you do not have other work set. Use revision guides and websites such as Sam Learning and My Maths Listen to the teachers feedback Vary revision techniques to make more interesting. ( find out what works for you). Buy nice highlighters, post it notes, cards etc. If not sure or unhappy with something, don’t keep quiet…say something Start revising early and make a revision timetable. Don’t leave until last minute. Don’t worry about it too much. It is not that scary and some pieces can be repeated. Avoid distractions, screen ban. Don’t go on Facebook loads. Keep on top of interim deadlines so the stress does not build up. Get right balance of work and play. Eat healthy, drink lots of water, take exercise. Only do what you can manage. Use the calendar of assessment to see where pressure points might be for you and plan ahead. Feedback from Year 11 students ( to students)

15 SuggestionsSolutions Loan revision books for free or sell cheap ones.Most departments already sell discounted revision books or CD’s. Prepare us for exams earlierYear 10 and Year 11 mock exams week. Help us with different methods of revision.Mr Yarker and Mr Bell revision sessions + class teachers. ( Also sessions for parents). Give dates of assessments and exams earlier and spread out deadlines. Calendar of assessment and exam dates ready to give Year 10 and 11 + on wall display More revision sessions and 1 to 1 helpRevision sessions afterschool and lunchtimes + during school day after study leave started. Talk to your teacher. Provide somewhere to revise at lunchtimeSilent work room in US on Tuesday ant Thursday lunchtime. More practice papers and easier access to work saved in schools. Use VLE revision page, subject pages and mysite to save documents. Probs log on at home. ( enable cookies and check \ login) Make sure we have access to specifications, mark schemes and know grade boundaries. VLE subject pages, revision page, exam board websites links. ( grade boundaries given with results) Feedback from Year 11 students ( to school)

16 SuggestionsPossible solutions Try to support, understand, but not add too much pressure and stress. Fine balance, but listen to your students. Encourage to take a break etc. Need quiet space to work.Think through possible solutions. Provide tasty snacks and treats + rewards for doing revision. Incentives and rewards that work for your child. No/less household chores.Discussion with child. Help to keep to exam timetable.Plan times for day and support without interfering. Wait until we ask for help.Be supportive, but not too pressuring. Help by testing revision notes or leaving facts to learn around the house. Wait to be asked or through discussion find out what struggling with. Enforce screen ban on phones, ipads, face book etc Come up with joint plan to remove distractions. Feedback from Year 11 students ( to parents)

17 How do I revise? Post it notes or index cards of key formulas, quotes, dates, case studies around the house Condensed unit notes in a powerpoint or mind map. Use highlighters and pictures. Use online resources, Sam learning, bitesize, my maths to test and variety GCSE podcasts to listen summaries. Register on VLE. Mnemonics / songs letters remind you of words, can be a word or a phrase / sentence - Revision timetable - Bitesize chunks -varied revision -30 – 40 min blocks + 10 min test and rest -Vary subject areas each day -Quiet + screen ban -Breaks -Rest, water, food, sleep -Leave evening before the exam for light study Break down each subject into topics, make a topic check list for each subject: stick this up in your study area. (Revision Guides?) £2 Support reivsion book

18 VLE revision

19 VLE Study / Revision help SAM LEARNING OL9RS date of birth as 6 figure digit followed by 2 initials e.g. 01.03.84dw The Queen Katherine School

20 VLE subject specific help

21 Example of Department

22 Be informed. Ask if not sure. Consultation Evening on 6 th March 2014, (5.15 – 8.15 pm) Take an active interest and support. Help students to be organised, keep interim deadlines, make revision notes on topics as go along. Help provide a quiet area to study and help students to follow their own plan. Parent Support Summary The Queen Katherine School

23 Progress Reviews 6x throughout KS4. Year 10 Reporting – Initial Target grades are been shared over the next few weeks with students, 1.PR 1 – December Target grade and current working at grade. 2.PR 2 – February Updated working at grades. (Table form to make notes on at consultation evening on 6 th March 2014.) 3.PR 3 – June Updated working at grades with more detailed targets where appropriate. Reporting at KS4 – PR’s The Queen Katherine School

24 Based on transition matrices from % chance graphs based on KS2 scores. Challenging targets that put the school in top 25% of schools, but brought in line with new tougher GCSE’s. Not directly comparable with other year groups. Fewer individual A* grades, but departments will add these later on in course. Generation of target grades The Queen Katherine School

25 Tracking of students. Students below target grades or one controlled assessment concern in one subject will be mentored within the department. Students below target grades in more than one subject or multiple controlled assessment concerns will be allocated an mentor. Assertive mentor – specific targets collected more regularly that Progress Reviews + specific subject departments. ( Sanctions to do work at end of school, rewards if meeting deadlines,) Parent support at home. Mentor will try and share targets so you can be involved. Assertive Mentoring – Mrs Julie Reynolds The Queen Katherine School

26 All Year 10 students will have to continue in education or training in some format until their 18 th Birthday. (not raising school leaving age.) – Full time education at school or college – Apprenticeship – Part time education or training if employed, self employed or volunteering for 20 hours or more per week. Nationally 92% of 16 & 17 years olds already choose to continue in education or training. ( 98% at QKS) Why? Opportunity to develop skills and qualifications. How? Legal requirement to participate will be on your son or daughter. School – independent careers guidance. (Citizenship, FT’s, MMO, careers events, + Inspira) Raising the Participation Age ( RPA)

27 - Some parents have asked about additional revision sessions and tutoring. -QKS have worked with Shaping Futures to organise some extra support for those interested. - Welcome to Shirley Williams and Germaine Chatterton Shaping Futures The Queen Katherine School

28 Presented by Germaine Chatterton Motivating, inspiring learning

29 Shaping Young Futures is a brand new company based in Kendal Over 20 years of experience in education Pilot with Queen Katherine School Aim is to help boost grades in Maths, English & IT Support children for the future whether in school or getting ready for the working world. What is Shaping Young Futures?

30 Work together with you and your school Increasing confidence Provide continuous feedback throughout Provide tailored courses pre-exam Small group sessions One-to-one tuition Positive, influential tutors Why choose Shaping Young Futures?

31 First session -Thurs 10th Oct 4pm-7pm Free consultations Discuss opportunities that are available Anyone who can claim free school dinners for your child could receive free tuition Prince Charles’ Cottage, 95a Stricklandgate, Kendal, Cumbria, LA9 4RA What next?

32 0800 0124135 Ask for Germaine or Vicki If you would like to know more..

33 -3 week opportunity at the end of Year 11. -NCS is for 16 and 17 year olds. Take part in social action projects and build skills for work and life. -Champion School, endorsing for all students. -£40 and £20 refunded when attend. National Citizen Service The Queen Katherine School

34 Excellent GCSE – Best ever Maths and Eng lit results 86% gaining 5 or more GCSE’s – tougher GCSE’s 69% 5 A*-C incl Eng lang/lit and Maths The Queen Katherine School

35 26 students achieved 7 or more A / A*’s The Queen Katherine School

36 25% of grades were A* or A The Queen Katherine School

37 Outstanding BTEC Results - >50% distinctions / dist *’s The Queen Katherine School

38 Thank you for coming. A lot of information. Slide show on VLE. Specific letters will be coming home with revision dates, exam dates, entry assessment dates etc Update of calendar via email Any questions? Any questions / problems throughout the year please get in touch. Feedback The Queen Katherine School

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