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The Tale of Big Blue Riding Hood and the Little Angry Bear.

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2 The Tale of Big Blue Riding Hood and the Little Angry Bear

3 Once upon a time there lived a young girl called Big Blue Riding Hood.

4 She lived in a treehouse on the edge of the jungle with her Dad. One day her Dad asked her to take a basket of groceries to her sister who lived in a cottage on the other side of the jungle.

5 Big Blue Riding Hood’s Dad told her to keep to the main path and to hurry as her sister wasn’t feeling very well. In the basket was….. A pineapple An orange An apple Because fruit is good for you. A bottle of water A bottle of Calpol Because it makes you feel better.

6 Suddenly, from out of the trees, appeared a bear. No one had ever told Big Blue Riding Hood about bears, so she was not a bit afraid when he said “Hello”.

7 “Hello,” she replied. “I’m sorry but I’m not allowed to stop. My Dad said I must take these groceries quickly to my Sister because she isn’t very well.”

8 “Then I know exactly what your sister would love,” said the Little Angry Bear. “All sisters love bluebells. They’re just over there among the trees”. The Little Angry Bear watched Big Blue Riding Hood pick bluebells. Then, licking his lips, he raced swiftly through the deep dark jungle to the Sister’s cottage.

9 When Big Blue Riding Hood arrived at her Sister’s cottage she found the door ajar. As she peered into the unlit room she could just see the shape of her sister in bed. She crept closer.

10 Her sister really didn’t look her usual self. “Oh Sister, what big paws you have.” “All the better to hug you with, my dear.”

11 “Sister, what big claws you have”, said Big Blue Riding Hood. “All the better to paint my nails my dear.”

12 “And Sister, what big teeth you have.” "All the better to eat you with!" growled the Little Angry Bear. And he consumed all of Big Blue Riding Hood in one gulp.

13 Just then, Batman was on his way home for lunch. He heard all the commotion and wondered if the girl who lived there was all right. Rushing in to see what was happening, Batman found the Little Angry Bear with a full tummy. With one of his weapons, he killed it stone dead.

14 Then he snipped open the bear, and out popped a very frightened Big Blue Riding Hood. “Where’s my Sister?” she asked. They heard a knocking sound coming from the wardrobe. It was her Sister! “He tied me up when he heard you coming, my dear”, cried the sister, as she hugged Big Blue Riding Hood.

15 From that day on, Big Blue Riding Hood never stopped to pick bluebells in the jungle as she hurried to her Sister's, and she never saw another bear again. And they all lived happily ever after.

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