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Loading… … Philomel Cottage Agatha Christie. some information about Agatha Christie ( CCTV6 ) Author.

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1 Loading… … Philomel Cottage Agatha Christie

2 some information about Agatha Christie ( CCTV6 ) Author

3 A l i x Martin Dick Windyford Gerald Martin Character

4 Main part Plot

5 Question : check your study The end

6 Agatha Christie 阿加莎 克里斯蒂 She is an author of crime novels. A very famous author. As you know,Agatha Christie is called the queen of crime. At first,Let us learn more about the famous Author. Here’s some more information about her from CCTV6 program Author

7 Biography Born in 1890, Agatha Christie began writing during the First World War and wrote over 100 novels, plays and short story collections. Her books have now sold over a billion copies in English and another billion in over 100 foreign languages. Author

8 Philomel Cottage 导入篇 Imagine you are in danger in this situation. How does you save youself?

9 Philomel Cottage A Alix Martin B Dick Windyford C Gerald Martin(husband) D George (old gardener) Character

10 Do you think this is only a dream? The dream of Alix Alix saw her husband lying dead and Dick standing over him, and she knew quite clearly that it was Dick who had struck him down. While, she was glad that her husband was dead.

11 Alix 怀疑  Gerald 答复  事实 1 Go to London This is a joke A 2 The price of the cottage 2000 first 1000 then B 3 Notebook ( 9;00 p.m with Alix ) Develop some photoes with Alix C 线索 表格 自救

12 1.Old gardener `s work day were Monday and Fridays.for some reason,he came at Wednesday.He said a massage to Alix “you were both going away to London tommrrow and that was uncertain,when you`d be back. 2.Gerald told Alix,the price of the cottage was 3000,but the old gardener told her it was 2000. 3.Alix found her husband`s notebook.The line “Wednesday 18th June 9p.m”nothing else. 1.“I made some weak joke about going’off to London in the moring’ And I suppose that he believe me” 2.Ames was prepared to take 2000 pounds immediately and to paid the remaining 1000 in small amounts over several months” 3.I`m going to develop some photographs tonige;and I want you to help me.

13 A.Gerald had prepared the way by telling as many people as possible that they were going to London the next day.While,George had come to work unexpectedly B.The money that had been paid for thehouse was all her and she had trusted him with the rest of her money. C.Gerald plan to kill Alix at 9:00p.m at Wednesday 18th June But what had save her ? Old George

14 Alix found her husband had kept Newspaper.They were nearly all from American newspaper about 7 years before This was about a man Charles Lemaitre. He married a lot of woman in order to murder them for money. Alix found : Gerald Martin== Charles Lemaitre.

15 方法  结果 O ne “ I`m going to walk to the end of the road. ” said Alix. Leave the house Gerald would come with her. Two “ I`m going to telephone the butcher. ” said Alix, Call for sb for help Gerald came into the hall.He was listening. Three Use the telephone in a special. We didn`t know. Four Tell a story to her husband. He husband was died. Alix 自 救 的 办 法 失败 成功 失败

16 我是马丁太太 —— 在夜驾别野胆你通 话,请 ( 摈厂电蹬 ) 明天一早带 —k 供两 个人吃的牛肉 ( 松开电镀 ) 来一趟,是 件要紧事。 ( 按下电键 ) 谢谢你,海克 斯沃忍先生,希望你原谅我这么晚吵 醒你,但这的确是件 ( 松开电镀 ) 非常 紧急的大事。 [ 按下电镀 ) 好吧,明早 ( 松开电键 ) 快些来。 · 电话的内容 :

17 How does Alix save herself?


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