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Please remove muddy footwear before entering this building!

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2 Please remove muddy footwear before entering this building!

3 Staff Only

4 The library and workstations are reserved for students in the Life in Arid Lands field camp between SUNDAY (28 September) and THURSDAY ( 2 October) inclusive. Other users must make alternative arrangements (e.g. laptop authorised for wireless in laboratory).


6 Beverages for Sale Soft drinks (cans)$1.00 Light beer (cans)$1.20 Full-strength beer (cans)$1.50 Premium house wines Red wine (bottle)$10.00 White wine (bottle)$10.00 Terms: Cash only

7 Please do not disturb the wildlife Lizzie the Superstar! Film credits: Wild Life (Nine network) Talk to the Animals (Seven Network) Kangaroos (United Media/National Geographic) A desert divided (United Media/Discovery Channel) The Big Wet (ABC Natural History) Animal Wonders (Fuji Television ) …. There are a number of red, eastern and western grey kangaroos around the homestead that are habituated to people – please do not chase or harass them. Likewise birds and lizards use the homestead complex as a refuge, especially in dry times – enjoy their presence.

8 Tank water only from this tap

9 No extraneous waste in toilet please! Our environmentally friendly low-flush toilets void wastes to a septic system. This system can only accept bodily wastes and toilet paper. Please deposit any extraneous waste such as wrappers, plastics and used feminine hygiene products (tampons, sanitary pads, panty liners) in the bin provided. Wrap the waste in one of the disposal bags as appropriate. If the bin is full then please advise staff or deposit contents in one of the wheelie bins at the front or rear of the building.


11 Please note that Fowlers Gap is outside mobile phone coverage

12 Computer access is only by arrangement with the Director All users must read and acknowledge by signature that they understand UNSW and Fowlers Gap policies on ICT usage All internet usage and printing must be paid for – see usage sheet for rates Users should practice ergonomic use of the terminal and not sit for longer than 2 hours without a break.

13 Maps, checklists and guides Donation of 50 cents in jar for each item taken (NPWS items are free)

14 Please switch off air-conditioning when building is unattended

15 Outgoing phone calls are accessible only by phone card. All accommodations are supplied with an NEC DBT-16D-1A handset connected to the Station’s Xen Alpha PABX system. Occupants should familiarise themselves with the operation of this handset for making internal calls through extensions 3-16 and external calls through pressing Line 1 or 2 when unlit. The handset can also be used to transfer calls between residences or locations and that function should be exercised when appropriate. The telephones in accommodations for visitors have restricted call access. Only 18xx or 13xx numbers will function and so the occupant requires a pre-paid calling card to make outside calls. The Station has a supply of $10-denomination Telstra Phone-away card which are available for purchase from the Director or nominee. Some calling cards use a 13xx number and thus appear to be cheaper than others because the connection fee is transferred to the owner of the landline. Occupants should note: 13xx numbers are not free but charged to the Station’s phone account at $0.25 per call. If you use a 13xx calling card you must record each use and submit the number of calls to the Director prior to departure for addition to your account. There is also limited CDMA/NextG reception outside the buildings.

16 EVACUATION ROUTES Fire extinguisher Your location

17 EVACUATION ROUTES Fire extinguisher Your location

18 Cleaning in Progress

19 Lighting stove Turn temperature to low setting Depress stove valve and hold Light burner at back of stove with long match or gas lighter using great care Wait 30 seconds and release stove valve Turn temperature to desired setting

20 This oven is faulty – do not use

21 Gas Pilot Note: The gas pilot may go out if you slam the oven door or allow a strong breeze through the room To light: –1. Turn temperature knob to 0 (zero, off) –2. Open oven door and depress square knob with RED symbol –3. Use long match or gas light to light pilot above burner at back right-hand corner –4. Keep knob depressed for 30 seconds –5. Release knob, close oven door and light oven by turning temperature knob to desired value.

22 EVACUATION ROUTES Fire extinguisher Your location

23 EVACUATION ROUTES Fire extinguisher Your location

24 EVACUATION ROUTES Fire extinguisher Your location

25 EVACUATION ROUTES Fire extinguisher Your location

26 EVACUATION ROUTES Fire extinguisher Your location

27 EVACUATION ROUTES Fire extinguisher Your location

28 EVACUATION ROUTES Fire extinguisher Your location

29 EVACUATION ROUTES Fire extinguisher Your location

30 HOT WATER IS LIMITED Hot water is supplied from gas storage heaters. The supply is limited Overuse means no hot water and COLD showers Replenishment will take about an hour with no further use Large groups should take short showers and stagger use

31 PLEASE NOTE Food and condiments on shelves and in freezers are Fowlers Gap catering supplies They are NOT for use of self- catering groups – please separate your food Residual food may be placed in small fridge in TV area for general use but note use-by-date

32 Medical Emergencies 24 hour Medical Line (08) The RFDS medical chest is located in this room.

33 Medical Emergencies 24 hour Medical Line (08) RFDS medical chest items 125, 134, 164, 165 are located in this fridge.

34 Medical Emergencies 24 hour Medical Line (08) Contact staff for access to medical chest and first aid response: Keith Leggett Ext. Solarch or Admin Gary Dowling Ext. Cottage 2 or Supervisor Mark Tilley Ext. Cottage 1 Fowlers Gap Station Contact Numbers: Tel: Fax:


36 Please do not alter the settings

37 Please Close The Door

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