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Updated Floorplan. This floorplan updates the first floorplan posted on the Giallo di Perugia thread on Steve Huff’s True Crime Weblog:

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1 Updated Floorplan

2 This floorplan updates the first floorplan posted on the Giallo di Perugia thread on Steve Huff’s True Crime Weblog: This is the next in the open work-in-progress of presentations concerning the Giallo di Perugia. All the presentations are fed by the excellent multi-point-of-view, multi-timezone, and multi- cultural discussion resulting from the comments posted on the blog. Since the victim has no means to reply to any comments herein or scenarios described in other presentations, and the repeated use of her name in this context would only further hurt anyone close to her, I refer to her simply as “the victim”. This is not meant by any means to trivialise the pain and suffering, and butal senseless murder she experienced, nor to reduce her memory. The first floorplan, posted in early December, was required to understand the internal relation of rooms, fixtures, access points, and evidence points in the house. For example, it helped us to understand the circumstances of the crime to know that the victim’s bedroom was at the far end of the house, facing away from town, that AK’s bedroom was next door, that the Italian housemates’ bathroom which RGH used was at the other end of the house, etc. However, while the basic dimensions of the house and internal walls in the first floorplan were correct, the internal layout and furnishing was left to suppositions in many cases. Since then, new graphic information has been made available of the interior of the cottage, and with that we update the floorplan in this presentation. I have limited or excluded detailed forensic images (all of which have already been posted and commented on in the thread). That was Meryl Streep on the cover slide, in the movie “A French Lieutenant’s Woman”. In the book by John Fowles (better than the movie) there are 3 forks / endings to the story. In the Giallo di Perugia, as we go through the scenarios of what may have happened in the crime, I can only hope that there will be one single ending, that justice is served to those responsible for each of the crimes which may be determined by the ILE. I am buoyed by the fact that the victim’s family has expressed confidence in the Italian justice system. - Kermit email:


4 Updated floorplan January 29, 2008

5 “ We run into a very skinny girl who looks a little older than me putting up a page with her number on the outer wall of the unviersity. i chat it up with her, she speaks english really well, and we go immediately to her place, literally 2 minntes walk from my university. it's a cute house that is right in the middle of this random garden in the middle of perugia. around us are apartment buildings, but we enter through a gate and there it is. im in love. i meet her roommate molly. the house has a kitchen, 2 bathrooms, and four bathrooms. not to mention a washing maschine, and internet access. not to mention, she owns two guitars and wants to play with me. not to mention the view is amazing. not to mention i have a terrace that looks over the perugian city/countryside.... she offers me one of the open rooms after we hang out for a bit. we exchange numbers. i put down a down payment. im feeling sky high. these girls are awesome. really sweet, really down to earth, funny as hell. neither are students, they actually both work int he same law office, and they are desperate for roommates because the two they had decided they wanted to disappear all of a sudden. My house is awesome, we just got a washing machine the other day, though it was broken.”Amanda in her blog – Sept. 2, 2007

6 Let’s accompany Perugia Chief Prosecutor Giuliano Mignini in a visual inspection of Via Pergola 7...

7 Chief Prosecutor Giuliano Mignini



10 San Tommaso convent is high and off to the east of the carpark, on the other side of Via Sant’Antonio. The house entrance in better times. Note the cut-stone bricks (I believe), which form the wall of the girls’ floor on this side of the house (for further discussion of the structure of the house, see the prior presentation on the True Crime Weblog)

11 This virtual visit has been put together with images which are: pre-crime (smiling faces and nice views), initial ILE documentation of evidence (markers, everything is more or less tidy – thanks in part to the thorough cleaning on the night of the crime), and second level forensics (house taken apart, ILE in space-suits). I think you’ll be able to figure it out.

12 The cottage is a very small abode: according to the ILE plan (or municipal records which provided the basis for the ILE plan), what I called the “central core” in the prior presentation is just 3,33 metres across. 3.33 metres


14 This composition of images is from ILE videos; in other words, this is what the Postal Police would have seen on the morning of Nov. 2.

15 Turning right... note the thickness of the old stone walls in this east half of the upper “central core.” (image from AK’s MySpace site)

16 And even further right... we see again, the thickness of the old stone walls in the eastern part of the cottage. (cables – external power supply? – for forensic work hanging through house, kitchen a little topsy-turvy)

17 Looking back at entrance from middle of living-room (more ILE hanging cables...)


19 Filomena’s room. ILE marker “1” on the floor refers to rock under chair (just to the upper left of the ILE marker), which was supposedly used for the supposed break-in. (We’ll see later that even if there had been no break-in, but someone had just thrown the rock through the window glass, it would have been thrown from a few meters away, shot-put style, with enough force to have necessarily crossed the room.)

20 Similar view, no rock, you get a feel for the width of the room.

21 ILE marker “O” (I assume for broken window pane), visible from inside and outside. (not really important: bed orientation is a guess)

22 Let’s turn around and proceed into the new wing of the house.


24 ILE marker “3” intrigues me. If it refers to the electrical cable and plug on the floor, we’ll see further on that the cable is for the (reading?) lamp which is on the floor behind the victim’s door. Would the cable have come out under the locked door before the Postal Police broke it down?

25 The Sun’s bathroom photo, sans the colour and distraction of the pink ILE fluid on fixtures and floor. The toilet seems to have been removed, perhaps to access evidence in the evacuation pipe. ILE marker “C” must refer to the mixed spot of AK’s and the victim’s blood on the faucet

26 Turning around, the chesterfield in the living-room, from the north hallway


28 Mea culpa. The first version of the floorplan offered this tidy image of AK’s room. I was convinced it reflected the degree to which parts of the house had been cleaned and bleached. (In my defence, I did post at some point that her room appeared empty, like a summer camp cottage between camping groups) ((BTW, this bedlamp ends up as the victim’s bedlamp)) In fact, while this IS AK’s room, it is not her room when she lived in it at any point. (This is taken from one of the early TV programs on the case, and the video was actually just video of a still photo)

29 This is AK’s bedroom as video-taped by the ILE...

30 This is AK’s bedroom as video-taped by the ILE... and turning further to the left we have her guitar (not allowed in prison) and wardrobe. This clearly contrasts with the erroneous “summer camp” tidy image. I assume that most of the supposed clean-up here was more on a bleach / DNA level.


32 On the discussion thread we have gone over many of the evidence items, with technicolour images (bra, bluejeans, Nike prints, wardrobe closeup, handprint on wall, pointed objects and other items on bed, etc.) so let’s not relive those discussions in this presentation. In addition to all those previously discussed points, just a couple of additional observations: the head of the reading lamp on the floor between the head of the bed and the set of drawers (to the left of marker “N”) is the lamp that used to be in AK’s room. Of more interest, is the other lamp (which justifies marker “4”?), and whose electrical cable leads out the door... Does anybody have an idea if that could be some sort of lamp for viewing the results of the clean-up effort?





37 Note the transition from rough stone, to cut- stone bricks, from the older eastern part of the upper floor, to the newer (or, possibly, reconstructed) western part of the “central core”. One of AK’s MySpace snaps, looking out over the Fosso del Bulagaio ravine and the stream which starts in the dense, lush vegetation just below the house.



40 This is the closest we get to Laura’s bedroom, which in any case is not central to the Giallo. (Bed orientation is a guess)

41 WASHINGROOM (Location of washing machine – the one that was running when the Postal Police arrived - is a guess)



44 This is where RHG left his tale-telling evidence. As I mentioned on the thread, I’ll spare you the image of the evidence – you can’t really make out anything, except for the abundant use of toilet paper... In other words, RHG had ample time to finish his job in a very leisurely manner, there’s no question of circumstances requiring him to jump up and run out just at that point.

45 Another photo, same scene. Note the pink toilet seat.


47 Here’s chief prosecutor Giuliano Mignini again... I hope he doesn’t try to test the supposed break-in explanation, as he’ll break a leg if he tries to jump to and through Filomena’s window.

48 The famous “butter” knife found when the Smiling Men (RS’s lawyers) accompanied Prosecutor Mignini for the December house inspection... Found right where they said it would be! Soiled (bloodied?) tissue found near the “butter” knife.

49 These are Nov. 2 markers and an inspection being carried on the external stairs leading down to the boys’ floor. We have very little information on that floor from a layout point of view and also what evidence may be there (early reporting commented on blood smeared on the wall).

50 Bloodied tissue found on the road just above the cottage, on Nov. 2.

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