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Shining the Star A campaign for the future of Star Island Progress Report August 1, 2011.

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1 Shining the Star A campaign for the future of Star Island Progress Report August 1, 2011

2 Overview and Timeline Complete quiet phase in 2011 – Assigning remaining prospects – Solicitations both on and off Star Island and through year-end – Weekly campaign update on Star with teaser during “Fire and Water” Launch public phase in spring of 2012 – Kick off with mailed solicitation timed with or followed by an event on Star – Unison ask that encourages an increase to annual gift with total to be split 50% AF/50% Campaign, and encourages 3 year pledges – Approach foundations (Kresge, Kellogg) for capstone grants – Approach local foundations $25,000 request of Samuel P. Hunt Foundation $25,000 request of Douglas McIninch Foundation Close the season and campaign with big on-island celebration

3 INDICATORTOTAL Total Capital Pledges to date$1,953,853 Total Verbal Commitments to date (estate gift due) Total Trust Pledges and Gifts to date $36,000 Total Planned (Endowment) Gifts disclosed $1,516,000 Total Raised to Date$3,469,853 Percent of $5 million goal70% Total pledges, grants, gifts to date128 #Outstanding Loans0 Total Outstanding Loan Value$0 Campaign Snapshot (7/25/2011)

4 Ripple effect benefits Operating Budget 40 new mattresses (double budgted) New towel dispensers New linens Repairs to tennis court fencing Repairs to Pink Parlor ceiling New soap dispensers in showers Patience Discipline Permanent Trust Capital Reserve $133,726 in new gifts to the Trust $50,000 in 2010 $1.5 million in bequests and other planned gifts $50,000 in 2011 45 new members of McGill Society

5 Campaigns Have the Power to Transform Enhanced credibility in the region Increased level of trust within the organization and among constituents New openness and enhanced access to Star for conferees and for the general public – no turning back! Increased level of community awareness and engagement Expanded support from non-shoaler constituents Expanded support from faithful donors Increased visibility in the region and beyond Enhanced professionalism throughout the organization Increased expectations and improved management practices Enhanced value for what Star Island represents in New Hampshire Increased number of external institutional funders (NHCF, LCHIP…)

6 Foundation Grants: Proof of Transformation $75,000 Matching Grant from Land and Community Heritage Investment Program (L-CHIP) Grants from foundations that have never given to an organization before are proof of transformation in process! 2 Grants for Cottage A interior renovations for improved accessibility – $25,000 from Samuel P. Hunt Foundation – $25,000 from McIninch Foundation

7 $1 million 2 gifts of $500,000 4 gifts of $250,000 10 gifts of $100,000 Many gifts under $100,000 Traditional Gift Pyramid

8 Shining the Star Pyramid *Yellow Highlights indicate pledges to capital projects and endowment.  Capital Projects Gifts Table for $5,000,000

9 Project Progress Report: Fulfilling the Promise Projects Completed to Date Fire detection system upgrade 2 of 3 Porch doors swing corrected Secondary fuel containment Exterior stairs for Cottage A, Shack, and Star Loft Re-shingled Newton, Baker, YPRUU, and Sprague Added a business center Replaced windows in Stone Village, Oceanic, and cottages $1.4 million planned for Trust Restored $50,000 to reserve Re-roofed hotel complex Oceanic lobby and 2 nd floor bathrooms, and Underworld Showers Unit upgrades for Founders (floors and deck) Upgrades to m/v Perseverance Restricted gift for creation of Memorial Courtyard New freezer and equipment for kitchen (compressor came on Percy on 6/28) Projects Completed to Date continued: Fire alarm system upgrades Replace carpeting in Pel Hall Lounge (OBR) Repair generator 50 new members of McGill Society Projects Scheduled for 2011 and 2012 Window and siding replacement (cont’d) Begin work on Cottage A Continue Unit upgrades for Sprague, YPRU, and Baker (floors and decks) Continue improvements to bathrooms (3 rd floor Oceanic by 2012) and Underworld showers Hydraulic study Add $50,000 to reserve Gosport door-swing correction Replace Dining Hall roof Replace floors in Pel Hall and OBR corridor New commercial washing machine (came out on Percy on 6/28) Replacement of Oceanic porch roof and repairs to sills impacted by water damage

10 Memorial Courtyard On the Schedule for 2011 (restricted gift)

11 Rutledge Star

12 Memorial Courtyard

13 Engraved River Stone (8” and 20 characters)

14 New Roof from Southwest

15 Mansard Roof and Dormers

16 Oceanic 2 Bathroom: Before and After

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