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Wilder Intermediate School Keeping Our Students Safe.

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1 Wilder Intermediate School Keeping Our Students Safe

2 Why Talk School Zone Safety? http://www.Click to play video from

3 Bus Rider Procedures 2:45 pm dismissal bell Teachers walk students to bus lane, 6 th grade loads then 5 th grade Teachers confirm all students have loaded before waving buses on Late bus #119 arrives at 2:55 pm and all students should wait in gym or under pavilion with TA

4 Morning Drop Off Procedures Left lane for faculty & Right lane for drop offs 2 TAs at front curb - one at main door & other at Purple Wing doors Wave cars all the way up past the crosswalk and fill in to flagpole before students exit the vehicle Set up cones while students raise the flags

5 Afternoon Pick Up Procedures Both lanes open - pick up cards required for the first 3 weeks 2 TAs on duty plus any teachers assigned TAs are in street at crosswalk and flagpole to direct cars Teachers are on curb to monitor students

6 Walker & Bike Rider Procedures 2:50 pm dismissal bell Teachers walk 6 th grade to bike rack via breezeway & 5 th grade through main hallway, exit by Band Hall TA monitors bike rack, reminding students to walk their bikes while on campus Crossing Guard assists students across Inglewood & Savannah until 3pm

7 Bus Safety Reminders B – Be on Time, Walk & Don’t Run to Your Stop U – Use Sidewalks & Crosswalks S – Stand Back from the Curb S – Stay in Your Seat & Use your Inside Voice A – Always Keep Yourself & Your Stuff Inside the Window F – Follow the Driver’s Instructions E – Enter & Exit Carefully T – Take 5 Giant Steps, then Cross the Street Y – Yield to the Bus

8 “Car Riders” Reminders AM - Don’t get out of the car before the flagpole. Wait against the wall until your ride arrives. Wait for TA signal to walk to vehicle. Hold onto backpacks & instruments while waiting. Absolutely NO horseplay on sidewalk. Load/unload on the passenger side ONLY.

9 Walker/Biker Reminders Walk your bike or scooter & carry your board while on campus sidewalks. Do not visit the Sweet Treats van until after the buses have left. Only 1 rider to a bike. Scooters & Bikes are to be used in bike lane only. Follow the crossing guard’s directions.

10 Parent Slide #1 Crossing Guard Tips Click here to view You Tube Video: School Zone - Danger Zone You Tube Video: School Zone - Danger Zone

11 Parent Slide #2 School Zone Laws SLOW DOWN - 20 mph max. –7am to 9am –2pm to 4pm BE ALERT – Handheld cell phones prohibited – $200 fine NO PARKING cars along either side of Savannah Dr. & none on the south side of Inglewood STOP for the RED flashing lights on buses which indicate children are getting on or off. Wait until the red lights stop, the stop sign is withdrawn, and the bus begins moving before driving again.

12 Parent Slide #3 Drop Off/Pick Up Tips Leave early so you aren’t rushed on your way to work. Back to school often means congestion and longer commute times. Practice extra caution in bad weather. Drive with your headlights on, so children and other drivers can see you. Drive without distractions. Don't use handheld cell phones for calls or texting, eat/drink or attend to personal grooming. Don’t load/unload students before the flagpole or in the parking lot due to an increased risk of being hit by a vehicle. Look for cones & listen for staff instructions at the crosswalk. Keep the line safely moving – no parking or unloading.

13 Wilder Intermediate School Be Responsible Be Respectful Be Safe Created by Julia Torres for Wilder Safety Team

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