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Meet the Teachers Mrs. Hester Room 106 I am a UNCG graduate with a concentration in Science Education. I have been teaching second grade for 6 years.

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2 Meet the Teachers

3 Mrs. Hester Room 106 I am a UNCG graduate with a concentration in Science Education. I have been teaching second grade for 6 years. I was born in Virginia, but spent most of my life in North Carolina with my parents and three sisters. My husband and I live in the Raleigh area. We just recently had a daughter, Naomi. We have a Netherland Dwarf bunny that lives in the classroom during the week as well as a Leopard Spotted Gecko, Pumpkin. I enjoy spending time with my family, scrapbooking, cooking, baking, and crafting!

4 Mrs. Clark Room 105 My name is Leslie Clark. I grew up in Hickory, NC but have now lived in Raleigh for 10 years. I went to Appalachian State University where I ran track. I have been married to my amazing husband for 9 years and have 2 little boys. I taught at Pleasant Union Elementary for 9 years and now I’m excited to join the Endeavor team. I love to be outdoors to do just about anything, hiking, playing, yard work, or just hanging out.

5 Ms. Nolan Room 104 I graduated from UNC Wilmington (Go Seahawks!) with a degree in Elementary Education, and I recently graduated from NC State (Go Wolfpack!) with my Masters of Education in Elementary Education. I was a long-term sub last year at ECS, and I’m happy to have made the permanent move to our beautiful, new school! Besides being a huge hockey fan, I love to paint, stand-up paddleboard, and spend time with my adorable rescue dog, Brindy.

6 Our Schedule ( Tuesday, Wednesday, and Friday) 8:10-8:40Morning Work 8:40-8:50Morning Meeting 8:50-10:10Reading 10:10-10:50Math 10:50-11:50Recess & Lunch 11:55-12:55Block 1 1:00-1:55Block 2 1:55-2:10Snack 2:10-3:00Block 3 3:00-3:15Pack Up 3:15Carpool

7 Our Schedule (Monday & Thursday) 8:10-8:40Morning Work 8:45-10:15Fine Arts 10:15- 10:50Morning Meeting/Phonics 10:50-11:50Recess & Lunch 11:50-11:55Bathroom 11:55-12:15Handwriting 12:20-1:20Math 1:20-3:00Reading 3:00-3:15Pack Up 3:15Carpool

8 Rules: *Kind words or no words *Hands and feet to selves *Respect for self, others, and school property *Have fun

9 Behavior Expectations: *Our reward system is based on students’ behavior. In our classrooms we have a behavior chart. This chart is made up of five colored blocks with individual name cards for each child. Each color on our chart will correspond to your child’s behavior for the day. Each child will start on green, which means “Good,” your child is meeting expectations. If a student exceeds daily expectations, he or she can move to blue, which means “Outstanding.” On the other hand, if a child is not meeting expectations, he or she will receive a “Warning” and move to yellow. A second offense means “Caution,” which is orange. At this point the child and teacher will have a one-on-one discussion about the behavior and a form will be sent home. A third offense means a student moves to red, which means “Stop.” At this point, a child would be sent to speak with the Director or a Curriculum Coordinator and make a phone call home to explain their behavior. *The area of most concern is excessive talking that prohibits work and distracts others.

10 * The economy is a big focus in our Social Studies curriculum. To help the students have a hands on experience managing their money, we have created a reward system to practice these skills. *Should students meet expectations and end the day on green, they will get $3. *If they exceed expectations and end the day on blue, $5 be given. *If your child ends the day on yellow, they will receive only $2. *If they land on orange at the end of the day they will owe $2. *If they land on red at the end of the day, there will be a $5 fine.

11 *The kids can receive extra money for making good choices. Here is a short list of items that would warrant a bonus: good hallway behavior, good bathroom behavior, receiving a complement from another adult, picking up trash without being asked, being kind to another student, etc. *Fines can be issued for: messy clipboard, messy caddy, and no name on paper, talking in hallway, being disrespectful, etc. *As the year progresses, the rewards and fines may change. *Each week the class will shop in our store. The prizes will be organized by ‘price’. Each student is responsible for keeping track of their money for the entire year. They can save money from week to week in order to buy big items in the class store. If you are able to donate, we are in need of items for our store. Great places to shop for prizes are: the dollar bin at Target, dollar bin at Michaels, clearance aisle at Walmart, and the Dollar Store.

12 Homework: *Nightly Homework *Turned in EVERY DAY with total points calculated every Friday *Reading a minimum of 20 min. a night *Weekly spelling words to practice at home *If homework is not completed on time the student will have the opportunity to turn it in the next day for ½ credit *Homework will be written in the addenda each day. *Starting soon we will be using Study Island for homework that will be checked on Friday. ****Look on our websites for a Study Island Power Point that explains how to use this website!***

13 Field Trips: *Mordecai House *Durham Museum of Life and Science *High Touch High Tech (weather) *Professor Ken (on campus) *Durant Park

14 Special Events: *Winter Concert *Day of Reading and Math

15 Celebrations: *Celebrate what we learned after we finish studying each region in Social Studies *Food sampling *Activities/Arts & Crafts *Music

16 Headlines: *Switching for Math starting 1 st Quarter (Pretesting and Post-testing in Math) *Also switching for Writing, Science, and Social Studies with homeroom classes *SRI Lexile test *Unit tests in Science and Social Studies *Weekly computer time: learning keyboarding skills and Microsoft Word

17 Closing: We are very excited to welcome your children into second grade at Endeavor! Together we will go on a journey across the United States. Along the way we will be actively learning, cooperatively working together, and growing into Super Second Graders. If you have any questions please write them on a sticky note and the 2 nd grade team will address these in a newsletter. My email is

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