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Introduction My Also, please check my website for updates. Room Mother: Claudia Holly She will be in charge of scheduling.

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1 Introduction My e-mail Also, please check my website for updates. Room Mother: Claudia Holly She will be in charge of scheduling our volunteers, based on our classroom needs. Classroom Expectations: Behavior Plan-Please check my website for overview. Homework-due on Friday. Homework is a review of classroom skills

2 COMMUNICATION Agendas and orange folders back and forth daily Friday packets-save for school wide information and graded work. Newsletters on Monday Notes-place in folder or write in their agendas on the corresponding date on the opposite side of the student page. All Money-Please always use an envelope-Please do not send money unlabeled.

3 Report Cards and Grading O= Outstanding S= Satisfactory N= Needs Improvement U = Unsatisfactory The students will receive a report card every 9 weeks and they will receive a progress report in between the 9 weeks.

4 Star Math and Reading Star Math and Star Reading are computer programs used to monitor student progress. This is done 4 times per year. Reports will be sent home each time. First reports will be given at conferences. Following reports will be sent in orange folders.

5 ScootPad Scootpad is another computer program your children have access to during the school day. This program concentrates on math and reading concepts. Each student has their own Scootpad account. Each time they log in, the computer starts the review by asking questions that the student previously missed. This program is also an analysis tool for teachers. Teachers can print out reports on each student that details the student’s approximate math and reading level, problem hot spots, and length of time needed to answer each question.

6 Miscellaneous PTA- Please join the Parent Teacher Association. Transportation – Please list transportation every day. If your child is going home in a manner other than their normal route, you must notify us in writing. We must have a note from both families in order for a transportation change to take place. There are several buses that are at max load and cannot take on extra riders. DAILY SCHEDULE- refer to my website

7 CONFERENCES I will offer conferences in the fall. A sign up sheet will come home soon for September and October conferences. I can also do a phone conference for my working parents but I do prefer a face to face meeting. I will offer conferences at 7:10 a.m., and between 2:30 p.m. and 4:00 p.m. * All conf. are to be scheduled in advance, please. *I try to meet with all of my parents at least 2 times a year. Of course, if we need to meet more, we can.

8 READING CURRICULUM Scott Foresman Reading Series Cover one story per week. Take a test on Thursday for comprehension. Guided Reading Groups T-TH Star Reader to assess Scootpad Reading

9 Math Curriculum Based on Common Core Standards 1.Hands on series 2.Games, songs, activities 3.Unfortunately we must make copies for our math program 4.Word problem journal 5.Daily Calendar time to review many skills 6.Grades will be made up of quizzes, participation and end of chapter tests. 7.I do have the old series if anyone would like to take one home, please do so! It is great for extra practice!

10 Language Arts-Written Expression Curriculum Writing Process: prewriting, drafting, revising, editing, and publishing Write paragraphs: narrative/tell a story, descriptive/describe, expository/explain, and persuasive/opinion Use graphic organizers Sentences structure Punctuation Capitalization Rules of spelling Parts of speech

11 Social Studies /Science and Health Please see the newsletter for weekly themes. These 3 curriculum areas will be rotated.

12 Spelling That Makes Sense Every Monday, the spelling list will come home with the words. Differentiation will be met by allowing students to create sentences or stories with the words. Current test has 15 words each week. Eventually, there will be 18 words to review the “no excuse” words. What are Think and Apply Words? Dictation sentences each week.

13 Stability Balls Research shows these are great for students because it makes both sides of the brain work at the same. Why is this important??? It ensures that your child is retaining more information throughout the learning day. Please feel free to send one in for your child. The 45 cm size is best. Walmart has them for around $9.00 Kids love them!

14 How can I help my child? Make sure he/she gets enough sleep Eat a good breakfast. They get hungry! Send in a snack and water. Read to and listen to your child read. Check homework. Study spelling.

15 Bullying School What is bullying? A person is being bullied when he/she is exposed, repeatedly and over time, to negative actions on the part of one or more other persons. Plan of action: -Committee formed -County provided materials -Educate students, parents and faculty-Mrs. Morales, our counselor conducts lessons with the students on Bullying. -Class meetings/lessons -Implement “No Bullying” rules Goal: to create a safe and nurturing environment in which students can learn

16 I will be allowing the children to pick the work they would like to display in the hallway.

17 Talk to your child about their day.

18 Questions? -Check out procedures -Tardies/Early Checkouts -Nurse!!!!!!!! I will do my best! -Visitors for lunch-Only 2 per day, must ask in advance and get confirmation from me. Please meet your child in the café and give them a huge hug and kiss to say goodbye at the café doors. Thank you! *You are a vital part of your child’s education and success! I welcome and love all of my volunteers!

19 My Favorite Quote “If you don’t believe everything your child tells you about school, we won’t believe everything your child tells us about home.”

20 Thank you for coming! Teaching your children and watching them grow is a pleasure!

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