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Generational Communication. *By 2006, 80 million aging baby boomers totaled one-third of the nations population – in the next decade or so they will retire.

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1 Generational Communication

2 *By 2006, 80 million aging baby boomers totaled one-third of the nations population – in the next decade or so they will retire *The growth rate of the US labor force declined from 2.5% per year in 1965 to 0% in the 1990’s *From 2010 to 2030, the portion of the U.S. population over age 65 will grow four times as much as it did in the last 80 years *There will be a 30% shortfall of younger workers, a shortfall that will persist for 40 years The Changing Workplace

3  Identify four generations in the workplace, and define them by experiences and events.  Identify the values system of each generation and how those value affect motivation and behavior in the workplace  Develop an understanding of how different generations communicate and how it affect relationships in the workplace.  Determine how your approach may need to change when coaching, managing and leading employees of different generations  Appreciate and gain respect for what is important to each generation Overview

4 *The events and conditions each of us experience during our formative years help define who we are and how we view the world. *The generation we grow up in is just one of the influences on adult behavior: gender, race, religion will also influence our behavior *Caution : Not all generalizations apply – We are all individuals Generations at Work

5 *Changing demographics *Better understanding of it’s impact in the workplace *Increase the personal competency in communication and management *Promote teamwork Why Learn About The Generations?

6 *May impact turnover rates *May impact tangible costs (i.e. recruiting, hiring, training, retention) *May impact intangible costs (i.e. morale) *May impact grievances and complaints *May impact perceptions of fairness and equality When Generations Fail To Communicate

7 *Traditionalists, VeteransBorn Prior to 1946 *Baby Boomers Born 1946-1964 *Generation X, Gen-XersBorn 1965-1980 *Nexters/MillennialsBorn 1981-2002 Generations

8 *Great Depression *New Deal *WW II *Korean War *Atomic Bomb Traditionalists Events & Experiences Born Prior to 1946

9 *Grew up during wartime, shortages and sense of lack *Frugal * Hard Work *Dedication & Sacrifice *Honor / Respect for Rules *Duty before fun Traditionalists Values

10 Other Traditionalists * Conservative somewhat dressy clothing * Neatly trimmed hair * Memories of Marx Brothers, Sinatra, Big Bands, Big Cars * TV included Ed Sullivan, Bonanza, Father Knows Best * Heroes include FDR, Superman, Babe Ruth, Dimaggio, Patton, MacArthur * Memorabilia include Juke Boxes, Blondie, Lone Ranger, Charlie McCarthy

11 *Civil Rights *Space Travel *Cold War *Sexual Revolution *Assassinations Baby Boomers Events & Experiences

12 *Optimism *Team Orientation *Loyal *Workaholics *Like relationships in the workplace *Interested in health and wellness *Open minded Baby Boomer Values

13 Other Baby Boomer *May wear designer glasses, whatever is trendy *Longer Hair *Designer Suits *Memories of Smothers Brothers, Beatles, Lassie, Drive In, Mickey Mouse Club *TV includes Laugh In, Westerns, Lassie, Mod Squad, Carson, MASH, Sunday Night Disney *Heroes include John and Jackie Kennedy, MLK, John Glenn, John Lennon, Gandi *Memorabilia includes fallout shelters, TV dinners, Hula Hoops, Peace Sign, Poodle Skirts,

14 *Fall of Berlin Wall *Women’s Liberation *Watergate *Latchkey Kids *Energy Crisis *Desert Storm Generation X Events & Experiences

15 * Self Reliance/Autonomy *Diversity *Tech Savvy *Fun & Informality *Pragmatism Generation X Values

16 Other Generational X’ers * May wear functional clothing, have tattoos, any style hair, naval or nose rings * Memories of Tonya Harding, Snoop Doggy Dog, Beavis & Butthead, Video Games * TV includes SNL, Friends, 90210, Cosby, * Heroes include Michael Jordan, Ron Reagan, Magic Johnson * Memorabilia include Brady Bunch, Pet Rocks, Platform shoes, ET, The Simpsons, Sesame Street, Cabbage Patch Dolls

17 *Oklahoma City *School Shootings *Technology *Clinton/Lewinsky *Conservative Values *9/11 Nexters/Millennials/Gen Y Events & Experiences

18 *Optimistic *Civic Duty *Political *Confident *Goal Setting is Priority *Respect for Diversity *Social Nexter/Millennials/Gen Y Values

19 *Fastest growing segment of the workforce *High expectations of self and employers *Looking for job security *Likely to change careers *Important to periodically update skills *Seeking employers that focus on development and training *Focus on work-life balance *Changes management styles Nexters/Millenials/Gen Y In Workplace

20 Other Nexter/Millennials * May wear Retro Clothing, Spiked, bleached or “in style” hair, Body Piercing * Cell phones, IPODs * Memories of Goo-Goo Dolls, Trench coat Mafia, 9-11 * TV includes Dawson Creek, The WB, Malcom in the Middle, Who wants to be a Millionaire, That 70’s Show * Heroes include NYPD/NYFD, Parents, Mother Theresa, Bill Gates, Mia Hamm, Tiger Woods * Memorabilia include, Barney, Teenage Mutant Turtles, American Girl Dolls, Spice Girls, X-Games, Oprah, Rosie

21 Generations in the Workforce

22 TraditionalistsBaby BoomersGeneration XGeneration Y Work Ethic and Values Hard work Respect authority Sacrifice Duty before fun Adhere to rules Workaholics Work efficiently Crusading causes Personal fulfillment Desire quality Question authority Eliminate the task Self-reliance Want structure and direction Skeptical What’s next Multitasking Tenacity Entrepreneurial Tolerant Goal oriented Work is…..An obligationAn exciting adventure A difficult challenge A contract A means to an end Fulfillment Leadership style Directive Command-and- control Consensual Collegial Everyone is the same Challenges others Asks why *TBD Interactive style IndividualTeam player Loves meetings EntrepreneurParticipative Workplace Characteristics

23 Workplace Characteristics (Cont.) TraditionalistsBaby BoomersGeneration XGeneration Y CommunicationsFormal Memo In personDirect Immediate E-mail Voice mail Feedback and Rewards No news is good news Satisfaction in a job well done Don’t appreciate it Money Title recognition Sorry to interrupt, but how am I doing? Freedom is the best reward Whenever I want it, at the push of a button Meaningful work Messages that Motivate Your experience is respected You are valued You are needed Do it your way Forget the rules You will work with other bright, creative people Work and Family Life Ne’er the twain shall meet No balance Work to live Balance

24 *Formal rather than informal *Face to face, not text or email *Honor the chain of command *Offer them job security *Traditional recognition; plaques, photos Messages *“Your experience is respected here” *“Loyalty is valued and rewarded” Workplace & communication strategies to use with Traditionalists

25 *State objectives and desired results of the team *Choose face-to-face conversations *Give them your full attention *Love pep talks *Recognition with wide public profile like a company newsletter Messages *“You are valued” *“Your contributions are important to our success” Workplace & communication strategies for communicating with Baby Boomers

26 *Get to the point *Use e-mail *Tell them what needs to be done, not how *Give them multiple task, let them prioritize *Lighten up *Regular, honest feedback *Informal recognition, such as a day off Messages *“Do it your way” *“We are not very corporate here” Workplace and communication strategies for communicating with Generation X

27 *Provide continuous opportunity for learning and building skills *Know their goals, and show them how they fit in the big picture *Challenge them *Ask them their opinion *Find them a mentor *Be more of a coach, less boss *Communicate informally through email and hallway conversations *Messages *“Your boss is in his/her sixties” *“You and your co-workers can help turn this company around” Workplace and communication strategies for communicating with Nexters/Millenials/Gen Y

28 *Be aware of the differences, embrace them *Appreciate the strengths, draw on them *Recognize the contributions and intricacies of all Bridging The Gap

29 Information flows in all directions in a learning organization. The most successful leaders find a way to let every generation be heard. They recognize that no one has all the answers. This appreciation of diversity allows each group to contribute and be a part of the growth of an organization. Valuing Differences

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