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Every visitant in Kumarakom will be amused at the natural beauty of mangrove forests, paddy fields and the backwaters of vembanadu lake. An evening jaunt.

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2 Every visitant in Kumarakom will be amused at the natural beauty of mangrove forests, paddy fields and the backwaters of vembanadu lake. An evening jaunt in a “Kettuvallam”through the water ways of kumarakom to savor the fragrances of paddy fields with a flavor of folk music and a touch of the passing wind is something enduring in the visitors mind. Owning a resort on such an auspicious place is a dream of many. Kumarakom Nest Private Limited is launching a new project to make their dream come true.

3 With an overwhelming natural beauty of its own kumarakom is one of the most alluring tourist destinations in Kerala in India. Kumarakom is a beautiful village situated in the Kuttanad region of Kottayam district surrounded with Vembanadu Lake. Every tourist visiting “Gods own country “ will make it as a point of “must visit tourist destination". The place has a lot to offer with its pristine natural beauty and numerous natural attractions. A cruise on houseboat along the backwaters of Vembanadu Lake will be an inspiriting and serene experience.The driftwood museum,The Kumarakom Bird Sanctuary and the Pathiramannal Island are some of the other tourist destinations which will facinate the people visiting Kumarakom.

4 The Kumarakom resort an endeavoring project of Kumarakom Nest Private Limited entice the potential investors by providing them a surreal investment plan. The company proposes to commence a tourism project anticipating the increased flow of tourist arrivals in kumarakom. At present the Company owns four acres of land in Kumarakom and the company proposes to build 50 cottages in this land. The cluster of cottages,having unobstructed panoramic view of Kumarakom designed in traditional Kerala architecture with modern amnities will be a pleasant destination for a global traveler.

5 The resort project “Kumarakom Nest to be constructed in the land owned by “Kumarakom Nest Private Limited “at Kumarakom. Resort consists of 50 independent cottages (Layout annexed) Each cottage is situated at 3 cents of land and consist of minimum 500 sq.ft inside area. Each cottage with 3 cents of land is offered for sale to individual investors. Each investor gets proportionate share capital in the company and becomes owners of the company. Kumarakom Nest Private Limited will administer the resort for the investors. Profits of the company will be distributed among the share holders at the end of every year as per the relevant applicable regulations prevailing in India. Out of total of 4.7 acres of land,balance 3.2 acres in the name of the company will be part of resort which will be utilized for constructing common amenities inside the resort. Each of the individual cottages with respective lands will be registered in the name of individual buyers on payment of an affordable sale price fixed by the company. Along with the registration of cottages in the name of investor, proportionate share capital in the company will be transferred to the individual investor thus becomes the owner of the company. The company will be entering into a management agreement with individual owners for administration purpose.

6 Profits of the company will be distributed among the share holders at the end of every year as per the relevant applicable regulations prevailing in India. Each investor enjoys the benefit of becoming owners of the company including ownership of the total assets of the company. The Company Kumarakom Nest Private Limited is a company incorporated under the Companies Act,1956 with Adv.T.Joseph Chairman and Managing Director in the year 2006 with the Registrar of Companies,Kerala to operate in the field of tourism business. At present the company is engaged in operating of House boats and arranging package tourism programs in Kerala. The proposed project is the pioneer effort of the company after having gained 7 years experience in the tourism business in and around Kumarakom.

7 1. Adv. T.Joseph Age : - 58 Educational Qualifications : - M.A, LLM Present position : - Chairman Residential Address : - Kaniyarakath, Kuruvilangad P.O, Kottayam -686633. 2.Mrs. Molly Joseph Age : - 55 Educational Qualifications : - MSc, MPhil Present position : - Director Residential Address : - Kaniyarakath, Kuruvilangad P.O, Kottayam -686633. 3. Mr. Arun Joseph Age : - 29 Educational Qualifications : - B A Present position : -Full time Director Residential Address : - Kaniyarakath, Kuruvilangad P.O Kottayam -686633. 4. Mr.Ajai Joseph Age : - 23 Educational Qualifications : - B Tech from West Bank University, U K Present position : - Director, Presently working as network Engineer at U.K Residential Address : - Kaniyarakath, KuruvilangadP.O Kottayam -686633.

8 The company intends to operate on a zero debt basis. The marketability of the project will be much easier as the proposed resort is situated on the banks of the serene waterway with its peculiar natural beuty. The magic of this property is that it is below water level and the fact can be confirmed with naked eyes. A huge coconut farm with fish farming and paddy cultivation having over a hundred species of flora and fauna including rare medical herbs, this is the most ideal location for a tourist to get firsthand experience of the varied heritages of Kerala. The promoters of the project had started acquiring land with a far vision way back in the year 2006 itself. The targeted clientele will be westerners and high income salaried Asians including Indians. All the surveys including one –on-one interaction concluded that a secluded facility cut off from technology and crowds, without compromising on quality was what such tourists preferred to normal high class accommodation. The concept of Kumarakom Nest Resorts is exactly that; a world class Tourists facility far from the madding crowd. The land is situated below water lever which can be verified with naked eyes. Netherlands is the only place that enjoys this rare phenomenon.

9 The Resort Plan The proposed project “ KUMARAKOM NEST RESORT” is conceptualized and developed by Kumarakom Nest Private Limited, a private limited company formed under the Indian Companies Act 1956.The Company at present owns 4.7 acres of land at Kumarakom very close to the Kumarakom back waters on the banks of the Kollam- Kottappuram National water way. The company plans to build up 50 cottages in this land which in its entirety will become a full fledged resort with open participation from interested investors which in turn becomes one of the reserved investment opportunity rarely comes to the market. Out of the 4 acres of land 1.5 acres will be utilized for the cottages. The total area 1.5 acres will be divided into 3 cents each.A cottage will be built in each of these 3 cents. In total there will be 50 cottages. The detailed cottage plans are annexed. Investment plan Each of the plots of 3 cents are used to construct attractive cottages with the participation of potential investors who are desirous to own a resort in Kumarakom at an affordable cost. For this, the company is giving an opportunity for the investors to participate in the ownership of the company by subscribing the shares in the capital of the company. The company will build and manage the cottages on behalf of the investors. In addition to the attractive return on investment, the company is providing an array of wonderful delightful benefits to the investors. 1.Three types of cottages are constructed,Type A,B, C as follows : TypeLandSq.ftCost A2.75 Cent50034 B3.0 Cent60039 C3.5 Cent75045

10 Ist Phase of investment. On booking the cottage - 30% of the total cost of the cottage should be paid. IInd Phase of investment. On registration of the land in the name of the investor – 60% of the total cost of the cottage should be paid. IIIrd Phase of investment On start of the construction of cottage - 90% of the cost. IVth Phase of investment. On completion and registration of the cottage in the name of the investor -100% of the total cost of the cottage should be settled. On IVth phase of investment the proportionate shares of the company are transferred in the name of the investor in the ratio of 1% share in the capital of the company for one cottage

11 This is a real investor benefit project. Some of the explicit benefits to investors are:- 1. Land is registered in the name of the investor. 2. Cottage is constructed with materials having more than 35 years of life and is in the name of the owners of the land. 3. Investor becomes the owner of the company and the resort simultaneously. And thus the prestige of owning a resort at the most sought after place - Kumarakom. 4. Investors who are experts in tourism field are getting a chance of participating in the management of the company. 5. Secured return on investment as the owner of one cottage is reaping the benefits of the total resort. 6. Land, buildings and other assets of the company which are worth around 20 crors are owned by the members of the company thus the investment is really secured. This specialty of this investment plan compared with similar investment plans is really investor friendly. 7. Holiday stay of 10 days free with all facilities along with House boat cruise. 8. Insurance cover for the investor. 9. VIP treatment to the owner guest during holiday stay. 10. Value appreciation for the cottage and land when the resort becomes fully operational. 11. The cottage & land are transferable but with the intimation to the company and for the common interest at any value as desired by the owner. 12. Profit participation with the company (Projections annexed)

12 The company is to manage the resort on behalf of the owners and with a motive of maximizing the wealth of the members of the company.this is win-win plan with the company investing its land for a common purpose and tourism project with vast opportunities. The company believes that a resort at the calmness of Kumarakom if priced reasonable will have 90% occupancy throughout. The profit estimates made here at 35%-65% occupancy to keep very conservative and prudential approach & estimation. Projected profit statements for9years annexed herewith show a very good return to the investors in future.

13 Pristinely beautiful Kumarakom is a charming emerald peninsula jutting into the picturesque Vembanad Lake dotted with innumerable traditional country rafts, boats and canoes. The fresh water of the lake flows into the mainland making a labyrinth of lagoons, canals and waterways. The backwater houses a variety of species of both flora and fauna. It’s rich in marine life especially the exclusive kumarakom karimeen or pearl spotted fish, konju or tiger prawns, njandu or crabs, chemmeen or prawns and many more. As and when the monsoon winds bring rain to the shores of Vembanad Lake, Kumarakom gets transformed into a rich fertile land. The streams and lagoons break their banks to nourish the shrubs that sprout from every available space. The place is renowned for its mangrove shores and the bird sanctuary. The upcoming resort is to be situated at the 4.7 acres of land owned by M/s Kumarakom Nest Private limited at Kumarakom, Vechoor Village, Vikom Thaluk,Kottayam District,Kerala, India. It is on the banks of the National water way and very close to the vembanadu lake and close to ThanneermukkomThe resort is only 400 mts from Kumarakom –kottayam Rd. Accessibility: The resort is easily accessible by both road and waterways.It is only an hour’s drive from Kochi International Airport,forty minutes from Kottayam Railway Station. Speed boats take only forty minutes from Ernakulum to reach the resort.

14 cottages with full fledged modern amenities Multi cuisine restaurants serving Indian, Muglai, Continental, Thai and Chinese cuisine. “Nadan delicacies” prepared and served in the traditional Kerala Manner. Open restaurant Bear parlor Travel Desk Extension of business facilities Ample Parking facilities Boat landing facilities Pick up facilities from airport, railway station and bus terminals Internet,Wi-Fi Private pools Party Hall, Conference hall etc.

15 KUMARAKOM NEST PRIVATE LIMITED Address: KMC14/160,KODIMATHA,OLD MC ROAD,KOTTAYAM Ph : 04842425189,9447044344 Email Id : kumarakomnestinvestment, Website : Kumarakom :





20 TYPE -C



23 ESTIMATION OF PROFITABILITY I.Cottage revenue YEAR IYEAR IIYEAR IIIYEAR IVYEAR VYEAR VIYEAR VIIYEARVIII YEAR IX AVERAGE OCCUPANCY35%45%55% 60% 65% TYPE A- 25 NO.S @ 5000 /DAY 159.69 225.84 276.03 301.13 326.22 TYPE B -15 NOS@ 7000 /DAY 134.14 147.55 TYPE C- 10 NOS.@9000/DAY 114.98 126.47 TOTAL ROOM SALE 408.80 499.87 550.06 575.15 600.24

24 ANNEXURE III KUMARAKOM NEST PRIVATE LIMITED PROJECTED PROFITABILITY STATEMENTS ( Lakhs) Year IYear IIYear IIIYear IVYear VYear VIYear VIIYearVIIIYear IX INCOME Room Sales 408.80 499.87 550.06 575.15 600.24 Restaurant 60.88 68.92 83.17 104.88 116.73 129.70 143.95 159.62 176.91 Bear parlor Sales 33.12 36.44 41.07 47.37 52.10 57.31 100.87 119.50 143.18 Ayurvedic Treatments 9.58 15.33 20.44 35.04 39.42 47.45 52.20 61.32 66.43 Other income 3.83 4.47 4.67 6.57 TOTAL 516.22 625.03 699.40 743.91 789.97 816.19 903.83 947.25 993.34 EXPENDITURE Direct Expenses- Restaurant 30.44 34.46 41.58 52.44 58.37 64.85 71.97 79.81 88.46 Bear parlor 16.56 18.22 20.54 23.68 26.05 28.66 50.44 59.75 71.59 Ayurvedic Treatments 4.79 7.67 10.22 17.52 19.71 23.73 26.10 30.66 33.22 Other Aminities 1.15 1.34 1.40 1.97 Employee Cost 121.44 127.51 133.89 140.58 147.61 154.99 162.74 170.88 179.42 Administrative Expenses @ 3% of room rent 12.26 12.88 13.52 14.20 14.91 15.65 16.43 17.26 18.12 Room Consumables @ 5% of room revenue 20.44 12.50 13.75 14.38 15.01 Sales Promotion & Advertisement 25.00 Repairs & Maintenance 25.00 26.25 27.56 28.94 30.39 31.91 33.50 35.18 36.94 Power & Fuel 18.00 19.80 21.78 23.96 26.36 28.97 31.87 35.06 38.57 Depreciation 40.00 36.00 32.40 29.16 26.24 23.62 21.26 19.13 17.22 TOTAL 315.09 321.62 341.64 371.20 390.99 413.72 456.29 489.70 525.51 Profit Before Tax 201.13 303.41 357.76 372.71 398.98 402.47 447.54 457.55 467.83 Income Tax 60.34 91.02 107.33 111.81 119.69 120.74 134.26 137.27 140.35 Profit After Tax 141.00 212.38 250.43 260.90 279.29 281.73 313.28 320.29 327.48 Brought Forward Profit/Loss - Transferred to B/S FOR DIVIDEND 141.00 212.38 250.43 260.90 279.29 281.73 313.28 320.29 327.48

25 ANNEXURE XX KUMARAKOM NEST PRIVATE LIMITED ESTIMATION OF EMPLOYEE COST SL NO.DESIGNATIONNoS SALARY/MON THANNUAL SALARY (Rs) I.Administra tions 1General Manager1 100,000.00 1,200,000.00 2Purchase and Store officer2 25,000.00 600,000.00 3Personnel Manager1 35,000.00 420,000.00 4Security and vigilence Manager1 25,000.00 300,000.00 II.Front Office 1Front Office Manager1 25,000.00 300,000.00 3Guest Relations Manager1 25,000.00 300,000.00 4Receptionist2 10,000.00 240,000.00 5Bill Captain1 20,000.00 240,000.00 6Door Men5 8,000.00 480,000.00 7Bill Boys5 7,500.00 450,000.00 III.Marketing and Reservations 1Manager Marketing1 40,000.00 480,000.00 2Executives2 15,000.00 360,000.00 IV.Accounts 1Accounts Manager1 40,000.00 480,000.00 2Accounting Clerk2 15,000.00 360,000.00 V.Foods & Beverages 1Manager F&B1 40,000.00 480,000.00 3Executive Chef1 75,000.00 900,000.00 5Chef2 25,000.00 600,000.00 6Stewards /Captain4 20,000.00 960,000.00 7Kitchen Helpers4 10,000.00 480,000.00 8Bar Tenders5 8,000.00 480,000.00 VI.House Keeping 1Executive1 15,000.00 180,000.00 2Assistants5 8,000.00 480,000.00 3Linen staff3 7,500.00 270,000.00 VIIOther general staff512000 720,000.00 Total57 11,040,000.00 Other Benefits @ 10% of Salary (PF Bonus etc..) 1,104,000.00 Total Employee Cost 12,144,000.00

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