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"Maximise your investment in Search Engine Advertising" Nick Jones Category Development Director.

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1 "Maximise your investment in Search Engine Advertising" Nick Jones Category Development Director

2 Issues for Today  Search engine advertising is now an essential element of online marketing, but unless one understands how best to manage campaigns it can be, at best, frustrating or, at worst, an expensive drain on resources.  How to manage search engine advertising campaigns and find out what analysis tools are the best to use. Hear how to substantially improve return on your investment in search engine marketing and what the future holds for this important aspect of the online world.

3 Agenda How Overture sponsored search works Overture and the Travel Sector Optimise your campaign The future of search

4 Sponsored search in action User clicks on paid link, triggering payment of bid price to Overture Businesses set up account and submit listings: Search-terms Titles Descriptions Bid amount per click-through User submits search 1 2 3 4 Listings ordered by bid price

5 Where will you appear with Overture? Reach over 80% of all UK internet Users* * Nielsen//NetRatings Apr-Jun 2004

6 Q4 ‘00Q4 ‘02Q3 ‘02Q1 ‘02 Overture International Market Launches Q2 ‘03Q1 ‘04Q3 ‘03Q4 ‘04 2H’05 Next Launches Overture – sponsored search pioneer Q1 ‘05 UKDEFRHKCA BR TW AU FI SE DK NL AT CH NL ES IT KR JP CN

7 Who is using Overture?

8 Agenda How Overture sponsored search works Overture and the Travel Sector Optimise your campaign The future of search

9 Why is Travel important to us?

10 Travel Client Management  Overture has operated sector based account management since January 2002  Travel Category Manager based in UK office  Dedicated Travel Account Managers based in UK office  Backed up by dedicated Travel editors in our Dublin facility  Travel Team work on optimisation, research, information sharing & training

11 Airline Network – optimisation in action To ensure maximum effectiveness of the campaign, AirNet’s search listings were optimised:  Ways of writing more compelling titles and descriptions were suggested  Overture advised that the search term was always included in titles and descriptions – as well as price, where appropriate Airline Network, an independent UK travel company, chose Overture as a form of online advertising that offered good return on investment, cost-control and the ability to track and analyse results. By quoting prices in the titles and descriptions of its search listings, AirNet can drive people with realistic expectations to the site (who convert better as a result!)

12 Airline Network - communicating business change Through the Overture campaign, Airline Network is able to target customers searching independently for car hire or hotels. Sponsored search proved an effective means of communicating additional services:  Immediate; Transparent; Flexible “Overture’s sponsored search should be the first on the list of any online marketing programme.” Traditionally, Airline Network’s target market was customer looking for flights. This focus needed to switch to additionally target those looking for car hire and hotels.

13 Agenda How Overture sponsored search works Overture and the Travel Sector Optimise your campaign The future of search

14 Optimising sponsored search Search Term Research & Targeting Drives Quantities of Leads Title & Description Targeting Drives Quality of Leads Landing Page Targeting Drives Conversions

15 Simply Type in a search term relevant to your web site The ‘Count’ shown next to each term refers to the number of UK consumers who searched for that term in the previous month Search term research: how BIG is your market? A list of related terms will appear

16 Segment and target Best Practice: Match the Terms (and Pages) to Customers’ Intents Customer Need Keyword Attributes Examples “What is out there to meet my need?” “How can I learn about a product or service?” Informational terms Product classes Problem descriptions Cheap holiday Family holiday Winter holiday “What brands and features are there?” “What is distinct about this one?” Features Brand names Differentiators Cheap Spain holiday Hawaii holiday Luxury winter holiday Learning Shopping Buying “I want that one, Daddy!” “Who stocks this model number?” Product code Locations Nicknames Cheap Thomson holiday in Spain Maui golf resort Mark Warner ski holiday

17 What will I actually need to pay?

18 Know your CPA Work out what you can afford to pay for a ‘targeted lead’  Use simple maths to set some goals  Consult an expert to help you benchmark  Figures are current as of 18 th April 2005 Scenario… “Holiday Cottage in Cornwall” - Estimated searches at position 1 are 3,032 Current Cost- £1.54 per click-through Click-through rate: - 3.73% = 113 Targeted Leads for £174.02 Let us say 1 in 10 click-throughs equates to a sale with an average profit of £100 RESULT: 11 sales worth £1,100 for £174.02

19 Writing titles and descriptions – top 5 tips 1. Research Understand your target audience and how they search – Overture’s tools at can help. 2. Honesty Be honest and factual in your descriptions – this is what attracts consumers. Avoid superlatives, but if you really are the best, back it up with evidence on your site. 3. Emphasis Where possible, include the search term in both your title and description – this gives you a 50% higher click- through rate. 4. Deeplinking Give a direct URL to the relevant content – to give faster processing time and higher quality user experience. 5. Relevance Above all, make sure your search term, title/description and website are all directly relevant to each other.

20 Travel – account optimisation and best practices  Concentrate on products where you make money This may sound obvious, but make sure your focus is on destinations or products which provide the best yield. Once you have identified your focus, list on as many relevant terms as possible  Measure and optimise your terms by closely tracking all conversions and adjust bid prices according to CPA targets Margins are narrow for Travel – make your terms count and don’t pay more than you need to  Categorise your account by destination, product group and performance to allow you to manage your campaign easily and effectively  Pay close attention to seasonality Search volume can double from month to month (e.g. Dec – Jan) so make sure budget is in place to capture the maximum number of leads to your site. Time offline for you means more bookings for your competitors

21 Travel – account optimisation and best practices  Look out for seasonal campaigns sent out by your account manger E.g. Valentines breaks terms, last minute deals (August/September), or skiing terms. These terms have a short shelf life but convert well - due to the lower number of advertisers bidding and a high degree of relevancy to the user  Change your copy regularly Use it to message special offers (e.g.. free travel insurance) to the user. Make your copy stand out from the crowd by reflecting your USP  Make sure your Title and Description (T&D) copy is consistent with the content on your site If a user sees “Holidays from £99” in your Title make sure this is reflected on your site or risk losing the user  Deep link to relevant content Travel site homepages are often complicated and can be confusing. If a user is searching for “holiday in Spain”, send them straight to the content

22 Travel – account optimisation and best practices Use full suite of Overture Search Products  Advanced Match – allows you to capture users searching with extended search strings. E.g. “Luxury Holiday in Mauritius in May”. Every year searchers use more complex terms in the final (buying) stage – make sure you reach them by opting into Advanced Match  Travel Negatives – set up within DTC to improve relevance of Advanced Match Results  Content Match – enables you to broaden your reach and capture buyers at the research stage of the buying cycle. See the example Content Match implementation that follows…

23 Advanced Match - Example Your Keywords:  Cottage in France With Advanced Match your keywords would appear with results for the following and more:  Looking for a cottage in France  Rent cheap cottage in France  Find a cottage in France

24 Overture’s Content Match Benefits   Increased Traffic   Traffic Quality   Premium Partner Network   Quality mapping   Good Conversion Rates   Separate Bidding   Branding

25 Real-time online interface Search terms Bid value

26 Tracking conversions: Conversion Counter  Overture’s free, easy-to-use conversion tracking tool  Tracks number of conversions (eg. sales, registrations, newsletter sign-ups, etc.) generated by Overture listings  Conversion data is displayed for overall accounts, in addition to detailed conversion data for each keyword and match type

27 Tracking conversions: Marketing Console & Search Optimiser Marketing Console Provides insight into online channels and how to effectively convert leads into sales  Measures performance of online marketing campaigns across channels - comparing the relative performance of:  Paid Placement  Emails  Banners  Paid Inclusion  Affiliate Programs Search Optimiser Automate sponsored search bidding strategies based on performance driven recommendations

28 Advertiser Search Strategies Set Campaign Goals   Competitive Research   Seasonal Trends Review Performance   Conversion Tracking   Bid Optimisation Identify & Segment Audience   Categories Optimise Customer Experience   Title & Description Optimisation   Landing Page Optimisation Test and Optimise

29 Agenda How Overture sponsored search works Overture and the Travel Sector Optimise your campaign Mobile search

30 WAP AD WAP Site

31 Questions? Nick Jones 020 7131 1800

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