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Burlington Beach Waterfront Park Master Plan Review Public Meeting Waterfront Hotel Lakeshore Road, Burlington November 29, 2011.

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1 Burlington Beach Waterfront Park Master Plan Review Public Meeting Waterfront Hotel Lakeshore Road, Burlington November 29, 2011

2 Agenda  Welcome and introductions  Session overview  Presentation  Public comments  Informal discussions and walk around

3 Discussion Questions  What key questions or issues would you like the Master Plan update to answer or address?  What do you see as the key Burlington Beach related challenges and/or opportunities?  What are your aspirations for Burlington Beach Waterfront Park? What do you want it to look like in 10-20 years?  If the updated Master Plan did only a few things to enhance and secure the future of the Park, what would you like them to be?

4 Burlington Beach Waterfront Park Master Plan Review Ingrid Vanderbrug, City of Burlington Stirling Todd, Region of Halton Charles Mulay, City of Burlington Bob Edmondson, Conservation Halton

5 History of the Burlington Beach Area

6 Burlington Beach Regional Waterfront Park  One of three Regional Waterfront Parks in Halton  Includes both Beachway Park and Spencer Smith Park City Parks Lake Ontario N Burlington Canal Burlington Hamilton Spencer Smith Park Beachway Park

7 Burlington Beach  Significant natural pure sand baymouth bar feature  Spans Hamilton and Burlington  Uniquely situated in the City Lake Ontario N Burlington Canal Burlington Bay Burlington Hamilton

8 Burlington Beach Development  Canal & bridge, 1823  Railway line, 1876  Beach resort area, late 1800’s  Hydro towers, 1908  Conversion of cottages to permanent residences, 1920’s  Transportation, utility & institutional uses, 1960-70’s

9 Burlington Beach Flooding Events  Flooding events in the area trigger initiation of the Halton Wentworth Waterfront Plan (mid 1970’s)  Recommends long-term acquisition of all privately held Beach properties to remove flood risk and create public open space  Provides basis for Waterfront Parks Program in the Halton Region Official Plan (1980’s)

10 Property Ownership

11 Burlington Beach Planning  Hamilton/Halton Conservation Authorities undertake Beach Property Acquisition Program with Provincial support (1976)  Properties are purchased as they become available on the market  Conservation Halton takes ownership of the CN right-of-way and assumes cottage leases

12 Burlington Beach Ownership Today  129 properties purchased including leased and freehold  31 remaining in private ownership  Today, less than 3.5% of the Regional Park area is in private ownership Lake Ontario

13 Burlington Beach Ownership Today  Public landowners within the Regional Park include:  Provincial and Federal Agencies  Region of Halton  Conservation Halton  City of Burlington CCIW

14 Master Plans

15 Prior Master Plans  Completed in 1987 by Halton Waterfront Working Group  Long-term vision for the Beach area as public open space  Updated in 1994 by Halton Region, in partnership with the City of Burlington and Conservation Halton  Maintained long-term vision for the Beach area as public open space

16 Burlington Beach Waterfront Park Today Spencer Smith Park  Promenade, Discovery Landing, Waterjet Plaza and Playground, Open Space for Festivals/ Events Beachway Park  Trail, Dune Crossing, Pavilion, Dunes, Playground, Beach  Activities: walking, biking, boating, swimming, special events

17 Burlington Beach Master Plan Review  Background  Technical Information  Master Plan  short and long term recommendations  Implementation and Phasing Plan  budget and timing

18 Policies and Regulations

19 Halton Region Official Plan

20 Regional Perspective on Waterfront Parks  How it all started  Why was the program initiated?  Number of Waterfront Parks

21 Regional Waterfront Parks Where are the three Regional Waterfront Parks?  Burlington Beach  Burloak  Bronte Harbour

22 Region of Halton Official Plan [2006]  Official Plan Direction  Regional Objectives/ Priorities  Permitted Uses  Coordinating Park Planning and Implementation  Environmental Considerations

23 City of Burlington Official Plan

24 Official Plan (2008) West of Lakeshore Road Business Corridor:  Recognizes sewage treatment facility  Provides for prestige office, industrial and employment uses Low Density Residential:  Recognizes existing residential neighbourhood west of Lakeshore Road Major Parks and Open Space:  Recognizes existing open space south of residential neighbourhood

25 Official Plan – West and East of Lakeshore Road (Schedule E) Waterfront West/Public Lands Precinct:  Identifies waterfront and open space system within Downtown Objectives:  Public access, recreation and waterfront linkages Permitted Uses:  Existing uses, government, institutional, parkland, recreation, hotel/conference centre (MTO lands only)

26 Zoning By-Law PC – Community Park  Permitted uses: parks, recreation facilities, cultural uses  Does not permit residential uses – existing deemed legal non-conforming and can only be maintained within existing footprint, not expanded R3.4 – Low Density Residential  Recognizes existing lots and buildings, any changes must comply with zoning  Challenging due to small lot sizes and limited and substandard septic systems Other Zoning  Downtown Institutional (DI) Utility Services (S)

27 Conservation Halton Regulations

28 Importance of the Dune Environment  Beach and primary dune are the most sensitive areas to development  Special precautions must be taken to protect dunes  Rehabilitation opportunities

29 Flora and Fauna  Small remnant areas which support native dune and shoreline plant species  Total of 236 plants (44% native)  11 regionally rare, 13 regionally uncommon plant species, and 3 species provincially imperiled or vulnerable  Sand Dropseed  Smooth Scouring-Rush  Cyperus (Cyperus schweinitzii)  Rush (Juncus balticus)  Seaside Spurge  Important for migratory birds

30 Regulatory Conditions Ont. Reg. 162/06  Conservation Halton regulates shoreline hazardous lands and dynamic beaches  Objectives - minimize risk to life, property damage, social disruption and adverse environmental impacts

31 Regulatory Conditions Ont. Reg. 162/06  Regulated Shoreline Area for Burlington Beach consists of flooding hazard and dynamic beach allowance

32 Flooding  Flooding events in April 1993 caused significant damage to the dune and beach area properties

33 2011 Regulatory Conditions Update  Conservation Halton has led a study to assess the flooding hazard and to confirm the limits of the dynamic beach. This study will determine and map:  Estimated level of erosion/ accretion on the beach  Extent of flooding zone in accordance with o. Reg. 162/06 (100 year flood limit, wave up-rush limit; and other water related hazards)  Limits of the dynamic beach  This is based on:  Airphoto analysis  Digital orthophotography  Topographic survey of the study area at 1:500 scale with 0.25 meter contours  Computer modeling of flooding hazard  Bathymetric survey

34 Implementation of Regulatory Conditions  East of Lakeshore Road:  Lands are susceptible to flooding hazard as well as dynamic beach  No development on dynamic beach is permitted  West of Lakeshore Road:  Lands subject to the flooding hazard only  Potential for ponding  Development can only be considered and evaluated subject to mitigation of the flooding hazard

35 Next Steps

36  November 29, 2011 South Halton Public Meeting  January 2012 North Halton Public Meeting  Design Charrette, February 2012  Continued consultation with stakeholders  Report to Council for direction to proceed  Draft Master Plan  Additional Public Meetings to present Draft Master Plan  Final Master Plan approval Master Plan Timeline

37 Thank you

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