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6 th Grade Transition Night Sunnyvale Middle School 6:00pm.

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1 6 th Grade Transition Night Sunnyvale Middle School 6:00pm

2 Counselor: Laura McAda Welcome 2015-2016 6 th graders! Differences between 5 th and 6 th grades *No Home Room Class – Home Base *Students Rotate Individually, not by class *Everyone takes PE (1) **6 th grade dresses out (gray shirts and blue shorts, will be ordered first week of school) *Core Classes (4) *Electives (2) Band/Choir/Art/DIY Creations/DI/Theatre/Design Theater/STEM

3 6 th grade is not offered Spanish or Keyboarding, as in 5 th grade Lunch will remain the same, 5 th and 6 th graders go to lunch together 5 th and 6 th grade remain on the same hallway except for elective classes.

4 Academic Administrator: Kelley Prewitt Honors Math Requirements (no other honors classes) 90% or better in 5 th grade Math Teacher Recommendation

5 Daily grades include but are not limited to in-class assignments, homework, quizzes, class discussions, group work and participation. Assessments include but are not limited to major exams, CScope assessments, essays, research papers, quizzes, reports and projects. Category5 th Grade6 th Grade7 th Grade8 th Grade Daily/ Homework 70%65%60%55% Assessments/ Major Grades 30%35%40%45% Grade Weights:

6 Band Director: Jana Crosslin The students will be assigned in separate band classes grouped by instruments. Social Activities like Back to School Parties and Splash Kingdom No experience is necessary to be in band…come one, come all! Three Concerts per year, one Solo Contest, and one out of school Concert Contest at a Festival Friday, March 27 th will be Band Sign Up Night

7 Choir Director: Sandy Shelley Evening concerts are a required test grade. Minimal cost for choir uniform. Hawaiian Falls Contest/Field Trip Spring Musical

8 Art Teacher: Melanie Phelps Use a variety of Media and Techniques: Pencil, colored pencils, paint, paper mache, clay, etc. Learn about artist and periods of art. Supply list required for class. Art classes available: Art 1 and DIY Creations (new for 6 th grade)

9 Theatre Arts Teacher: Rae Harvill Theatre Arts class: – Acting, Characterization, Movement – Video-Making – Puppetry – Class Play performed in Spring – Set Design – Costume & Makeup Design – Light & Sound Design – Publicity Design – Prop Design

10 Student teams solve open- ended challenges and present their solutions at tournaments Teams learn important life skills like time management, collaboration, conflict resolution, and creative and critical thinking Destination Imagination

11 STEM - Wiessner Science Technology Engineering Math Students will use the above disciplines, incorporate analytical reasoning skills and team building to meet project deadlines. We utilize the LEGO MindstormsEV3 platform. A strong propensity for problem solving is recommended.

12 Closing How can I stay involved in my Child’s Education? *Parent Portal *Teacher’s Websites *Email Teachers *Look at the Calendar

13 Students have received selection sheets. Selection sheets are due this Friday, March 6 th to their Social Studies teachers. Registration will be March 19 th and 20 th.

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