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Countryside Cottage Annual Marketing Recommendations.

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1 Countryside Cottage Annual Marketing Recommendations

2 Overview Customer would like to reduce frequency of ads (and total investment), to focus more on tactical campaigns. Customer interested in growing younger demo traffic. “Service” sets Countryside Cottage apart from others who sell Pandora and Vera Bradley.

3 Objectives 1.Design a package that will offer more flexibility to advertise at the “right times” while reducing overall investment. 2.Maintain core-customer base, while growing interest and traffic in younger demos. 3.Integrate strategic positioning in ad creative (sell “Service”).

4 Solution 1.Achieve flexibility objectives through a 26-time annual Business Builder program. 2. Grow younger demo traffic through Moms Like Me print, online, and value-added contest exposure.

5 Recommendations 26-time Business Builder package:  One 10” (2x5) ad in Sunday News-Leader  Two 10” (2x5) ads in weekday News-Leaders  One 10” (2x5) ad in the Nixa/Ozark News-Leaders  10,000 online impressions per week on Choose any 26 weeks out of the year to run, based on projected sales cycles. $510 per week

6 Recommendations Moms Like Me print/online package:  1/4 page (vertical or horizontal) ad in Moms Like Me magazine per month (12 times)  5,000 impressions on Moms Like per month. Design ads with a younger demographic target in mind. Drive online traffic to Countryside Cottage website, Facebook page, or custom landing page. $300 per month

7 Monthly Investment Average 4-week month:$1320 Two business builder weeks plus Moms Like Me Light month:$810 One business builder week plus Moms Like Me Heavy month:$1830 Three business builder weeks plus Moms Like Me

8 Moms Like Me Contest Opportunity Contest theme: “In Honor of Local Moms” Countryside Cottage provides:  Appropriate prize ($50 retail value) Mom’s Like Me provides:  7-day contest execution online via moderated content in message boards.  Mention in Moms Like Me magazine editorial content  Mention in Sunday column  Picture of prize with link to Countryside Cottage website on Mom’s Like Me home page

9 Action Plan 1.Sign “Level 2” investment contract. 2.Identify specific prime selling weeks to run Business Builders (minimum 26). 3.Consider new positioning line for ads such as “Free Gift Wrap With Purchase” that reinforces the service image. 4.Choose prize for Mom’s Like Me contest.

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