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Step Up To Reading! What does this mean for you at home?

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7 Step Up To Reading!



10 What does this mean for you at home?


12 Step 1- Books That Fit Students will be assessed by their teacher and given a color level that will on their level. Each night students will be bringing home books on their level and skill cards with skills they need to work on to get to the next level.

13 Step 2- Ten Minutes a Day Our program asks parents to spend just 10 minutes a day listening to their child read from “Books That Fit.” With just 10 minutes a day, your child will progress steadily and naturally to become an independent reader. As the parent, your active role will bring you perfectly in tune to the individual needs of your child. Horizon’s goal: 30 minutes at school 30 minutes at home Together, you are creating a nurturing environment to support your child in becoming a successful avid reader—for life.

14 Step 3- One Skill at a Time With American Reading at Home, children learn to master just one new skill at a time—we call each skill a “Power Goal”—which accelerates learning. At each reading level, there are 1-3 Power Goals that your child will master while reading books designed to help them with these specific skills.


16 School wide bulletin board in the front hallway  To build a community of readers we have a school wide K-2 CELEBRATIONS bulletin board.  When students read 100 steps (1,500 minutes): they will get their picture on the bulletin board They will be celebrated on the morning announcements They will get to wear a COOL cape all day at school

17 Start Reading with Bookshelf Now you can read all your American Reading at Home titles right in your browser or on your devices! Specially designed for successful reading practice before a child can even read words, our books also foster mastery of the first 120 sight words. Visit:




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