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History Political Science Sociology Geography Economics Business Studies.

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2 History

3 Political Science Sociology

4 Geography

5 Economics Business Studies

6 1 Remembering16% 2 Understanding50% 3 Application30% 4 skill4%

7 Sl. No. TypeMarks 1Multiple choice1 X 10 = 10 2Very short answer1 X 14 = 14 3Short answer2 X 15 = 30 4Long answer - 13 X 6 = 18 5Long answer4 X 1 = 4 6Map1 + 3 = 4

8 SubjectMCQVSASALA-1LA-2No. of Ques Marks History447111729 Political Science 1---21 48 Sociology2111---58 Geography153111119 economics1211---58 Business Studies1211---58 TOTAL101415624780

9 1Easy30% 2Average50% 3Difficult20%

10 MonthChapterActivitiesEvaluation method MarksTotal June July History 1.Advent of Europeans 2.Kannada speaking areas 3.Folk history 4.Foundation of British admn. Political science 1.Problems of India and remedies Sociology 1.Social stratification Geography 1.India our motherland 2.Physical features 3.Indian monsoon season 4.Soils of India 5.Forests of India Economics 1.Development Business studies 1. Bank transactions 1.Folksongs collections, singing 2.Debate 3.First day card, stamps, etc., collections 4.Map drawing 5.Collecting samples of varieties of soil 6.Opening a bank account, summarizing Any three activity + Achievement test 10+10+ 10+20 50

11 MonthChapterActivitiesEvaluatio n method MarksTotal Aug and Sept History 5. Social and religious reforms 6. The first war of Indian Independence Political science 2. Foreign policy of India sociology 2. Work and economic life 3. Collective behavior and protests Geography 6. Water resources 7. Land resources 8. Mineral and power resources Economics 2. Economy and government 1.Historical photos paper cuttings, etc., collections, 2.Visit to village panchayat office, workers unions, reporting. 3.Debate on pros and cons of wastage of water & recycling 4.Discussion with insurance agents. Process of insuring 5.Collecting information about different types of insurance 6.Visit to local historical places submitting the dairy Any three activity + Achievement test 10+10+10+ 20 50

12 Month ChapterActivitiesEvaluation method markstotal Nov and Dec History 7.Effects of British rule in India 8.The freedom struggle Political science 3. india’s relationship with other countries Sociology 3. Collective behavior and protests (continued) Geography 9. Transport system of India 10. Major industries of India 11. Communication Economics 3. Rural development Business studies 3. Enterprenurship 1.Mono acting 2.Information gathering about different countries treaties with India 3.Visit to mahilamandals interviewing and submitting reports 4.Visit to some industries 5.Cottage industrial skills display 6.Model making Any three activities + achievement test 10+10+ 10+20 50

13 Mo nth ChapterActivitiesEvaluation method MarksTotal Jan & Feb History 9. India after independence 10.The political dimensions of the 20 th century Political science 4. World problems and India's role 5. World organizations Geography 12. Natural disasters 13. Population of India 1.Ethnic days 2.Cultural programme 3.Mock parliament, general assembly 1.Quiz 2.Drama and playlets 3.Mock drill for fire fighting, floods etc Any three activities + achievement test 10 +10 +10 +20 50


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