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Minutes of Glebe House Reps Group Meeting We had this meeting on Wednesday 22 May 2013 At Glebe House, Forest Road, Loughborough Present - The People Who.

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1 Minutes of Glebe House Reps Group Meeting We had this meeting on Wednesday 22 May 2013 At Glebe House, Forest Road, Loughborough Present - The People Who Were At the Meeting RepsSupport Inez WardleLiz Wilson Dan ForresterClare Clarkson Amin KafaiSophia Attwood Clark Johnny Kershaw David Hill Stephan Gugliemucci Lorraine 1. About this meeting Chairs for this meeting Inez Wardle and Liz Wilson co-chairing Apologies - Who couldn’t come to the Meeting Andrew CresswellMary Mulonga Shaun WalthamAlex Potts Karen JonesLee Lahive Someone to write down the minutes Bev Jakubas People to do the Washing up Bev Jakubas and Liz Wilson

2 2. Welcome to New Reps Inez welcomed everyone to the meeting. Inez welcomed the 2 new Reps, Stephan Gugliemucci and Lorraine To the meeting. 3. Minutes of Last Meeting Minutes of the last meeting were agreed by Dan, Amin, Johnny and David. 4. Feedback Presentation from Peter Warlow Peter told the Reps about the things that have been happening at Glebe House since the last Reps meeting. As Glebe House Forest Road had now closed Peter had to find other places for all the services to go to. Woodgate Chambers is now the main base for Glebe House. All the main offices are in this building. Some of the services run from here. Steps building at Shepshed is also called The Old School. High Dependency use Steps and Andrew Cresswell is a Rep for this group. After School Club runs at Steps. Mark and his Work Skills team look after the garden. Dan Forrester is a Rep for Work Skills. We looked at pictures of the inside and outside of Steps. St Peters Community Centre – Glebe House hire some of their rooms to hold activities like cooking and drama for Community Choices.

3 Glebe Cottage in Shelley Street. Peter showed pictures of what this building looked like now and before it was improved by Glebe House. Belinda and the Autism CAP and Mark and Work Skills use Glebe Cottage. A new downstairs toilet was being built big enough for wheelchair users. Peter was hoping all the work at Glebe Cottage would be finished by the end of May. In the future Weekend Break will be able to run any day of the week from Glebe Cottage. Peter said that Glebe House now runs from 4 different places that are a lot more modern than the old Glebe House. Peter asked if anyone wanted to ask him questions: Inez wanted to know if Glebe Cottage would be available for all services to use and do activities in. Inez had seen the craft room when she visited. Peter told Inez that each service would do their activities at the building where they were based. Liz asked if the Reps would like to visit Glebe Cottage and the other places. The Reps would like Peter to arrange this. Johnny Kershaw asked about a stair-lift and carpets at Glebe Cottage. Peter said they were all in place. Johnny likes the way Glebe Cottage looks and wants to visit it. Stephan wants Glebe House to hold an Open Day for everyone including their families and carers to visit Glebe Cottage and the other places. Peter said he will arrange one when everywhere is ready.

4 Amin liked the look of Glebe Cottage and asked about the car parking. Peter said there was parking for 5 cars plus a minibus and plenty of street parking and dropped kerb areas nearby. 5.Annual Questionnaire Bev is doing a Questionnaire to go out in July for people who use Glebe House services. Bev asked the Reps to let her know if they had any ideas of what to include in the Questionnaire. Stephan asked if the Questionnaire would be on line or on the website. Bev said she would organise this. Liz asked if people could leave comments on the website and Peter said they can. Bev reminded the Reps that there is a suggestion/comment box in the café by reception. Bev is replacing the box as it had broken. Stephan said we should have a prize for the best questionnaire. Peter said we could enter all the names of people who returned the questionnaire into a prize draw. All the Reps agreed this was a good idea. 6.Reports from Reps Andrew Cresswell had sent a verbal report to Bev saying his group had settled in well at Steps and were enjoying it. There were a few small problems but these were being sorted. Monday would be a better day for Andrew to attend Reps.

5 Inez Wardle asked if anyone had seen the DVD Andrew had told them about last time. None of the Reps had seen the DVD but Bev if they wanted to she could arrange for them to see it. Stephan Gugliemucci wanted Glebe House to make a DVD to show people what we do and the places we use. All the Reps agreed with this. Shaun Waltham had sent a verbal report to say there was nothing to report. Monday would be a better day for him to attend Reps. 7.Future Meetings We talked about which days and times would be best for Reps to attend future meetings. All agreed that Monday at 2.30 pm would be best. It was agreed to hold the next meeting on a Monday in September at 2.30 pm. After that another meeting will be held before Christmas. 8. Anything Else we Want to Talk About Stephan asked if Glebe House could arrange some longer trips, day trips or mini breaks like going to Paris. Bev asked Stephan and all the Reps to find out from their group and friends who use Glebe House what they would like to do. Bev said people would have to think about how much things would cost or ways to fundraise for money. Inez was concerned about the cuts to services and funding in some areas and if this has affected Glebe House.

6 Peter said so far things have stayed the same as they were before. As the money from the Government and Councils was now going directly to the person to spend how they want to, the person may see the cuts before Glebe House does. Peter said Glebe House can help if anyone needs support to sort out their funding or personal budget. Stephan asked if there were any bits of funding that could be used for things that Peter knew of. Peter said he will apply for funding when it becomes available and let the Reps know. There was some more talk about cuts and money. Amin wanted to invite an MP to come and talk to us. Stephan asked what people should do if the get picked on or bullied. Peter told him about how this can be reported. Charnwood Action Group often has a local policeman present who may be able to help. David said the next Charnwood Action Group was on 7 June at Syston Community Centre. Some Reps have already attend a few Charnwood Action Group meetings. Bev told the Reps that there was a new client support plan being introduced by Glebe House. Bev would like to hear any feedback clients had about it.

7 Date And Time Of The Next Meeting. Where The Meeting Will Be Held. Some time in September at To be decided at 2.30 pm ???? 01509 218096 Inez Wardle 01509 218096 If you would like to talk to somebody about these meetings please phone or write to Inez or ???at the above address

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