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1 NUBIANET AND DIGNUBIA, 1992-2008 AND BEYOND: ACADEMIC EXCELLENCE AND SOCIAL RESPONSIBILITY Ronald W. Bailey Northeastern U/Savannah State U @UICU/NCBS Info Tech Workshop, 7/24/08

2 1992: ROOTED IN STRUGGLE: Town/Gown, Campus/Community “Cooperating” with the Boston Museum of Fine Arts in their “community outreach” activities for the opening of the permanent gallery of Nubian or Kushite art (1992) Black Studies Initiative: Joyce Grant Peggy Kemp MFA: Largest collection of Nubia artifacts outside of Khartoum, Sudan Dana Chandler, AAMARP 3/26/1968 Roxbury Heritage State Park Museum of the National Center for African American Artists (Barry Gaither) Kush Club teens dig nubian roots at MFA Bay State Banner | Sept. 1, 1994 (Theresa India Young)Bay State Banner Madison Park Development Corporation (Danette Jones)


4 Africa and Human Origins 3 KINDS OF DATA FOSSILS/Archaeology DNA/Biochemistry LANGUAGES/Linguistics What “civilizations” did the earliest humans create? “ANCIENT, MEDIEVAL, MODERN”

5 NUBIANET’S MISSION: 1992 The main mission of the project is to create a community of teachers, scholars, students, educators in museums and libraries, and others who want to learn and teach about Nubia as a significant ancient civilization, and to integrate this knowledge into the school curriculum, informal educational activities, and self- study programs. The project also seeks to promote the use of new technologies in humanities education and contribute to the pool of culturally diverse educational materials accessible to all learners using these technologies. Marcia Baynes at AFI KEY COLLABORATORS: DR. TIM KENDALL, formerly with Boston Museum of Fine Arts MARCIA BAYNES, 8 th Grade Teacher, Cambridge & VA

6 EARLY HISTORY 1993 Nubia Institute (Funded by NEH, ES-22447-92) 1994:Nubia Institute (funded by NEH, ES-22644-94). Professional development programs for teachers, including summer institutes. 1994-1996 Planning for a Documentary on Nubia (Funded by NEH, ES 25129-95). With Judith McCray, Juneteenth Productions 1995 5-hour teleconference, "Nubia, Ancient and Majestic" broadcast over MCET (Massachusetts Educational Telecommunications Network. Produced by Michelle Halsell, hosted by Marcia Baynes) 1998-2000 NubiaNet: A Website and Resources for Studying Ancient African and World Civilizations funded by NEH through the Education Development Center 1998: Hosting conference of the International Society of Nubian Studies with Museum of Fine Arts and others

7 NubiaNet Published by Dept. of African-American Studies Northeastern University An anticipated outcome: Tara Morrison, Africana major/Nubianet work-study assistant now Park Ranger in Charge, African Burial Ground 1998 International Conference PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT FOR EDUCATORS PARTICIPATING SCHOLARS: Bill Adams, Frank Snowden, etc.

8 Welcome to digNubia! digNubia introduces young people to archaeology through an exciting archaeological find: the remains of the ancient African civilization of Nubia in northern Sudan and southern Egypt that emerged over six thousand years ago. Nubia Geared to middle school children 8-14

9 Components of digNubia A traveling exhibit intended for after school centers, boys & girls clubs, small museums, churches, libraries; A web site filled with information about archaeology and ancient Nubia (http: A documentary film entitled Nubia and The Mysteries of KushA documentary film entitled Nubia and The Mysteries of Kush

10 digNubia Traveling Exhibit

11 digNubia Venues, 2003-2008 2002: Harriet Tubman House, Boston, Massachusetts The Discovery Museum and Planetarium, Bridgeport, Connecticut Concordia Educational Technology Center, Vidalia, Louisiana Zeum, San Francisco, California 2003: The Tech Connection and School Age Children's Camp, Monterey, CA Francis C. Hammond Middle School, Alexandria, Virginia Family Center and Imagine Nation Museum, Bristol, Connecticut Greater Philadelphia Federation of Settlements, Philadelphia, PA Office of Emergency Shelter and Services, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania Dakota Science Center, Grand Forks, North Dakota 2004: I.P. Stanback Museum and Planetarium, Orangeburg, South Carolina Museum of Arts and Sciences, Macon, Georgia Afro Studies--U. of Florida/Sante Fe Community College, Gainesville, Florida Georgia Southern University Museum, Statesboro, Georgia 2005: Alden B. Dow Museum of Science and Art, Midland (MI) Center for the Arts Putnam Museum of History and Science, Davenport, Iowa 2006: Youth Museum of West Virginia, New River Park, West Virginia Children's Museum of Utah, Salt Lake City, Utah 2007: New Jersey History Museum, Trenton, New Jersey Las Cruces-Museum of Natural History, Las Cruces, New Mexico 2008: Savannah State University, Savannah, Georgia

12 digNubia Web Site

13 Good Press Coverage!!

14 digNubia in Savannah February 6, 2008- March 9, 2008 Adams Hall, Savannah State University Preparation

15 digNubia in Savannah MAJOR ACHIVEMENTS in Savannah: Weekly delegations from Savannah’s rec centers, staff professional development session New digNubia brochures for outreach (7000) Ten showing of documentary on COMCAST

16 digNubia in Savannah

17 SUDAN and NUBIA 2008: CRISIS In 2006, a 100 miles stretch of the Nile River that has been home to human civilizations since the beginning of time will be flooded when the Merowe Dam is completed in 2007. While well-known ancient sites such as Jebel Barkal, will not be destroyed directly, there are concerns that environmental changes such as changes in the level of the water table will wrought massive damage. See

18 Working on Nubia: The Future Updating Websites: DigNubia and NubiaNet Documentaries: 2006 Salvage Campaign and Nubia and Human Origins with Juneteenth Productions Edit and Distribute 150-200 hours of videotape Use the Web for Ongoing Photo Documentation Continue to travel DigNubia exhibit with Update/brochure Organize Delegation of K-12 and College Educators to Sudan digNubia: Cybergame Exploring Ancient Africa Adopting Gebel Barkal, a World Heritage Site as a Curriculum Project ( (cybercasting by archaeologists in the field, live webcam shots of ongoing excavations, all highlighting Nubia, ancient African civilizations, and historical/cultural heritage preservation and technology) CAN WE COLLABORATE?????

19 Broader Implications for the Future: TECHNOLOGY & LEARNING: TOOLS VISUALIZATION PRESENTATION INTERPRETATION “EDU-TAINMENT”/GAMING Crystal Island Science Learning/FI-NCSU Babylon ONLINE See Alkalimat, “Social Informatics of the Black Experience: The Emergence of a Research Literature;” Champion, “Otherness of Place: Game-Based Interaction and Learning in Virtual Heritage Projects” (Nieves) EDUCATION

20 BUILDING CAPACITY: PLACES & PROCESSES: THE SOUTHEAST GEORGIA COLLABORATION OF AFRICAN-AMERICAN MUSEUMS, PLACES, AND SPACES (CAMPS) July 2008: Proposal Pending, Institute for Museum and Library Services. $150,000 Willow Hill Renaissance Heritage Center (1874) First African Baptist Church (1777) Dorchester Academy (1871) Beach Institute (1867) King- Tisdell Cottage Savannah State University (1890)


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