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Social rugby taken seriously Where lifelong friendships flourish To be the club others benchmark against Добро пожаловать в Теддингтон Регби-клуб.

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1 Social rugby taken seriously Where lifelong friendships flourish To be the club others benchmark against Добро пожаловать в Теддингтон Регби-клуб


3 Introductions and agenda Welcome Club history Club structure New clubhouse Volunteer engagement Touch Rugby and other initiatives

4 Club History Started in 1966 Old Masonians RFC/Decca RFC  Antlers RFC in ‘Home Park’ – 2 adult male sides Moved to Bushy Park 1969 as tenants of TTCC 1972 - Club house destroyed by fire, rebuilt by ‘Teddington Town Sports Club’ 1970s – rugby high point – Middlesex Cup v Wasps! 1981 – Teddington Antlers RFC – 4 male sides 1987 – Women’s section formed – Multiple international players Mens sides – Herts Middlesex then Surrey now London leagues

5 Club History 1996 – Teddington RFC Minis formed 2006 – original Mini – Ross Swanson plays for First XV, capped England U18, dual code Oxford ‘Blue’ 2010 – RFU Junior Vase winners 2011 – RFU Senior Vase winners Rugby World European & British Team of the Year 2010/11 2014 – Ladies – RFU Intermediate Cup finalists 2014 – new clubhouse built – 2250 registered members Multiple county, Premiership Academy and Home Countries Age Group players 62 game winning run

6 Club Structure and ‘how we do things’

7 Club Structure Teddington Town Sports Club Limited Teddington Rugby Football Club Limited Teddington Town Cricket Club

8 Our External Stakeholders

9 TTSC Ltd Holds Licence to Occupy from Royal Parks Agency – Bartons Cottage, clubhouse, cricket outfield, shared licence for First XV area with TCC – mid Sept – mid April Responsible for the clubhouse and associated services and infrastructure, cleaning and repairs Manages pitches and their maintenance Charges TRFC Ltd and TTCC rent Is a company limited by guarantee with Board – 3 TRFC, 3 TTCC Is VAT registered – enabled £100,000 VAT recovery from build project

10 Teddington RFC Ltd Company Limited by Guarantee – to protect Officers and members from personal liability Senior section – Senior men, Ladies, Touch Youth section – MiniTitans, Minis, Junior boys, Junior Girls Board – 6 - mix RFU/Corporate structure Operations Committee – all relevant subsections and operating managers present 2 pitches and off site training Relationship with Harlequins FC and St Mary’s College

11 TRFC Ltd Structure Commercial Support Ladies Social Members Men Touch Minis Youth Section Socials Juniors Catering Bar Facility Rental Other Marketing Senior Section TRFC Operations Committee Junior Girls Mini - Titans CVC, CCC, CRefC, Physio/First aid manager

12 Making the club work Business plan – long term strategy, 5 year growth plan, financials, key priorities, annual goals Key functions/succession planning – all volunteers except chef, (some) bar staff, cleaner and groundsman Key to delivery – engaging volunteers, training, clarity of direction, ‘many hands make light work’ Getting all the RFU help we can and working with CB/RFU – CRB pilot 2008, NROP, CRefC, First Aid Mgmt

13 Player focus Its about skills, not winning – winning is a result of utilising skills under pressure 1:6 coaching ratio Minis – club pays course fees 2 professional coaches per Junior age group 32 Referees – good refs = on field coaches – club pays >45 First Aiders – 4 per age group – club pays, CPD sessions Youth Director of Rugby – skill development continuum, coach mentoring, CPD sessions Youth Development Academy – U14 - U18 late developers Colts/Development XV/First XV link – consistent coaching incl Quins First XV player

14 Our new home

15 The challenge of numbers, growth & HSE Clubhouse, built 1976 for: 2 x Cricket XIs 2 x Men’s rugby XVs 100 members Few child welfare, HSE or legal constraints Today, based on growth in late 90s: 2 x League cricket XIs 2 x Social cricket XIs Mini cricket 8 – 15 yrs 4 x Men’s rugby XVs 1 x Women’s rugby XVs U13, U15, U18 Junior Girls 575 Mini/Junior rugby players 5 – 19 yrs 40 Touch Rugby players 2500+ members Child welfare, HSE and liability endemic and far reaching

16 What members said – consistently! Club survey 2013 Delivery & club experience – excellent/very good Facilities - poor/very poor “The club’s facilities are totally inadequate and at odds with the success of the club on the field and in the community. I am amazed that the club manages to function at all given it’s current state”

17 Our vision Safe and effective facility for current members – >2500 people Increase participation via Touch rugby, Junior Girls, Mini/Jnr Cricket, MiniStars Increased membership use for socials – a true community club Community facility for other park sports users, schools, surrounding area Improved facilities for girls/ladies Compliance with DDA, child welfare and liability requirements Remove an inadequate eyesore & replace it with a facility to be proud of

18 Original plans December 2006 Approved by RPA Rejected by LBRUT – tree damage

19 The plans 2009 – 2012 Increased social area Extended bar, new kitchen 6 changing rooms with segregation – Sport England/RFU/RFF compliant Refs room, current changing area untouched Phased build to allow continuing operations

20 The challenges and hurdles Complexity of piling/levels/services/tree protection = extensive conditions in Planning approval Expensive to build – grant funding required Tender process – club/local builders Q2 2012 – failed – M&E scary! Re-tender Q3 2012 with larger suppliers Planning expiry Oct 2012 RPA concerns re storage/progress – negotiating lever Planning extension 14 Dec 2012 Grants & RFU funding failing – Licence term/security of tenure, RFU non-compliant design, TTSC – TTCC/TRFC relationship confusing Redesign and 10 year Licence negotiations

21 The as built design Protects social area RFU compliant DDA compliant Ref/physio room Remodelled changing area

22 Hurdles No grant money unless RPA 10 Year Licence incl Barton’s Cottage Pitch Sport England grant awarded but complex process to claim RFU grant (£76k) and RFF loan (£100k) secured – needed 10 guarantors RFU/RFF money had to be spent by 30 June 2014 or would be lost 24-28 week build programme Phased building programme – continuing use through building/refurbishment phase Had to secure all funds before building start – 6 January 2014 Had to raise significant funds in 3 months to proceed

23 Building and funding 2010 Tender: £630,000 inc VAT Phases 1 & 2 only Pledged funds at 1/10/14: £371,000 Development fund = £150,000 Sport England Inspired Facilities = £45,000 net RFU Grant = £76,000 RFF Loan = £100,000 £259,000 to raise in 3 months

24 How Members helped RFF Loan Guarantor Wall of Friends Members Investment Bond Corporate Donors Wall of Friends The target = £250,000

25 The Wall of Friends Bronze £150+ Silver £250+ Gold £500+ Platinum £1,000+ The Wall of Friends will be a permanent and prominent feature of our new clubhouse. It will be inscribed with the names of people who donated to the redevelopment fund. The Donations

26 The Teddington RFC Investment Bond

27 The rugby club has been authorised to create up to thirty ‘2% Fixed Rate unsecured loan notes’ in multiples of £5,000, these we are referring to as Investment Bonds. The issuing of the bonds will allow the club to raise up to £150,000 immediately, which is to be used entirely for the clubhouse redevelopment project. The club will then pay back one bond each year plus 2% annual interest until all are redeemed. The current and forecast annual operating excess of Teddington RFC Ltd will allow the club to be able to comfortably pay back one bond per year. Your InvestmentThe Clubs Debt

28 Is a legally binding instrument between Teddington RFC Ltd (The Company) and each investment bond holder (The note holder) Each Bond costs £5,000 Up to 4 people may jointly hold one bond You can purchase & hold more than one bond The Bond is transferable The investment

29 What do I get for my investment? Security and a guaranteed return whilst helping the club reach its funding target 2% accrued interest per year (paid on the redemption of the bond) A transferable bond holders certificate Free social membership to Teddington RFC for the life of the bond Two Free 1 st XV match day lunches per season for the life of the bond Each bondholder(s) will have their name(s) inscribed on the Wall of Friends Commemorative merchandise Invitations to the official opening of the New Clubhouse Invitations to the annual bond repayment ballot social event

30 Redemption Each year one randomly picked bond will be repaid with interest The bond will be drawn at an annual repayment ballot You can redeem your bond at any time, with the discretion of the club or you can transfer it to a third party

31 Health warnings Longstop repayment date of 2045 No certainty of repayment in any given time period Limited redemption rights Seek your own tax and legal advice But you will be helping the club & earning a better interest rate than the banks today

32 The Teddington RFC Corporate Wall of Friends

33 The Wall of Friends All corporate sponsors will have their names and company logos recorded forever with an inscription on the ‘Wall of Friends’ The inscribed wall will be prominently and permanently displayed in our new clubhouse. Apart from a place on the Wall here's what else you also get for each level of donation: Bronze £1,500+ Silver £3,000+ Gold £6,000+ Platinum £10,000+ Donations to TRFC are allowable for tax purposes

34 The Result £276,000 raised in 2 months: – £150,000 Members Investment Bond – £22,000 Corporate Wall of Friends – £104,000 Wall of Friends Advice on VAT indicated £100,000 recovery possible - committed to Phase 3 refurbishment Built on time and on budget, total costs £740,000

35 Club Volunteering

36 Club Volunteer Coordinator Main Committee Role working with Club, Youth and Minis Chairs Identify gaps and find new volunteers Develop succession plans Motivation of volunteers Keep volunteers informed Support and guide volunteers Create recognition events and awards

37 Club Volunteers Finding Volunteers Good organisational structure Clear role descriptions – set expectations Strong social events Casual (e.g. car parking) to committed Role for CVC, Minis Chairman, Age Grp Leaders Keeping Volunteers Never take a volunteer for granted Invest in training, provide feedback Volunteer recognition events/awards Say “thank you” often

38 Roles What the role is all about. Things you need to do Approximate Time Commitment What’s in it for YOU!

39 Age Section Dynamics Under Sixes COLTS Decrease in Engagement

40 Development Section leaders Finance Age Group Managers Lead Coaches Administrators Coordinators Section leaders Finance Age Group Managers Lead Coaches Administrators Coordinators Leaders Coaches Referees First aiders Bar servers Parking stewards Coaches Referees First aiders Bar servers Parking stewards Do-ers

41 Training Volunteers Coaching Refereeing Safeguarding First Aid Appropriate Accessible Practical

42 Resources RFU Website: ent/volunteers

43 TRFC Initiatives

44 O2 Touch Rugby centre Returners to rugby – cardio fitness, risk of injury low New to rugby – but don’t like contact, never player Keep in the game – Older Juniors, injured players Social engagement – male/female Different time in week – Friday evening Year long activity, small space requirement

45 TRFC Initiatives Junior Girls rugby Build on established Ladies section Source of new players for Ladies – pipeline Capitalise on interest in WRWC win Social aspect of club Fitness and sport/healthy lifestyle initiatives

46 TRFC Initiatives School rugby coaching Long term community development programme – 27 primary schools LBRUT/BKUT 2004 – date Extending into secondary schools – Teddington/St Catherine’s/Waldegrave Boys and Girls Recruitment

47 TRFC Initiatives Mini-Titans 2-5 year olds Siblings of Mini players/new to rugby Social confidence, motor & coordination skills, FUN NOT Rugby – but specifically designed programme using rugby related materials and equipment New revenue stream Capture interest early before other sports

48 TRFC Initiatives Junior player retention Long term player retention U23s matches at Christmas Colts/Development Squad links/joint training Juniors as Minis coaches/referees County/exiles membership Coaching opportunities – Jnr squads, camps etc

49 TRFC Initiatives Infrastructure Complete Phases 4&5 of build programme External paving, fencing, new storage, remove containers Invest in Barton’s Cottage pitch Potential use by local school – revenue and recruitment All year play-ability

50 Questions, comments Вопросы, комментарии

51 Спасибо и удачи


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