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Orleans Elementary School-wide PBIS Discipline Plan 2011-2012 1400 McMillan Memphis, Tennessee 38106 Ms. Brenda F. Thompson, Principal Lillie Pinkston,

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1 Orleans Elementary School-wide PBIS Discipline Plan 2011-2012 1400 McMillan Memphis, Tennessee 38106 Ms. Brenda F. Thompson, Principal Lillie Pinkston, Professional School Counselor

2 Revised 10/112 Guiding Principles and Beliefs Student learning is the foremost priority of the school All students can learn and achieve at their highest levels Instruction must be pertinent, exceptional, authentic, stimulating, and integrated across the curriculum Real-life evaluative instruments will ensure that students have opportunities to demonstrate their achievements A committed staff will provide for individual differences, encourage creativity, and promote problem-solving skills which will produce quality student work Student learning will reach its highest potential in a safe, supportive, and nurturing environment It is imperative that the school, parents, and community unite to assume responsibility for the education of our children A dedicated staff must remain informed of current educational trends and techniques through professional development

3 School Character Points Dance Team Spanish Club Honor Society Boys Step Team The Ladies of Orleans The Gents of Orleans Orleans School Choir Fitness Club Book Club Revised 10/11 3

4 Values Our purpose is to develop students academically, socially, emotionally, and physically to the best of their abilities. The parents and students must realize that educational opportunities will not be available to those students who do not try to benefit from school attendance and whose continuing disruptive behavior hinders the progress of other pupils. The primary objective of classroom discipline is to ensure proper work and learning conditions for all students. Teachers will maintain a standard of student behavior which is consistent with Board Policy and standards established by the principal and staff. It is each teacher’s responsibility to promote respect for authority, punctual and regular attendance, expect desirable behavior, and conduct from the students. Discipline must be maintained in order for learning to take place. Every effort will be made to instill the ideals of self-discipline and respect for the rights of others. Proper conduct is required of all students. The principal and teachers are charged with the responsibility of using any necessary Board of Education policies and procedures in regard to discipline in order that the school can function effectively. Revised 10/11 4

5 5 Vision The vision of Orleans Elementary School is to equip all students to become productive citizens by teaching them to read with comprehension, to communicate clearly, to compute accurately, to think critically, to reason logically, and to solve real-life problems in order to live successfully in a constantly changing and highly technological world.

6 Revised 10/116 Mission Orleans Elementary School with the support of parents and the community is dedicated to: Providing a safe, caring, secure, and stimulating academic environment that meets individual needs and ensures the success of each student Meeting individual needs and ensuring students will be able to read with comprehension, write effectively, and compute accurately in order to meet the challenges they will face in the future Facilitating a literate community where thinking critically and reasoning logically is encouraged and practiced among all stakeholders Setting and attaining goals, building self-esteem and instilling a sense of responsibility for learning in all students as well as celebrating their success

7 Revised 10/117 Philosophy Statement The Orleans Elementary School Community has a shared philosophy that “Working together, we can make a world of difference.” Therefore, all students will learn at higher levels given the opportunity, motivation, resources and a safe environment.

8 Revised 10/118 Previous Results Discipline data from the 2010-2011 school year was analyzed and evaluated through the SMS system, PBIS data website, and the Research, Evaluation & Assessment Department.

9 Revised 10/119 Goals or Objectives Goals: To follow the procedures outlined in the Student Code of Conduct To accurately document and track student discipline data To create and implement the PBIS approach to eliminate negative behavior Objectives: Utilize the SMS system effectively and track discipline accurately Utilize a team approach to eliminate negative behavior

10 MCS Discipline Committee Worksheet 2011-12 Name of School: Orleans Elementary Discipline Committee consists of the school faculty, staff, and administration Principal - Brenda F. Thompson Professional School Counselor - Lillie Pinkston School Psychologist - Oranell Shaffer General Education Teacher(s) - Lisa Wright, Angela Phipps, Anjorita Hopson MEA Representative - Vincent Thomas Elected Teacher(s) (1) - Vincent Thomas Special Education Teacher(s) - Rebecca Frohs Related Arts Teacher(s) - Patrice Gillespie Students: Peer Mediator Team - Candace M., Chekhia B., Kimberly R. Educational Assistant(s)/ Non-Certified Staff - Chrystell Darling Community Member - Mrs. Gladys Lowe Parent(s) - Wanda McGowan & Vida Granberry Central Office or Board of Education Member - Kenneth Culpepper Cafeteria Staff - Mr. Christopher Ueal Bus Driver: - Mr. Jerry Nash District PBIS Coach - Carolyn Matthews 10 Revised 10/11

11 11 Meeting Schedule 20 Day Reporting Period Approximate Dates of Reporting Periods All data for period entered into system Discipline Committee meeting dates Faculty meeting dates to report interpretation of 20 day data 108/10/11- 09/6/1109/07/1108/02/11 08/26/11 09/14/11 209/07/11- 10/10/1110/13/11 10/19/11 310/20/11- 11/17/1111/17/1111/18/1111/30/11 412/01/11- 12/15/1112/16/1101/04/1201/11/12 501/05/12- 02/01/1202/02/1202/03/1202/08/12 602/09/12- 03/06/1203/12/1203/08/1203/21/12 703/21/12- 04/17/1204/18/1204/19/1204/25/12 804/25/12- 05/15/1205/16/12

12 Facilitator – Coach Vincent Thomas Guides the PBIS Team’s meeting based on the agenda Recorder – Lisa Wright Takes notes/minutes and provides copies for all members Timekeeper – Anjorita Hopson Monitors time on agenda items Task Person – Patrice Gillespie Records tasks on the Task List and provides copies for all members Data Person – Angela Phipps Provides school data to the PBIS Team and assists the Team in presenting data at faculty meetings Team Leader/Professional Counselor – Lillie Pinkston Creates meeting agenda and maintains documentation (e.g., agendas, minutes, calendars, etc.) of the PBIS Team’s work Administrator (Principal, Assistant Principal) – Ms. Brenda F. Thompson Provides administrative support and guidance to the PBIS Team PBIS Team Members’ Role Descriptions Revised 10/1112

13 Revised 10/1113 Monitoring Process The Orleans PBIS Discipline Committee will analyze discipline data once every 20 days. The committee will use the findings from the data to develop interventions that best meet the needs of the students. Input from all stakeholders is encouraged. The Professional School Counselor will submit a feedback form for each student that is referred and inform the principal and teacher of the student’s status.

14 Current Status Revised 10/1114

15 Current Status Revised 10/1115

16 Current Status Revised 10/1116

17 Priority for Improvement Revised 10/1117

18 Revised 10/1118 Celebration Teachers will celebrate successes in faculty meetings, free-time, and special recognitions. Students will celebrate successes in the classroom, during morning announcements, at parties and sock hops, and on movie days.

19 Revised 10/1119 School Rules Follow instructions the first time given Respect self, others, and authority Practice self-control Keep our school’s walls, floors, and grounds clean

20 Revised 10/1120 Orleans Behavioral Expectation Matrix Rules ClassroomCafeteriaHallwayRestroomBus Always show respect to adults, classmates, and yourself Work cooperatively, do your best, and raise your hand before speaking Wait patiently and quietly in line, do not share food, and speak with an inside voice Listen for directions Keep hands and feet to self in the hallway Maintain good hygiene Stay seated on the bus at all times Use acceptable language Say “please”, “excuse me”, and “thank you” Use polite language and an inside voice Do not talk in the hallway Walk on the right side Keep hands off walls & boards Use appropriate behavior in the restroom Use polite language and an inside voice Follow directions the first time given Follow directions when given Students obey rules posted in the cafeteria at all times Walk quietly on the right side of the hall Respect others & property Students enter the restroom quietly and exit swiftly Students sit quietly and orderly while waiting for the bus

21 Develop Pre-Referral Behavior Classification Staff ManagedOffice Managed Observe the behavior Verbally cue the student Teacher will talk with the student Separate the student Time out Student Written Statement Faculty/Staff Incident Statement Office receives the Referral Form from Counselor based on the degree of the infraction Determine the consequence Decision is made by the Principal Call Parent/Guardian Conference with Parent/Guardian Progressive Discipline Tracker Form Guidance Referral Counselor will counsel with the student Revised 10/1121

22 22 Teach the Rules and Procedures Parents will be provided with a copy of the student/parent handbook and Student Code of Conduct. Procedures will be discussed and explained to parents during registration and Open House. During the first week of school, each teacher discusses and explains the classroom rules and procedures with their students. Incentives are in place for students displaying positive behavior. School Rules are also taught through: –Assemblies –Role-playing and modeling –Morning Meetings –Afternoon Announcements –Guided Discovery –Student Agenda Books –Rules displayed throughout the school Revised 10/11

23 23 Teaching Behavioral Expectations Lesson Plan Define the Expectation: Decrease referrals and eliminate the suspensions by creating incentives so that the students and teachers can buy into the PBIS program Provide a Rationale: Motivate the students to continue to be positive in order to focus on increasing test scores Teach the Critical Discrimination: TSW engage in Role Playing activities to develop an understanding of appropriate and inappropriate behaviors –Demonstrate Appropriate Behavior: TSW be able to distinguish appropriate behaviors by using the scenarios provided by the school counselor and the classroom teachers –Demonstrate Unacceptable Behavior: TSW be able to distinguish inappropriate behaviors by using the scenarios provided by the school counselor and the classroom teachers –Practice telling the difference with multiple examples If there is a “signal”, teach the signal. (When should the appropriate behavior occur?) When the noise level exceeds an unacceptable level Teach for fluency? Students recognize raised hand signal How will this skill be maintained? The skill will be maintained by repetitive teaching

24 Teach the Code of Conduct The Code of Conduct is taught to students during the first weeks of school. Students were administered the post-test on August 18-30, 2011. Students that scored below 80% were administered the test again until 80% mastery was achieved. Revised 10/1124

25 Code of Conduct Post test Information School:Orleans Elementary Principal: Ms. Brenda F. Thompson School Enrollment: 186 Number of Post-tests administered: 156 % of students scoring 80% or above: 100% Date make up/retest scheduled (for absentees and students scoring below 80%): N/A Name of Person Submitting Form: Lillie Pinkston Title: Professional School Counselor Phone: 416-4763/416-7880 Revised 10/1125

26 Annual PBIS Kick-off Teach MCS Code of Conduct Administer Code of Conduct Post-tests Teach School-wide Rules and the Behavior Expectations from the matrix Celebrate the beginning of a new, positive school year when district and school universal rules and expectations are understood Revised 10/1126

27 “Back to School Celebration Assembly” You’re invited!!! Orleans Elementary School is having a “Back to School Celebration Assembly” on Thursday, September 15, 2011 at 10:00 a.m. Special Guest - Stan Bell, Radio Personality from V101.1 Investigator Jimmy Chambers, Attorney General Office Kenneth Culpepper, Behavior Specialist We would like for you to be in attendance for this celebration. Thanks in advance for your continued support. PBIS Committee Members Brenda F.Thompson, Principal Revised 10/1127

28 Revised 10/1128

29 School Procedures Procedures for Disciplinary Referrals Prior to writing a referral, teachers must adhere to the following (unless student violates a non-negotiable infraction which will result in an automatic office referral): 1.Discipline tracker 2.Verbal Warning 3.Utilization of Classroom Behavior Chart 4.Student/Teacher Conference 5.Team Intervention 6.Parent/Teacher Conference 7.Guidance Office Referral 8.Office Referral 29Revised 10/11

30 School Procedures, continued Refer to Behavior Intervention Manual by Hawthorne and devise a Behavior Modification Plan tailored to the student’s behavior Handle all routine classroom discipline problems in the room and follow up with parent phone call (Please refer to Behavior Incident List) Time out in another classroom Teacher or Teacher’s Assistant will escort the student to the office when referred with a completed “Disciplinary Referral”. The teacher will be notified when to come to the office for the student. 30Revised 10/11

31 School Procedures, continued Procedures for Cafeteria Classroom teachers are to: –Escort students to and from the cafeteria –Assign table monitors to see that tables are clean for the next class Students are expected to: –Enter quietly and orderly –Sit at designated tables –Practice good table manners –Keep hands, feet, and other objects to themselves –Leave all food in the cafeteria –Ensure their class cleans the table and picks up trash from the floor around their tables –Line up in an orderly fashion and exit for dismissal with their teacher 31Revised 10/11

32 School Procedures, continued Procedures for Assemblies –Assemblies will begin promptly at scheduled time. –Students should be seated prior to the start of the program. –Teachers will sit with their class during the assembly. –Students must enter and exit the assembly in a quiet and orderly manner. 32Revised 10/11

33 School Procedures, continued Procedures for Hallway –All students will walk quietly on the right side of the hallway –Students will have designated “stopping points” to ensure safety in the hallway –If possible, a student will have a hallway buddy –Students must have a hall pass 33Revised 10/11

34 34 Classroom Procedures Each class will devise its own set of rules and procedures which will include logical consequences in regards to: - Getting up from seat - Asking for help - Cooperative groups - Turning in Homework - Writing Assignment Protocol Hall Passes are required when exiting the classroom without a teacher.

35 35 School-Wide Incentives Attendance - An incentive is given for the grade level that receives the highest attendance average for each 20 day period. Cafeteria - The class with the best behavior in the cafeteria will earn a behavior balloon daily. At the end of 4 weeks the class with the greatest number of balloons will be recognized. Revised 10/11

36 36 Bluejay Traits at School Student Name __________________________________ Displayed the Bluejay Trait of: Respecting Self Respecting Property Respecting Others (Circle the trait you observed) Signature _____________________________________________ If you would like to write on the back the details of what you observed, please feel free! Incentive Ticket for School

37 Revised 10/1137 Teacher Incentives Monthly Attendance Prizes Teacher of the Month: -“Give me a Break”-extended lunch or breakfast. Classes will be covered. -Public recognition or “shout outs” via announcements, faculty meetings, etc.

38 Revised 10/1138 Teacher Recognition

39 Revised 10/1139 Resources for Incentives Monumental Baptist Church First Congregational Church PTO

40 Communication with Parents & Community Parent-Teacher Conferences. Open Door Policy for School Office Tuesday Talk with Thompson ParentLink auto notification system, which can alert parents regarding school or district issues. Revised 10/1140

41 Revised 10/1141 Character Education Character Education Bulletin Boards are displayed throughout the school Teachers will promote character education vocabulary words weekly with their classes and during the morning announcements. Periodically, character education will also be conducted during the lunch period. The Professional School Counselor will conduct small and large group sessions using the Character First Curriculum. Students are encouraged to exhibit excellent character traits throughout the instructional day.

42 Revised 10/1142 ATOD Prevention (Alcohol Tobacco and Other Drugs) The professional school counselor, administrators, all teachers, staff, and community partners will teach students about ATOD prevention. The P.E. teacher includes ATOD prevention lessons within each 9-week period for all students. Information is given to the students, parents, and community to promote awareness.

43 43 Bullying Prevention The Professional School Counselor will provide bullying prevention training for faculty. The Professional School Counselor will be responsible for providing the staff with specific information as to what bullying looks like and the strategies to deal with bullying. The students will receive bullying prevention training during each 9-week period with additional training as needed. Our Peer Mediation Team, as directed by the Professional School Counselor, will train students about the importance of bullying. Revised 10/11

44 44 Violence Prevention Programs Red Ribbon Week Peer Mediation Shelby County Crime Prevention Division Conflict Resolution Bullying Prevention Program

45 Revised 10/1145 Intervention Strategies Individualized Incentive Plan Behavior Modification Plan Group counseling with Professional School Counselor (Anger Management, Conflict Resolution, Individual Counseling, Peer Mediation, and Small Group Counseling) Check- In/Check- Out for select students Buddy system (teachers ask their buddy teacher for support/assistance with challenging behaviors)

46 Additional Interventions Social Skills Instruction Behavior Contract Increased academic/behavioral supports & practices Think Sheets Self- monitoring programs Others Revised 10/1146

47 Intervention Evaluation (Tier 2) Indicators of progress and success for Tier 2 students EdPlan Observation data District Assessments Teacher Assessments Other Revised 10/1147

48 Revised 10/1148 Secondary Intervention (Tier 2) Evaluation Teacher, Counselor, and Administrator’s Documentation Folder of student’s behavior and incidents Observed changes in student behavior and the number of office referrals are used to evaluate effectiveness of secondary interventions Indicators for progress include: –A decrease in the number of office referrals –Observed and documented changes in students behavior –Increased academic achievement

49 Revised 10/1149 Tertiary Interventions (Tier 3) The Professional School Counselor will identify and develop plan for students based on teacher referrals and observations. The PBIS Team will meet monthly to monitor students who are in secondary intervention. After reviewing all students data and Documentation Folders, plans will be made to address the needs of individual students. Successes will be monitored by identifying increases in positive behavior.

50 Revised 8/1150 Plan for Support & Monitoring Verification of administration of Code of Conduct Post- tests due August 30, 2011; (E-mail to: September 30, 2011: submit School Wide Discipline Plan (E-mail to: –Team Members and Team Leader/Internal Coach –Meeting Schedule for year Also submit separate forms as part of SWDP: –SAS Summary –Action Plan (based on SAS & TIC results) –TIC (also submitted to Coach Jan. & Apr.) –Ratification/Acceptance Form (Mail to: Center for Safe/Drug Free Schs., Loc. 172) Ongoing training for Team Leaders/Internal Coaches and others will be provided throughout the school year

51 Revised 10/1151 District PBIS Coaches Charlotte Baucom - Brady Henderson - Carolyn Matthews - Center for Safe & Drug Free Schools 416-4240, fax:416-4221

52 52 Additional CSDFS Staff Kenneth Pinkney, Director, Student Intervention & Behavior Janice Johnson, Student Leadership & Peer Mediation Adrian Stitt, ISS and Campus Monitors Robert Williams, Technology Project Administrator Brenda Harper, ParentLink Shanddeikka Beecham, Clerical Dorinita Clark, Clerical Center for Safe & Drug Free Schools, Loc. 172, Rt. 2 220 N. Montgomery, Memphis, TN 38104 416-4240 Revised 10/11

53 53 Resources MCS Data Website –Web address of PBIS Data website will be e-mailed –User name: Principal is Brenda F. Thompson 043 MCS Website –Forms will be under PBIS site (Go to Student Support, then Student Behavior and Intervention, then PBIS or go to Student Heading on MCS homepage and Schoolwide Discipline Plans) TN PBIS links & Maryland PBIS http://www.pbismaryland.org PBIS http://www.pbis.org

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