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The imaginary organization = IO DAN BERGLUND Tallinn 30.03.

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1 The imaginary organization = IO DAN BERGLUND Tallinn 30.03

2 The founder of IKEA started his business by selling matches to his neighbours

3 SMS first product was a wooden stand for coffee kettles.

4 Defenition of an IO ‘Imaginary organizations are systems wherein a company’s determining values, processes, and actors exists outside the company’s juridical entity, account, and organizational language of description.’ Prof. Bo Hedberg

5 The perspective of the IO helps us To make invisible resources visible To manage externalities To see what new structures are required To cultivate the core competence To develop the new cohesive forces To understand better the intuitive aspects of the business

6 In the imaginary organization The leader enterprise operates far outside its borders Others resources provide growth and flexibility There are few employees but many involvees Clients are involved in value creation Business culture encompasses the entire operation Multiple accountings in multiple dimensions IT is often an important facilitator

7 Thus, the new enterprise is built by; Value creation for and with customers A clear and attractive vision Leadership and empowerment Partnerships Shared values Imagination Information technology

8 Creations;The spider in the web IO leader Partner

9 Key Elements for the ”spider” Customer base The base of the leader enterprise (core comptence) Partner base Delivery Systems Production Systems Payment systems Communication Systems

10 Creations;Interconnected islands Leader Company Partners Shared Infractructure e.g. Information Technology Partners

11 Creations; A united front Customers Sales company X Paper/Cottage Mill

12 Rennovations Share a customer base Leader Company Partner Customer base

13 Rennovations Share a delivery systems Partner Leader Delivery Systems

14 Rennovation Share production facilites Several actors Share economies of scale in productions facilites

15 Extension/Renovation – share our image NK, Stockholm Peak Performance GANT Tommy Hilfiger Hugo Boss

16 The imaginators share certain characteristics An imaginator trusts the involvees It makes little difference whether the involvees in a formal sense are employees of the imaginators own company or of another company An imaginator likes to work together with others. The idea of leading a company without boundaries appeals to him; the imaginator sees the company as an enterprise of unlimited resources. An imaginator communicates the common concept to involvees thus giving the IO an image within and outside the leader company. An imaginator sees such great benefits from the IO that he avoids petty bickering in each instance over who gets what. He tries to create win-win situations in which each party contributes according to its ability and is rewarded in a manner which is reasonably fair in the long run

17 Develop at least ten innovative products that make life easier within ten years. Five of these shall be world’s leading within its area. SMS VISION

18 The imaginary organization Core functions: Relationship marketing Finance Management Mechanical Design Engineering Project Management Quality control

19 SMS Core Values Honesty and trust. Hard work and encouraging individual initiative. Service to our partners above all else. Never being satisfied. Excellence in reputation, being part of something special.

20 TurnoverProfit

21 Increase market share with the existing customer base The number of customers lost by 5% would result in a profitability increase of 25-85% depending on the industry A company which has been losing 15-20% of its customers each year can more than double its growth if it cuts the rate of customer loss in half









30 £22.00£3.00 Imagine the most generic product ever...





35 Extended Identity Core Identity Simplexity Partnership Superior functional design Innovation Curiosity Flexibility Responsive and proactive Simplicity Pioneer Straight- forward Swedish Enhance and enable The SMS Brand

36 BRAND IDENTITY - CORE Innovation SMS core competence lies primarily in the ability to constantly develop the business and create new innovative solutions. SMS is a curious, imaginative pioneer with a great sense for the coming needs of the market and the ability to build on new opportunities. Partnership SMS strength is built on partnership – with customers and with business partners in a flexible network organization. A combination of in-house expertise and partner services maximises speed of innovation, market responsiveness and product quality. In relation with customers SMS is proactive, straight-forward and service-minded – always making an extra effort to strengthen partnerships and care for mutual interests. Simplexity SMS develops solutions with a high level of quality and complexity in construction, but with an even higher level of smartness and simplicity in usage. Whether complexity lies in the solutions themselves, in integrating them or in the process by which the customer acquires them, SMS makes it simple. In all aspects of the offer – construction, function, sales and service, the customer can rely on SMS to provide a smart answer to the needs of the end user, and simplicity in buying, installing and implementing it.

37 A Kiwi transported from New Zeeland to Sweden creates carbon dioxide discharge of five times its own weight.

38 There is room for 240 pieces of SMS Flatscreen Polytech on one pallet, at a weight of 100 kilos. A pallet of 66 steel brackets from China weighs about 500 kilos.

39 Innovation outside the box: Evoko Room Manager

40 EVOKO Evoko Room Manager

41 Vandalism in the public transport system of Stockholm cost over 100 million SEK every year.

42 [Klick to see movie]

43 The Boomerang Nebula is the coldest place in the Universe with a temperature of -272°C

44 [Klick to see movie]

45 The advantages with an IO Access to expertise from different countries, acting over time zones. The possibility for organizations to reconfigure themselves, without having to restructure or change work. Provide the possibility for smaller business to remain small while at the same time using the larger company’s resources for development, economies of scale, and market penetration. Reduces the need for capital through sharing with others. Shortens time to market and increases growth in a way that an individual company would be unable to achieve. Take advantage of complimenting partners’ ability to focus on customer possibilities. Leads to success when every organization specializes, and is allowed to focus, on what it is best.

46 DISADVANTAGES Lack of strategic partners and incompatible management styles The project and its goals are badly defined Lack of trust Lack of win-win

47 In the middle of the 40ties the Swede Anders Ruben Rausing said “To do something no one else has done before is actually quite difficult.” In 2008 141 milliard cartons from Tetra Pak where consumed.

48 Thank you

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