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Treasure Quest A quest adventure written by Year 6.

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1 Treasure Quest A quest adventure written by Year 6

2 Conol, the evil scorcer, had enslaved the people of Kiteen. Only two brave adventurers were prepared to find a way of freeing their land. After visiting Marsheen (the dragon), they were set a challenge. All that they had to do, was to find the treasure and place it in the magic cauldron. Only then would he help them to banish Conol for ever. “It’s a huge undertaking,” Kelers explained, “But if we succeed, Conol will be banished forever!” “I say we start straight away!” Herburn shouted – he couldn’t wait to be off. “Let’s go then!” Kelers exclaimed and the two adventurers set off into the strange landscape of Kiteen, nervous but ready to face the many challenges that may befall them. Which direction should they travel in first? NORTH, EAST, SOUTH, WEST

3 After choosing the north passage and walking for hours Keller and Hurburn found them self in a stunning sunlit forest then they found them selves near a river. On the cool flowing stream the moon glistened like sliver twinkling stars and beams bouncing of the moon. They heard birds singing and trees rustling and the relaxing noise of a beautiful stream flowing. The breeze blew gently amongst the rustling leaves it was peaceful. So peaceful in fact it sent them off into a trance. As Hurburn and Keller’s was looking round, Keller’s lost her footing, and slipped down the leafy path Keller’s and Hurburn reached out to save Keller but he pulled Hurburn with him together they slid down together landing in a bottomless pit. On they out side Killers and Hurburn said that they are brave but on the inside they felt terrified. They thought they were going to die they were full of cuts and bruises all over them from there fall. Suddenly they remembered where they where and what they were doing there it was there job to save Kiteen they suddenly fell into a stream with a force pulled them with strength towards an ancient rock with a strange carving on it. But it didn’t work The rock pulled them it lead to some stepping stones which they stood on in an instant the rock lifted them up to the muddy surface Then there was a narrow lined path with trees around them which lead to a crumbling cottage with a creaky door which creaked open to reveal… Walk over the Bridge (North) A DRAGON, A GIANT, A KING, A WITCH A DRAGON, A GIANT, A KING, A WITCH

4 Clamber into the Forest (East) A DRAGON, A GIANT, A KING, A WITCH A DRAGON, A GIANT, A KING, A WITCH Meanwhile they began to walk forward where they saw some strange carvings in the wall. What did it say? that was one thing they didn`t know. As Herburn tried to read the letters aloud they began to shine a bright green colour. Suddenly the ground began to shake. The ancient ground crumbled before their eyes. Where are we? What are we doing here? Why is happening? Instantly a vortex formed, producing amazing colours. Herburn and Kelers began to float in mid air and found themselves surrounded by minions. Floating carelessly and calmly singing a riddle. Watch the walls and then you’ll see the special letters come to a piece. After they had read the letter the crumbling, old, stone, wall opened Kelers stepped forward and they were back in the forest. There were some small cosy cottages that lay before them. As they continued their journey, they knocked on the door of the first cottage they came across. The door creaked open to reveal… The path to the East led Kelers and Herburn to a magnificent old forest. A canopy of colossal branches hung menacingly over their heads, blocking the sunlight from coming through. As they crept forward Herburn said how happy he was about choosing the East path. However he wished he had chosen West. ”Look, what is that? ahhh!! suddenly a force tugged at their feet and pulled them down a large slide where they landed in a small darkly lighted room. With no way out.

5 Climb up the mountain (South) When they found themselves waking up they are flying miles above the ground, being dangled by a giant hawk. As the cold morning air brushed against their faces when they looked back up they saw the hawk had dropped them as they dropped they aimed for the sides of the nest they noticed three huge baby hawks. When they landed on the nest the rushed over to the side and jumped onto a tiny branch of the tree but when Keller looked up and saw a scroll floating down to them as Keller caught it a flash of light blinded them when Keller opened the scroll and said loudly “Follow thus I give you many more challenges ahead, be very careful what you choose the fate of Kiteen lies in your hands.” As they climbed down the tree they kept reading the ancient scroll not understanding what it meant. Keller looked of the scroll and astonishingly there was a map. They followed the map to a cave when they walked in the cave started to cave in on them. At the end of the cave there were some stalactites and some stalactimites they had to pull the right one to get through they picked the one closest to them. And the cave started rumbling a door suddenly appears they ran through it. They saw a village in front of them when out of nowhere a boulder rolled down and blocked their path. They tried to climb it but it was extremely slippy. “What should we do” asked Keller and then they saw an ancient pattern on the huge boulder when they touched it, it turned into a cottage the door creaked open on the cottage to reveal … A DRAGON, A GIANT, A KING, A WITCH A DRAGON, A GIANT, A KING, A WITCH Herburn and Keller saw an immense mountain and anxiously start to clamber it. Step after step the mountain got higher and higher, then Herben stumbles on a rock and starts to tumble down catching Keller off balance and knocking him down jagged rocks piercing their skin making them in pain and bleeding. When they hit the floor they were unconches.When they woke up they were in the rockiest, darkest cave they had ever seen to make matters worse it was a wolves den. Luckily the wolves were asleep they tiptoed out of the cave. Then they ranup the mountain when Keller and Herburn were at the top of the mountain they fell asleep.

6 Explore the town (West) As they continued their journey, they knocked on the door of the first cottage they came across. The door creaked open to reveal … A DRAGON, A GIANT, A KING, A WITCH A DRAGON, A GIANT, A KING, A WITCH Questioning their surroundings Kellers and Herburn wondered why where they here? How did they get here? Stood in front of them a dark, damp, castle… Kellers eagerly rushed towards the castle door with Herburn beside him. He was scared but did not want to show it. When they reached the castle, silently they sneaked inside. Tiptoeing down the passageways until they walked straight into two well equipped soldiers. Their faces were filled with rage. As a result they threw them into the dungeons. In the dungeons, it was damp and rusty. A glow of moonlight shone through the barred window, Skeletons of the prisoners that lived in these dungeons long ago. A dark shadow small but visible appered. “I’m lobin your probly looking for a way to get out of here well here you go then drink this and sneak out of here” explained logbin. They drank the poison eager to see the effects. Instantly they shrank and sneaked through the rusty bars. After sneaking out of the creepy castle, Kellers and herburn rummaged through the streets hoping to find something of use for the quest.

7 Fierce Dragons to Magical Penguins! As they accepted the ancient artefact, they examined every inch of it. This could help them to free Kiteen. Which artefact did they accept? A SWORD, A GOBLET, A BAG OF GOLD, A SILVER LOCKET A SWORD, A GOBLET, A BAG OF GOLD, A SILVER LOCKET The boys were shocked. Nevertheless, they had to overcome their fears. Suddenly, out of nothing, they heard the horrible, croaky voice of the menacing Dragon. It roared… “My name is Thunderbolt. I know what you seek, and will give you the chance to choose between four priceless different artefacts, but there is, as you can guess, a catch. You must battle me, and if you win, you choose, on the other hand if I win, you lose. However, I’m not THAT cruel, you will get the powerful Sword of Shevi, which is one of the four artefacts.” The boys steadied themselves and positioned for battle. The dragon spat green goo towards the ground. In due course, the boys fell through the floor. They had landed in the core of a colourful vortex. Unfortunately for them, the Dragon multiplied. Five tall, menacing, vicious and fiery Dragons stood before them. Within the blink of an eye, a magical Penguin flew above the boys. He carried an old-fashioned pot, and dropped it when he was directly above them. “From the Penguin leader, Max Lander.” He ascended until he was completely out of sight. A note lay inside. Kelers unfolded it, and read aloud; Please look in this pot, and inside a note you will spot, it tells you the dragons how to defeat, and the next step tells you what you will meet. Herburn aimed the watch at the dragons. In sheer desperation he pressed the two buttons and the dragons vanished. Confused, Kelers and Herburn stumbled backwards. Here more penguins flew down from the sky. “The Thunderbolt had a promise, and we are here to fulfil it. What artefact would you like?” They spoke simultaneously. Solemnly, Kelers and Herburn wished they had never opened that creaky door. Standing tall in front of them was an enormous, vicious dragon. All around them were wonderful lights and a bright golden chandelier hung above. The Dragon looked immensely strong and when he flapped his massive wings flames flickered and roared. His vibrant red spikes gleamed in the light. Kelers and Herburn put on brave faces like soldiers – (but on the inside they were trembling with fear.) Suddenly the Dragon lashed out at them. What should they do?

8 The Giant As they accepted the ancient artefact, they examined every inch of it. This could help them to free Kiteen. Which artefact did they accept? A SWORD, A GOBLET, A BAG OF GOLD, A SILVER LOCKET A SWORD, A GOBLET, A BAG OF GOLD, A SILVER LOCKET They were now surrounded by tiny cottages. It was then that they spotted a gorgeous cottage, so they decided to stop at it. As they were looking around they discovered that all the people looked, did and said the same things. Magically the unicorn faded away leaving Kelers and Herburn on the ground in a gigantic heap. The two boys got up quickly and chaotically. The giant gently helped Kelers and Herburn onto his back. It was then that the world started spinning endlessly and quickly. The giant started more and more unsteady. Oh no! As if by magic a pillow came down from the sky to cushion his fall. Kelers and Herburn began to think terrible things about how the giant had landed, as he looked like he was in pain. Suddenly the giant faded away, but left a crumpled up note in his place. The note read: “To onward go you must now, to a cottage so divine. I know this isn’t a very good rhyme, but trust me by my word.” Herburn putt on a brave face but from the inside he was really scared. It was then that they realised that this whole quest linked together, the giants last words were, you HAVE to find the cottage. Ah ha! They were still working out the riddle when two stepping stones popped up from the ground. Hang on there was more and more! The boys looked at each other, realisation spreading across their faces. The stones would help them find the cottage. After lots of slipping an sliding they finally made it to the cottage in one piece. Cautiously, they grasped the door handle in sheer horror. They had there eyes closed expecting to find some ugly green monster, but it was only a computer! It wasn’t any old computer though… It could talk! It spoke a riddle which they had to answer correctly to get their ancient artefact. After much thinking they said their answer. Kelers looked at Herburn thinking it was wrong. Herburn said that he thought it was wrong too, (that wasn’t the truth, secretly he was positive that it was right.). Yes they said the right answer!!!!! “Where were they? How did they get there? What were they doing there?” Kelers and Herburn thought as they landed in a heap on the unfamiliar ground. Cautiously, the two boys looked up to discover that they were in a dense green forest. Suddenly, the ground started to quake violently, and when the boys looked up there was a giant with a long button staring down at them. They took one look at him and began running away frantically! Confused, they realised that the world was just one big circle. After the giant had finished welcoming to the fantasy world, a beautiful unicorn appeared to give them a lift to the fantasy town.

9 The King As they accepted the ancient artefact, they examined every inch of it. This could help them to free Kiteen. Which artefact did they accept? A SWORD, A GOBLET, A BAG OF GOLD, A SILVER LOCKET A SWORD, A GOBLET, A BAG OF GOLD, A SILVER LOCKET The inside of the cottage was just as glamorous as the king. The furniture was encrusted With glittering, shining, jewels and stones. The two boys had never been anywhere like it. In the corner of the room were bags of gold and a goblet of pure silver. The King noticed the boys were looking at the items and exclaimed “if you want an artefact you will have to challenge me to a joust and win.” The two boys thought about it. Really they had no choice but one of them could get injured. In the end the boys decided that they would joust and it would be Kellers that would be jousting. “Ok,” said the King energetically, “we will joust this afternoon.” Kellers and Herburn spent the rest of the morning sitting on the Kings sofa and gawping at his valuables. When it was lunch time the King gave them food. They got all sorts of wondrous food, like fine, delicious roast chicken served on shiny solid gold platters. The two boys had never eaten so much and it took a while for them to be able to walk again. Suddenly the King exclaimed “time for the joust,” and he marched triumphantly out the door. The two boys followed him eagerly. The joust began. Out in the courtyard were two splendid horses. At the side of them were two diamond tipped lances. Kellers jumped on to one horse and Herburn thrust him the lance. On the outside Kellers was brave (but on the inside he was frightened and whished he was doing any thing but this.)He rode his horse to the end of the courtyard and turned his horse around. Then he charged at the King and the king charged at him. When the king was in range Kellers thrust his lance at him.To his amazement, he knocked the king off his horse. ”You win, ”exclaimed the king and he handed them an artefact. Kellers and Herburn came to the first cottage they saw. Slowly and cautiously Kellers Opened the door and to their utter amazement, in front of them in a gem studded Breastplate, a fine silk cape and wielding a diamond encrusted sword was a king. “You can come in if you want,” said the king. In they went. Wouldn’t you?

10 The Witch As they accepted the artefact, they examined every inch of it. This could help them to free Kiteen. Which artefact did they accept? A SWORD, A GOBLET, A BAG OF GOLD, A SILVER LOCKET A SWORD, A GOBLET, A BAG OF GOLD, A SILVER LOCKET When they reached a room, which looked like the lounge, they sat down. As they looked around, they saw a picture. It was a dark, black, skinny cat. They tiptoed nearer to the picture to look closer. Keller tripped over the end of the rug, and fell headfirst into the picture. His head was inside the picture and his feat were dangling out. In an attempt to save him, Herburn leaped at Keller’s legs and grabbed hold of them. Herburn wasn’t strong enough. They both ended up being dragged inside. Dizzy, they fell to the ground. They gazed around the room in a trance. It was extremely bare. There was nothing there. All of a sudden they saw a menacing, hissing, black cat, guarding the only door in the room. There no pictures or furniture. There weren’t even any windows. The only things and people in the room were Herburn, Keller, the cat and the door. Herburn and Keller felt petrified. Then the eerie voice startled them again by saying, “If you can answer my question correctly, if it’s the first answer you tell me, if you don’t get it wrong, you can have my most prized possession.” They felt scared. The voice then added, “My question is who’s speaking, is it a witch who’s hiding in the house, or is it a ghost whose haunting this house?” They discussed the question carefully. Finally, after much thought, they had a decision. They told the voice their answer and got the prize. A door appeared in front of them, so they went outside. They got it. Herburn raised the iron knocker and knocked like a man on a mission. The door creaked open. There was no one there. Suddenly an eerie voice said “Come in my friend. Make yourself at home.” Anxious, they stepped through the old, wooden door.

11 The Sword Conol was defeated! He was banished forever and the celebrations lasted well into the night. Never again would the people of Kiteen be forced to live as slaves. Kelers and Herburn became national heroes and their names will be remembered forever. The two brave brothers grabbed the jewel in- crested sword and found themselves in intense darkness. When Kelers and Herburn could finally open there eyes they felt a bit dizzy. Herburn was the first to stand. He shook his head and started to scan his surroundings. Damp, lifeless trees were everywhere. He looked up to find mysterious grey clouds being stirred round and round with flashing lights in the background. “ Ugh, I don’t want to do that again. I would have a…” Kelers stopped in mid sentence. Herburn looked in the same direction as him and found a towering castle leading into the clouds. Herburn raised his eyebrows and started sprinting towards the castle. With a few breath taking strides, they eventually got to their destination. “Oh no”, Kelers shouted as they came to a stop. A pit of lava had appeared out of nowhere. Not only that, but hovering rocks also came over the deathly, fiery pit. “Well I guess there is only one one way to do this” sighed Herburn jumping onto the first hovering stone. Then another. Then another. Herburn was drenched with sweat. He was so close but yet so far. Only two of the smallest rocks remained. He took a risky jump and just landing on the very edge. Kelers gasped as Herburn made a final jump to safety. As he fell to the ground to calm himself, Kelers took a step forward. Before he jumped he stamped his staff into the ground. The staff had been given to him by his great great Uncle who had just passed away. Suddenly more rocks started to appear. And before they knew it there was a bridge of packed rocks. As Kelers passes over the bridge, Herburn banged his head on the castle wall. With a struggle they managed to open the castle door. “Ready?” asked kelers. Herburn nodded (this was not even near true. He was shaking like mad). The brothers proceeded into the castle. Cobwebs hung from the walls. The mansion like place was dimly lit by torches. Suddenly they heard a howl and a small, hairy creature started to move down the corridor. Kelers and Hurburn had to run to keep up. As they turned round a corner they found that the creature had disappeared. But even worse. There were four doors in front of them. One coloured red, one yellow, one blue, one green. Before Kelers could protest, Herburn swiftly opened the red door. When Kelers closed the door he froze. Herburn was standing in the middle of a circular room. Kelers listened out to hear nothing but a deathly, devilish, blood thirsty laugh “Fools! HAHA Fool’s! The voice cried. Suddenly a dark figure swooped down and grabbed the silver sword. Suddenly some sort of green evergy shot from the sword towards them. Kelers reacted without hesitation. He ran in front of Herburn and held his staff out. Suddenly a new blue energy shot from the staff. And before he knew it, magic had collided. Suddenly everything went white. The brothers had woken for the second time. But this time, in Kiteen. They found that everyone was dancing and celebrating. Kelers looked confused and looked at Herburn. “We`ve done it!” Herburn said excitedly.

12 The goblet Conol was defeated! He was banished forever and the celebrations lasted well into the night. Never again would the people of Kiteen be forced to live as slaves. Kelers and Herburn became national heroes and their names will be remembered forever. “My feet are absolutely killing me” complained Kelers “I wish I could sit back and just put my feet up.” No sooner had finished his sentence his wish came true. The boys thought this a lark and kept wishing for more and more. Well of course the more they wished for the lazier and greedier they became. Now then because they were becoming so lazy and greedy they could not be bothered to do the quest anymore, so they decided to wish for the cauldron to come to them. Little did they know that the whole thing was a trap set by Conol. He knew all about the quest, and knew they would wish for that sooner or later. So he decided he would let them have the cauldron… the wrong cauldron. When the cauldron arrived Kelers put the goblet into it, only to be dragged down with it! Herburn dived down after him. When they landed they realised they were in Conols den. Desperately they screamed for help. All of a sudden the goblet started to glow. Conol was blinded, and as quick as a flash they dashed out of the endless, dark, damp cave. Lost and alone, the boys carried on going onwards. Suddenly the grass zoomed upwards, and they felt unfamiliar surroundings. That’s when Kelers realised what had happened. Conol had sent a shrinking spell after them. The wind screamed through the undergrowth. So they climbed into the goblet. That’s when the goblet started to shine like a thousand diamonds. When the light had faded they realised they were back home standing in front of Marsheen. “Well done you two you have found the goblet. Now go over there and put it in the magic cauldron.” They put it in. All of a sudden the goblet shot into the air on a fountain of sparks. There was a huge scream. Then silence. Slowly, the boys thoroughly inspected every inch of every object in the room. “Well I think we should choose the sword,” Herburn said bravely, “we could fight Conol with it.” However Kelers thought they should either take the money or the silver locket. Little did they know that the longer that they argued the fainter the cottage and everything in it became. Just before the cottage disappeared into thin air Herburn looked up and saw the disaster they were causing. In the end they decided on the goblet as neither of them had mentioned it before now. Gradually the cottage came back to its formal self. They waited quietly and impatiently for it to finish rebuilding its self. Kelers and Herburn took the goblet and left the cottage. They turned back round only to find the cottage had turned into a pile of dust. Then the lights went out! With no sense of direction the boys did the only thing they could do walk forward, only to find themselves flying straight up into the air. When they landed they could not believe their eyes. A sight so good it was like a dream coming true.

13 Conol was defeated! He was banished forever and the celebrations lasted well into the night. Never again would the people of Kiteen be forced to live as slaves. Kelers and Herburn became national heroes and their names will be remembered forever. The Bag of Gold Suddenly waking from a deep slumber, Kelers and Herburn were thrilled to have the gold, the treasure, the saviour. “Are you okay? Are we alone?” Kelers questioned Herburn quietly. “I’m fine, I think we`re alone.” Replied Herburn quite surely. They sat in silence for a while taking in their surroundings. They were in a large cave like room with a bubbling cauldron in the centre which Kelers realised it was part of the quest were they put the treasure in the cauldron. So he started to run towards it to pour the treasure in. Suddenly they both heard a terrifying grunt. They slowly turned their heads to see a three headed ghostly dog guarding the cauldron... “Grrrrrrr,” The dog growled. It was too late to turn around for Kelers, so he swiftly ran to the cauldron. He was nearly there, three more rapid paces and he would of made it. But then he fell… Kelers knew he would have to carry on so the determined and courageous Kelers got back up and dashed to the cauldron and started to tip the gold in. The gold meanwhile was glimmering like the sun... “Kelers! Watch out!” Called Herburn, starting to panic. Slowly Kelers turned around and… “AHHHHH!” Kelers screamed and ran from the dog with the dog pouncing after him. Herburn suddenly dived in front of Kelers and wedged in the dog`s mouth a dusty, chewed up bone off the floor. This does not bother the dog, because he carries on chasing Kelers. The dog kicks him in the head, and knocks him out. As Kelers falls to the floor the dog disintegrates into thin air. Herburn knew that Kelers would want him to carry on the quest. Suddenly he fell asleep and the next thing he knew was… When Herburn awoke, he was in the village surrounded by people, firing questions at him. Herburn simply got up and went and told the Marsheen of his story. Marsheen agreed to help so that Conol would be banned from Kiteen FOREVER! Herburn held a big meeting, with every member of the tribe there. “ Conol, we have suffered from your hatred long enough! I propose that we ban you from our Village! All in favour say I!” Shouted Herburn. Fifty voices echoed around the room. Conol was about to reply when Marsheen swung his tail and booted Conol into the distance. And then, the cheers went on … and as for Kelers, he got there safely. But how? Well that’s a different matter …

14 The silver locket Conol was defeated! He was banished forever and the celebrations lasted well into the night. Never again would the people of Kiteen be forced to live as slaves. Kelers and Herburn became national heroes and their names will be remembered forever. Anxiously, Kelers and Herburn crept through the opening of the cave. They both noticed a large amount of carvings on the cave walls. “Why are they here? What do they mean? How long have they been here?” Kelers whispered. Kelers came to a rather large carving in one of the walls. The locket glowed a sparkling green colour. Kelers wondered if the locket and the carving had something in common, so he touched the locked to the carving on the wall. Then, a very bright green flash blurred before his and Herburn’s eyes. The next minute the cave had disappeared and in its place were six coloured passageways. One red, one yellow, one green, one purple, one pink and one orange. Kelers and Herburn both stared at the six passageways. “Green,” they chorused simultaneously. Kelers agreed, “Green, because the flash of light was green.” So the boys stepped onto the green passageway, both of them creeping on their tip-toes, Kelers holding onto the locket. Finally they reached the end of the passageway to find a cobwebbed, mouldy door. After much thought, Kelers cautiously slipped one hand off the locket and placed it on the door handle. He twisted his hand and pushed open the door. There to reveal a dragon with the name tag of MARSHEEN. He was a vast, scaly, dark dragon. There was a cauldron in the corner of the dragon’s cave, with a tick sheet labelled Ingredients, all the items were ticked except the one labelled Silver Locket. Kelers looked down at the locket he was wearing. He took it off and placed it in the cauldron. At that point Herburn stepped inside the cave, his hand trembling and his legs wobbling. He finally made his way over to Kelers. Kelers then picked up the locket from the cauldron and stammered towards Marsheen. Kelers tied it round Marsheen’s scaly neck and let it dangle like a pendulum. Kelers stepped back and stood next to Herburn. Just as he stepped back, Marsheen roared and flew out of a massive gap in the roof of his cave. Herburn and Kelers hauled themselves up to the gap. They could see Marsheen at Conol’s land. Marsheen lifted Conol up and dropped him into his deep, dark pit where he kept all his slaves. Cautiously, Kelers and Herburn stepped out of the strange, old-fashioned cottage. It was getting darker as the sunset skies faded away. They realised that the deserted village that they arrived to that evening, had suddenly disappeared. In its place was a dark, dense forest. As the trees rustled in the moonlight, Kelers put on the mysterious locket. He stopped dead in his tracks. The locket was glowing on Kelers chest and shaking uncontrollably, yet Kelers was not afraid. Therefore, the two boys marched on fearlessly, their hearts racing. Kelers stopped again. Herburn, not realising that his friend had come to a halt, kept on wondering along the forest path. The locket shot up coloured sparks into the night sky. The sparks lit up the dull, dark forest. Herburn, seeing the bright, colourful sparks, headed back quickly along the long, plain path. When Herburn reached Kelers, the locket fired a beam of light down a path that was hidden between the trees. They followed the beam of light to the opening of a cave.

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