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200 300 400 500 100 200 300 400 500 100 200 300 400 500 100 200 300 400 500 100 200 300 400 500 100 Who Am I? Rebellion Of 1837 MississaugaMoments Industry.

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1 200 300 400 500 100 200 300 400 500 100 200 300 400 500 100 200 300 400 500 100 200 300 400 500 100 Who Am I? Rebellion Of 1837 MississaugaMoments Industry & Commerce When Was I Built?

2 Question: Who am I? A) Samuel Jarvis B) Benjamin Monger C) Cornelius Thompson

3 Answer: Samuel Jarvis.

4 Question: Who am I? A) Isabella Adamson B) Elizabeth Simcoe C) Charlotte Schreiber

5 Answer: Charlotte Schreiber. The first woman elected to the Royal Canadian Academy of Artists.

6 Question: Who am I? A) William Pearce Howland B) Weymouth George Schreiber C) Myles Washington Cook

7 Answer: William Pearce Howland. The only American-born “father of Confederation”, he lived for a time in the Cooksville area.

8 Question: Who am I? A) Colonel William Thompson B) Sir Melville Parker C) Captain James Harris

9 Answer: Sir Melville Parker.

10 Question: Who am I? A)Joseph Gardner B)Thomas Laird Kennedy C)James C. Price

11 Answer: Thomas Laird Kennedy 1878-1959 The Honourable Colonel T.L. Kennedy, a Dixie resident, served as Reeve of Toronto Township, Provincial Minister of Agriculture, and Premier of Ontario over the course of his career.

12 Question: Who was the popular leader of the Rebellion of 1837 in Upper Canada? A) Peter Matthews B) Moses Teeter C)William Lyon Mackenzie

13 Answer: William Lyon Mackenzie Leader of the Rebellion in Upper Canada & First Mayor of the City of Toronto

14 Question: Name one of the two newspapers produced by William Lyon Mackenzie.

15 Answer: “Colonial Advocate” & “The Constitution”

16 Question: Which Streetsville resident was arrested and imprisoned for sheltering William Lyon Mackenzie on the second night after the battle at Montgomery’s Tavern? A) William Comfort B) Samuel Lount C) Martin Switzer

17 Answer: William Comfort.

18 Question: After the battle at Montgomery’s Tavern, many of the Rebels split up and fled to the United States. Which resident of Toronto Township accompanied Mackenzie? A) Warren Clarkson B) Allan Wilcox C) Harry Cole

19 Answer: Allan Wilcox. He was the son of Absalom Wilcox from the Dixie area. Absalom sheltered Mackenzie and some of the Rebels on the first night after the failed rebellion. Allan accompanied Mackenzie on much of his flight from authorities.

20 Question: Which resident of Toronto Township was, as the Captain of the Britannia Militia, charged with apprehending William Lyon Mackenzie from Navy Island? A) Amos Wilcox B) Charles Magrath C) Oliver Hammond

21 Answer: Amos Wilcox. The Britannia Militia was unsuccessful in capturing Mackenzie and returned to Toronto Township. Amos Wilcox’s second house, built in 1850, survives today as the Barbizon Restaurant.

22 Question: What were “stonehookers”?

23 Answer: “Stonehookers” were a type of lake craft or boat which could haul 10 to 60 tons of stone, gravel, and sand. During the late 19th century, as many as 23 of these vessels plied the waters of Lake Ontario from their base in Port Credit. The streets and buildings of Toronto were the main destinations for their cargo.

24 Question: What family and house are believed to have inspired the “Jalna” novels by Mazo de la Roche?

25 Answer: “Benares” and the Harris family. Mazo de la Roche wrote a series of 16 books under the title of Jalna. Since she lived in Clarkson at the time of her first book and was friends with the Harris family, it is believed that she received her inspiration for her story from the Benares House.

26 What is the author referring to? “It was just a normal Saturday everywhere, people sleeping in and they don’t have a care. But toward that afternoon came a holocaust of doom and thundering through the sky came a fire.”

27 Answer: Malton Gas Explosion On Saturday, October 25 th, 1969, a natural gas pipeline near the corner of Airport & Derry Road exploded. In addition to the multiple buildings and vehicles that were destroyed, there were 22 injuries and one fatality.

28 True or False? Cooksville was home to Canada’s first commercial winery?

29 Answer: True. The Canada Vine Growers Association began in 1866, producing and exporting wine under the label of Clair House Vineyards.

30 Question: What is the connection between the famous Canadian heroine Laura Secord and Mississauga?

31 Answer: Laura Secord’s father, Major Thomas Ingersoll, was the first proprietor of the Government Inn, which was located near the mouth of the Credit River. Thomas ran the inn from circa 1796 until his death in 1812. Laura herself never lived here, although she may have visited!

32 Question: Which company provided its workers with war-time housing that came to be known as “Merigold’s Village”?

33 Answer: Clarkson Oil Refinery When the Clarkson Oil Refinery opened in 1943, its primary purpose was to provide wartime fuel. The company provided housing for its workers in a relatively self-contained community nicknamed “Merigold’s Village” – located in the vicinity of present day Orr and Meadow Wood roads, the village had 50 houses.

34 Question: Which Toronto Township-based (Mississauga) manufactory was considered the largest in the British Commonwealth in the 1950s?

35 Answer: A.V. Roe Employing over 22,000 people at its peak during the 1950s, the A.V. Roe Company of Malton (in modern Mississauga) was the largest manufactory in the British Commonwealth.

36 Question: Which is the oldest commercial store still standing and operating in Mississauga?

37 Answer: Montreal House, built in 1819 The oldest commercial store still standing in Mississauga is "Montreal House" located at 210 Queen Street South in Streetsville. John Barnhardt opened it in 1819 as a trading post and store. Today, the building is still home to several commercial businesses.

38 Question: Where was Canada’s first airstrip located?

39 Answer: Lakeview. Canada’s first airstrip was located in Lakeview, to the southwest of the intersection of Lakeshore Road and Dixie Road. Known as the Long Branch Aerodrome, it was first established in 1915 and the first flying units of the Royal Flying Corps in Canada were based out of this facility in 1917.

40 Question: Who is credited with having built the first power loom in Canada? (Provide either the name of the individual or the name of the factory)

41 Answer: Joseph Barber Jr. of the Barber Brothers’ Toronto Woollen Mills, near Streetsville In its day, the Barbers’ mill complex became one of the largest of its kind and was well-known for its tweed production. The mill employed as many as 200 people. The first power loom was introduced circa 1852.

42 Question: Formerly the Erindale Public School (S.S. #4) and Springbank Arts Centre A) 1922 B) 1873 C)1954

43 Answer: 1922. It was built to replace an earlier school, located on the same site.

44 Question: The Adamson Estate A) 1919 B) 1931 C) 1905

45 Answer: The Adamson Estate was built in 1919, replacing an earlier summer cottage on the property. The estate became known as “The Grove Farm”.

46 Question: The Grange, also known as the Robinson-Adamson House A) 1828 B)1845 C)1860

47 Answer: The Grange was built circa 1828 by Sir John Beverly Robinson to serve as a country office and cottage.

48 Question: The Old Britannia Schoolhouse A) 1852 B) 1865 C) 1877

49 Answer: The Old Britannia Schoolhouse was originally built in 1852.

50 Question: St. Peter’s Anglican Church, Erindale A) 1886 B) 1826 C) 1856

51 Answer: 1886. The church we see today was built in 1886, on the site of an earlier church that built in 1826.

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