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Mrs. McCann’s 4 th Grade Rules and Procedures. Before School Put things away in your locker and go into your classroom right away. We have a very short.

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1 Mrs. McCann’s 4 th Grade Rules and Procedures

2 Before School Put things away in your locker and go into your classroom right away. We have a very short time before school this year so there is not time to socialize! Read the morning message and follow the directions.

3 Desk Etiquette Sit like a student. That means sitting up straight and not tipping back in your chair. Your chair should be pushed in so people can walk through the aisles. Think, “Backs to the back, chairs pushed in!” Keep yourself to yourself. No going in or on another person’s desk, including the teacher’s desk! Stand up when the teacher calls on you. You do not need to push in your chair. Stand when the whole class is directed to do so. You do not need to push in your chair.

4 Asking a Question or if You Need Help Raise your hand when you have a question or comment, or if you need help, and wait to be called on. There are times during the day when the teacher will not allow hand raising unless it is an emergency. Sometimes during direct instruction the teacher will call on you to answer a question even if your hand is not raised. Be ready at all times with an answer in your head! Always be listening and ready to respond with your best effort.

5 Bathroom Breaks There will be at least two class bathroom breaks (one in the morning, before Latin, and one in the afternoon) along with time to use the bathroom at recess or lunch. Use those times if at all possible for bathroom and drink breaks. If you MUST use the bathroom during class time, the following rules apply: you may never go to the bathroom during direct instruction (unless it is an emergency), only one student may sign out at a time, sign in and out with name/time/destination and wear the appropriate pass around your neck so adults in the hallway know your destination. Office and nurse pass use must be approved by the teacher.

6 Water Bottles Water bottles must be stored on the wooden bookshelf, not on desks. They may not be accessed during direct instruction time but may be used during any other time during the day. Please fill water bottles during class bathroom breaks or during recess time. Be sure to stay hydrated, especially on hot days!

7 Walking Down the Hallway Line up in number order (except for line leader and door holders or as a “pupil perk”). Walk in a straight line. Your hands should be at your side or behind your back. You must remain quiet in the hallway at all times during the school day (unless you are working with an adult). Remember that there are other classes in session and they need it to be quiet! Mrs. Tryit’s Class…

8 Lunch Table washers and lunch basket carriers are to put on job tags before lining up for lunch. Once your job has been completed, you may return the tag to a teacher. WALK to the hot lunch line or your table. Make sure you have everything you need BEFORE you sit down (there will be no getting up until you are dismissed without teacher permission). Teachers will dismiss table-by-table. Make sure you clean up ALL lunch items/trash on and around your spot at the table (including the floor). This may include being asked to pick up things that are not yours – please just pick it up and put it away! Please stack hot lunch trays neatly and carefully and make sure ALL trash gets in the trash can.

9 Recess Line up quietly, in number order. WALK to the playground. Ditto when lining up to return to class. No roughhousing. Follow the recess monitors’ directions at all times. If you have a problem on the playground, please let a recess monitor know right away!

10 Planner Fill out the planner completely and neatly in the morning, even if you have finished a task (you may check it off as done). Your teacher will not stamp it until it is complete! (You may leave math and reading blank if you go to another teacher for those classes). Take your planner with you to math and reading. Have a parent sign or initial your planner each night!

11 Homework Homework will be turned in each morning in the “homework box.” Place finished assignments in the file behind your student number. You may turn in homework assignments early, if they are completed to the best of your ability.

12 After School Proceed directly to your locker when you are dismissed and gather your locker things as quickly as possible. Go directly to the bus or 4 th grade pick up room (Ms. Granneman’s room) once you have all your classroom and locker items. There is not time to socialize in the hallway! In the pick up room, you must sit quietly along the wall (whispering with your friends is OK). Please leave school materials in your backpack and be ready to go AS SOON AS your name is called over the loudspeaker. You should be listening for your name to be called.

13 If You Show Exemplary Behavior As a class: Your teacher will add puzzle pieces to the virtue vase. Once it is full, we will have a class party. As an individual (both behaviorally and academically): You will get “pupil perks” tickets added to the jar. More tickets = a greater possibility of being chosen. Perks include: lunch with the teacher in the classroom, your choice of spot in line for the week, job choice for the next week, work time at the back table, etc.

14 If You Don’t Follow the Rules Verbal warning Moving your stick from the green jar, to the yellow jar, and to the red jar, which leads to: Loss of privileges (recess time, pupil perks) Note or call home Meeting with Ms. Kelley

15 Your Behavior It’s important to use temperance each day at school. To help you do that, we have a stoplight behavior system. When you get here in the morning, move their attendance stick to the green mason jar. If you do not follow a rule or procedure, you’ll be given a verbal warning. Then if, in the same day, another incident happens, you will move your attendance stick to the yellow jar (this is your warning). Time to dig for your extra temperance!

16 Stay Green! A final incident that day will send their attendance stick (either moved by teacher or student) to the red jar. This indicates the student isn’t able to control their behavior and needs some guidance from the teacher. You will stay in for 5 minutes of recess to reflect on your behavior by copying from the Children’s book of Virtues. An email will also be sent home to your parents if you have to move your attendance stick to red, informing them of this behavior.

17 Stay Green! We have three noise level cards on the front whiteboard. A Green level (like a green light) is an appropriate noise level (silent to a whisper). During work time, if as a class you get too noisy, I will change the card to a Yellow level. This is a warning to quiet back down. If the class does not quiet down, I will change the card to a Red level. Red level noise means that the class is not using their temperance. It’s time to STOP, refocus, and return to quiet (Green). The class might lose privileges if they reach a Red level. If the noise level stays Green all day – puzzle pieces will be added to the Virtue Vase!

18 Library Procedures You may check out one book at a time. Sign your name on the clipboard as well as the date and the book title. When you return the book, add the return date. Be sure to return the book to its appropriate bin. You may read a book without checking it out if there is a little free time in class, but it must be returned to the bin and not your desk before the class moves on.

19 Wednesday Folders Every Wednesday you will receive a blue folder filled with your week’s corrected assignments (and potentially another folder for math class too!) in your mailbox. Please take it home in your backpack and return it signed by Thursday morning in the turquoise file holder located in the student supply center.

20 What’s Your Job? First and foremost, to be a scholar. Do your best! Our classroom job chart is in the front of the room. Your name card will rotate through the jobs. Jobs will change each week. Here’s a description of all of the jobs:

21 When Do We Go Where? The class schedule is posted next to the job chart. This will change on a daily basis. We have some classes on a rotating schedule. If there’s a change in the schedule (something special or unusual, such as an assembly), you’ll see that class or event noted with the Schedule Star! Our Daily Objectives will be listed on the front board. This helps all students (and the teacher) to use our Prudence and Fortitude to accomplish our daily goals.

22 Practice Makes Prudent! The more we practice these procedures, the easier it will be to remember them and make a prudent, studential choice. We’re going to spend some time today, tomorrow, and Thursday reviewing and practicing these rules and procedures. Let’s make is a fantastic fourth grade year!

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