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Louise and Sean: a Celebration Our adventure starts in BC...

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2 Louise and Sean: a Celebration

3 Our adventure starts in BC...

4 A boy named Sean

5 Not a camera fan, yet

6 Ride-em cowboy, in Regina


8 Move to BC, Stop at Calgary Zoo

9 Pony Ride Age 2

10 On the move (love the pants!) Langley BC

11 Langley BC, Age 3 with friend Gene

12 Bundled Up!

13 Age 4

14 Grade 1 North Otter Elementary

15 Do I have to sit here?

16 Grade 4, North Otter

17 Cub Scouts

18 Vacation back to Saskatchewan

19 First moose, 13 yrs old

20 Season’s passes to Powder King

21 Top academic in Grade 7

22 Meanwhile… In the Ottawa Valley…

23 Ottawa Valley Girl

24 With Carolyn and Rob

25 Two years old and lovin’ it

26 At the Agnew farm with cousins

27 Oma and Opa Knobel with grandchildren

28 Knobel kids in Holland

29 Junior Kindergarten

30 5 years old

31 Cousins on the gas tank again, Agnew farm

32 Christmas morning (age 5)

33 Family ski outing, Gatineau hills

34 Louise before she was allergic to cats

35 Halloween

36 Louise with her Oma Knobel

37 The ladies with the hats

38 Bathing beauties at Uncle Wayne and Aunt Teresa’s

39 School trip

40 Girl Guides

41 With cousins, holding baby Greg

42 At the cottage with the Pentons and the O’Briens

43 The cousins go skiing

44 With Carolyn and Kyna O’Brien on the Bluenose in Halifax

45 Meanwhile, back in BC...

46 Chetwynd BC, High school

47 Counter Attack, 1988

48 Christmas - more ski stuff!

49 Miss Chetwynd Pageant

50 Xmas with Grandma, Grandpa Phillips

51 Last season at Powder King

52 Air Cadets

53 Sean’s graduation 1992 Prince George

54 Love of puppies- Lacey

55 Looking good

56 UBC graduation Chem. Eng 1996

57 Look out world, here I come

58 Heidi and Ken’s wedding, June 97

59 Christmas 1997, with Danielle

60 Sean’s Grandparents’ 60th Anniversary

61 Meanwhile, back in Ottawa...

62 Louise the pianist

63 Louise and Francine

64 Christmas with the Agnew cousins

65 High School Graduation

66 Kids at Christmas Love the Goatee

67 Now I remember why I went AWAY for school

68 Louise at Queens

69 Birthday in 1995

70 Some pictures of “Evil Louise”...

71 Censored

72 Science Formal


74 Iron Ring Celebration

75 Graduation 1996, Top of the Class


77 She doesn’t look any smarter

78 The car she didn’t get for grad

79 Travelling in Spain

80 And in France

81 Maid of Honour for Francine and Dat

82 Sisters in Sarnia

83 Family Gathering

84 Agnew-Knobel Clan with friends - Carolyn off to Bangkok

85 Louise and Mom

86 Meanwhile, what has Sean been up to in Hamilton?

87 Playing Ultimate! Double Team JD, WIDE OPEN for the swing pass Sean…. Pipes it deep

88 Ultimate! Double Team JD, WIDE OPEN for the swing pass Sean…. Pipes it deep

89 And More Ultimate! (JD is still waiting)

90 Then one summer... Sean comes to “Canada Day at the Cottage”

91 Louise is swell, I wonder if she likes me?

92 I think she likes me!

93 Love blooms...

94 The beginning of something great

95 Louise and Sean Together

96 A Sean’s-eye view of Louise

97 A Louise-eye view of Sean

98 A Louise-eye view of Sean in a tuxedo

99 Diving in the 1000 Islands

100 Relaxing after a hard day of Ultimate in Fergus, Ont

101 Engagement party in Ottawa

102 All dressed up for a wedding

103 Moving out of the old house in Sarnia (biggest snow storm of the year)


105 New house. You need friends who will paint for “refreshments”

106 Hey, where are those “refreshments”?

107 Mmm..blender drinks

108 House warming party (dessert)

109 Sean and Louise with their favorite redhead... (not you Monica)

110 Fergus, lab mix (at 10 weeks)


112 Fergus at the cottage, where it all began

113 Sean and Louise September 15th 2001

114 You’ve Come a Long Way Baby








122 Congratulations, love, and best wishes from your family and friends

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