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Community gardens and building strong communities Miriam Pepper

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1 Community gardens and building strong communities Miriam Pepper

2 Outline Introductions Stories from church community gardens: – What are community gardens? – Why and how are churches involved? – How are they building strong communities? – What challenges have they faced? Resources Discussion in pairs/groups

3 Introductions 10 seconds What is your name? Are you involved in a community garden – which one? What do you hope to learn from this session?

4 What are community gardens? Places where people come together to garden Food growing and associated facilities Indigenous and native plants Community art Animals Socialisation, celebration, solitude, reflection

5 Turtle Lane

6 Living Garden

7 Cottage in the Graveyard

8 Kingston Organic Garden

9 Why are churches involved? Build relationships Social inclusion Stewardship of church land Creation care Respond to a request from the community Invigorate their mission Integrate worship, witness and service

10 Hughes Street

11 Cooma

12 Garden of Eden

13 Feed My People Photo: Thea Buchan

14 South Sydney Photo: Ali Blogg

15 How are churches involved? Four models: “Church land, church run” “Church land, others run” “Church in partnership” “Existing garden”

16 Miranda Photo: UnitingCreative

17 O’Connor Photo: Noel Haberecht

18 Adamstown Graphic: Tom Toogood

19 How are churches building strong communities? Enhanced relationships and networks Social inclusion Environmental benefits Physical and mental health benefits Reduced costs for managing open space Reduced crime and vandalism

20 How are churches building strong communities? “The main theme appears to be the connection of the people involved... friendships and connections through the earth, the soil, the plants, and its fruits. There is an energy coming from it that is difficult to put into words.” Church community garden tour participant, 28/5/11 Partnerships Build community ownership Participatory learning Celebration The church itself can be transformed!

21 Garden of Eden Photo: Judith Dalton

22 Garden of Eden

23 Garden of Eden

24 Garden of Eden

25 What challenges have churches faced? Getting the whole congregation on board Issues of who controls the space Managing conflicts among gardeners and garden groups Founder’s syndrome Longer term sustainability?

26 Hughes Street

27 Other gardens (Uniting Church) St Luke’s Belmont Permapatch (Chatswood South) St John’s Neutral Bay UAICC Garden (Broken Hill) New Lambton Quakers Hill Canowindra Fairy Meadow Young Mudgee Grace Community (Goulburn) Hope (Maroubra Junction) and no doubt more…….

28 Resources Uniting Earthweb community food resources: “Growing Mission with Community Food” ty-food ty-food Church stories: ories ories Australian City Farms and Community Gardens Network:

29 Questions?

30 Discussion In pairs or small groups: What struck you from today’s presentation? What have you learned? What will you take away with you?

31 Thank you! Miriam Pepper

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