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The True Story of Snow White and the Seven Dwarves By: Kaitlyn Kralick.

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1 The True Story of Snow White and the Seven Dwarves By: Kaitlyn Kralick

2 The truth behind the seven … It may have seemed like the simple life in the Disney fairy tale of Snow White and the Seven Dwarves, but Snow White had her hands full trying to care for seven little boys. They had many mischievous pranks hidden up their sleeves that Disney just so happened to leave out of their “happily ever after” fairy tale.

3 Grumpy … “Grumpy was the leader of all of them, I have to admit he was probably my greatest enemy,” admits Snow White, “he would use his magic to mess with everything in the house. He would rearrange the furniture in seconds so anyone who went to sit down would fall on the floor. It was painful, I can say that truthfully from experience.”

4 Dock “Dock has to be the mastermind behind all of the pranks they pull,” admits Snow White. “Unfortunately, he uses his intelligence for bad, not good. His intelligence reflected in his creative spells and magic potions.”

5 Happy “His constant smile gave away the mischief…he was too happy all the time, it was a dead give away that the boys were up to magical mischief,” said Snow White

6 Sneezy… “Sneezy, oh that boy was such a mess. Thank goodness for his allergies - any time the boys were sneaking around, I would be aware by the sound of Sneezy’s nose,” says Snow White. She admits that the boys were full of sneaky trouble.

7 Bashful “Oh bashful, he was such an innocent boy. For some reason he feared Grumpy and felt compelled to play pranks or Grumpy would declare him an outcast. I felt bad for him, but I was pretty much helpless. It was only one of me against the seven little ones, they’re very slick with their magical pranks and tricks,” says Snow White.

8 Dopey The boys manipulated Dopey into participating in the trouble making. I know deep down he has a heart full of gold, but the boys tricked him because he is so nieve,” Snow White says.

9 Sleepy Snow White says, “Sleepy was the only one who didn’t participate in the sly behavior along with the other boys. I have an inkling that the boys magically had cast a spell on him because he refused to contribute to their troublemaking. Unfortunately, since he was always asleep, he couldn’t give me hints of what pranks the boys were up to.”

10 Looking back on the Fairytale…

11 In the cottage… Disney may have made it seem like the cottage was a quaint place where that animals freely roamed around without a care, but from Snow White’s encounters with the mischievous seven dwarves we all can tell that the cottage was a hectic place full of tension and mischief.

12 Snow White was very frustrated with the seven dwarves, but one day a charming prince came to the door…

13 Prince Charming… Prince Charming was perfect. He was handsome, respectful, polite, kind, caring, interesting, and so much more. From the moment Snow White answered the door to see his shining smile, she knew she had fallen in love. With him by her side, she could handle the mischief of the seven dwarves, maybe they could even be one big happy family!

14 The happy couple? Even though Snow White was in love with Prince Charming, he was already married to a famous princess who ruled over the land of Snow White’s cottage house. Unfortunately, Snow White lacked luck in actual life and she struggled as a single guardian for the rest of her life of the 7 dwarves.

15 THE END ( Thanks for listening to the truth )

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