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Urban Sociology 2. Reading Flanagan Ch 1 Esp. pp. 12-28.

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1 Urban Sociology 2

2 Reading Flanagan Ch 1 Esp. pp. 12-28

3 Loving/Hating the City long history of this audio clip: Three dead trolls in a baggie …Three dead trolls in a baggie audio clip: The VestibulesThe Vestibules



6 Café Diplomatico First sidewalk café in Toronto Frequented by the intelligensia, Mop & Pail journalists etc., Symbol of Toronto’s urbanity?



9 "The greatest escape I ever made was when I left Appleton, Wisconsin." -- Harry Houdini

10 Cities in cultural myth Hated/feared: –Sodom & Gomorrah –Babylon Loved/admired: –Jerusalem –Benares

11 London “The Great Wen” (pimple) –Arthur Young C19th

12 “Outside of the killings, Washington has one of the lowest crime rates in the country.” — Mayor Marion Barry, Washington, D.C.

13 “The streets are safe in Philadelphia. It’s only the people who make them unsafe.” — Frank Rizzo (ex-police chief and mayor of Philadelphia)

14 "Hollywood is the only place where you can wake up in the morning and hear the birds coughing in the trees." -- Joe Frisco

15 Difficult to Rate Cities Environment? Jobs? Restaurants? Impossible to characterise a place definitively

16 Demographics People have left/are leaving urban areas in North America –for the suburbs, exurbs, edge cities

17 Edge Cities

18 Edge City Albuquerque

19 Cottaging Toronto cottage owners often think of the cottage as their “real” home –they just work in the city, live there during the week –endure 3-hour tailbacks at Gravenhurst to “get away from it all”

20 City Boosting Cities in competition Promoting your city versus others

21 Selling the City Capital (and tourism) is globally mobile Ethos of competition –fighting in a global marketplace for tourist and investor’s dollars

22 Selling Toronto Social phenomena play a key role in Toronto’s place marketing strategy: –Multiculturalism, cosmopolitianism –The Neighbourhood –The safe city


24 Liverpool UK

25 From The Onion

26 “Gateway to the West” Slogan St Louis MO, Pittsburgh PA, San Jose CA, Achison TX Winnipeg MB Hong Kong Kilrush, Connemara and Ballinasloe in Ireland Harley-Davidson Motorcycles

27 “Where East meets West” Slogan Philippines Macau Greenwich UK

28 “Hub of the North” Slogan Hay River NWT, Engelhart ON, Kirkland Lake ON, Thompson MB Chester UK, Aberdeen UK, Derry Kaikohe NZ

29 Place Marketing: Moose Jaw

30 Paris, TX

31 Newfoundland

32 Place Marketing: Mundare AB Home of the Giant Kolbassa Sausage


34 City as playground Festivals to promote a city, enhance its appeal Festival districts, sites –often anchor gentrification

35 Liverpool: Albert Dock


37 NYC 42nd & Broadway



40 Political Cities Politics: derives from classical Greek polis –the matters of the city Arenas for political activity Sites of government, control points Political use of the street, urban crowd

41 Rocket Riders Users Group, Toronto 2002











52 First World War Outbreak of war aided by good summer weather –enabled urban crowds to gather to demand war from their political leaders



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