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Ptl. Robb Chernisky Berea Police Department Det. Duane Funk Middleburg Hts. Police Department Sgt. Joe Grecol Berea Police Department.

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1 Ptl. Robb Chernisky Berea Police Department Det. Duane Funk Middleburg Hts. Police Department Sgt. Joe Grecol Berea Police Department

2  Planning and Preparation are key to Survival  Workplace Violence is becoming more extreme and widespread… POSTAL?  Public Institutions are high-priority terrorist targets  Physical Actions to increase survival are not difficult  Mental Decision-Making is the difficulty  What do I do?? WARNING! Disclaimer

3  Is this a sufficient defense against an Active Shooter?  If it works, YES!  What if there is no place to “lock down”?


5  Aug. 1, 1966 – University of Texas, Charles Whitman. 16 killed 32 wounded in what lasted 56 minutes while police arrived 18 minutes after the start.  Apr. 20, 1999 – Columbine High School, Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold. 12 killed 24 wounded, 58 minutes police arrived 14 minutes after start.

6  Apr. 16, 2007 – Virginia Tech., Seung-Hui Cho. 32 killed 17 wounded, 12 minutes and police were on campus.  Apr. 30, 2009 – Binghamton, NY, Jiverly Antares Wong. 14 killed 4 wounded, 2-3 minutes, police arrived in 2 minutes but waited 2 hours before making entry.

7  School Shooting Phenomenon of 90’s  Led to Research of Civilian Response Strategies  Procedures Ranged from None to Passive  LOCKDOWN/Secure-in-Place  Protocols were Inadequate  Not meant to Scare, but Prepare

8  November 7, 1994 - Wickliffe Middle School  May 9, 2003 - Case Western Reserve University  August 19, 2003 - Andover Industries, Andover, Oh  November 7, 2003 - Watkins Van Lines, West Chester, Oh  December 8, 2004 - Alrosa Villa Nightclub, Columbus, Oh  January 26, 2005 - Jeep Liberty Plant, Toledo, Oh

9  October 10, 2007 - Success Tech Academy, Cleveland, Oh  March 9, 2010 - Ohio State University Facilities Maintenance building  August 8, 2011 – Copley, Oh Suburban neighborhood, various locations  February 27, 2012 - Chardon High School, Chardon, Oh  March 14, 2012 - Miami Jacobs College, Columbus, Oh  April 12, 2012 - Cracker Barrel, Brooklyn, Oh

10  If the bad guy is determined, he WILL get into the building.  -Most buildings are not built to keep people out  -Most building security measures are easily defeated  Passive and static targets become easy victims!  -How much skill is required to pull a trigger at point blank range at a stationary target?

11  It is not normal for ONE person to kill or injure large numbers of victims.  It is not normal for the number of killed to equal or exceed those of the wounded.  Why are these numbers skewed?  Is it the skill of the shooter or the passive, easy targets?

12  Unless a building was designed to keep people out, its security can be only “so” good. If somebody wants in, they will get in.  Once inside and once he initiates his killing, pleading and negotiating will be useless, therefore,  Passive and static targets become easy victims, they become sheep.  How much skill is required to pull a trigger at point blank range toward a stationary target?

13  Compliance is  DANGEROUS!  He does not care about you, your children, your family or what he can gain by being your friend…he just wants to make people remember him!

14 How long must you wait for help?


16  You may have to wait 6-8 minutes before the first policeman arrives.  What do YOU do during this time?  YOU are actually the first responder!

17 RESCUE WILL NOT OCCUR UNTIL: 1.Police arrive 2.Police protocol is met 3.Time to locate threat 4.Time to control threat 5.Time to get EMS to victims

18 This creates an increased time in lockdown or an increased time exposed to the BAD GUY! Students take cover in French Class in Holden Hall, Virginia Tech; photo by Chase Damiano

19  For Police and School  -Command: One word initiates procedure  -Control: Know where everyone is located  -Convenience: Easily administered and followed  For the Shooter  -Command: Action initiates procedure  -Control: Procedure requires everyone to remain  -Convenience: Minimal action causes response Is this the best policy we can produce?

20 **High profile, good publicity for cause **Potential for mass casualties **Traditionally, low resistance by school occupants EEQUALS = HIGH CHANCE OF PLAN SUCCESS!

21  *High profile, good publicity for cause  Does not diminish chance of notoriety  *Potential for mass casualties  Targets are told to be “Static” = Easy  *Traditionally, low resistance by school occupants  Easy targets increase shooter’s opportunity  *Low chance of plan failure  Lockdown does little to affect his access to targets except…a locked door!

22  1. People are in the crisis zone too long  2. Priority is law enforcement locating bad guy, not escape  3. Medical attention will be withheld until all clear  4. Psychological impact of guilt due to inaction

23  Fear of the unknown is the natural response - “shock effect”- The “Oh Crap!” (The OS! Factor): Factor-Fight, Flight, or Freeze?  Fear is Conquered by Preparation  Physically, you already have the necessary skills, but do you have the Mental skills?

24  Because Experience is something you get…Right after you NEED it!  Anonymous

25  A.L. .C.E. Advantages: 1. Integrates technology with common sense human ACTION. 2. Provides a plan of action to increase chances of survival, increase confidence, and reduce fear. 3. Vastly Diminishes odds of bad guy’s success due to increased skill level required.

26  Put out all known information to as many as possible via as many means as possible  No reason to hold anything  Do not use codes  Be repetitive

27 CHANGE THIS TO THIS (c) Response Options, 2010. All rights reserved.

28  If evacuation does not appear safe, secure-in- place  Does not mean just lock a door  Learn barricading techniques  Learn area denial techniques

29  Continuation of the ALERT  Provide Real-Time Information – HOW?  Allows for Good Decision-Making  Confuse and Frustrate Attacker – HOW?  Talk to/at THEM  Redirect focus and anger … at what??  Take advantage of the attacker’s fragile psychological state.  They are suicidal, perhaps we can make it happen! What historically has been the trigger?


31  Teach skills that interrupt the physical and mental act of shooting accurately.  Different and much more difficult than just shooting!  OODA Loop Interruption OODA Loop  OSF – our version of OODA Loop OSF  Recognize, Assess, Respond  Teach skills that will allow the targets to benefit from unknown tactical advantages!  Distance  Time  Movement  Numbers  Fox and Friends Fox and Friends

32  Provide occupants with the ability and authority to evacuate  Removes as many potential targets as possible  Removes need for many of those concerned to come to scene  Follows natural response

33  Whether planned or not, a mass evacuation will occur during the Active Shooter event.  Where will they go?  NO VEHICLES  Planning required by NIMS  Little resources required, only information required.

34 Room 210 No Class Offices Room 206 - 14 Present Killed – 10 Wounded -2 Room 204 – 19 Present Killed – 2 Wounded - 3 Room 200 No Class Room 211 – 19 Present Killed – 12 Wounded - 6 Room 207 – 13 Present Killed – 5 Wounded - 6 Room 205 – 12 Present Killed – 0 Wounded – 0 Hallway – Killed 1 Data from Chapter 8, Virginia Governor’s Report on Virginia Tech. JUMPED BARRICADED AFTER 1 ST TIME BARRICADED SAT PASSIVELY

35  Prepare like it will happen  When/Then  Mental Conditioning  OODA Loop  Observe  Orient  Decide  ACT!

36  When a threat is RECOGNIZED, rapidly ASSESS the threat level and immediately initiate a RESPONSE.  PERCEPTION IS REALITY. Your assessment is your reality, so no second-guessing. anything, ABN  Response can be anything, ABN

37 In any moment of decision, the best thing you can do is the right thing, the next best thing is the wrong thing, and the worst thing you can do is nothing. Theodore Roosevelt

38  Be aggressive! Bad guys aren't that skilled!  Interfere with their ability!  ACTION vs. REACTION, which is always second?  DISTANCE is a tactical advantage, GET IT however you can!!  Can’t escape? Create MASS CHAOS, create sounds, sights, and touches that will increase the skill level required to harm. Throw things at the face to distract.  CONTROL THE ATTACKER. SWARM the attacker and control his limbs.  SECURE THE WEAPON

39  Escape or Evading should always be an option!  Anything Beats Nothing…Plan ahead!  Interrupt Decision Cycle of the Shooter  Reverse the “Oh Crap!” Syndrome. BE FIRST  Turn Chaos and Mayhem into an advantage  Cause Sensory Overload, Distraction  Utilize Numbers and Training to Gain Control  K.I.S.S Principle  “Comply and Die”  Madmen and Terrorists don’t make deals  Trauma First Aid: prolong life of injured  EMS will not be allowed in until the threat is secured…. Create Second Chances, not easy targets!

40  Small first aid kit (bandages, tampons, gauze pads, iodine solution, sterile latex gloves, antiseptic cream, aspirin, Imodium ™, Benadryl ®, eye pads, burn dressings, antiseptic lotion)  Red-colored “biological waste” bag  Hand-cleaning gel or wipes  Small bottles of bleach and disinfectant  A hat, vest, armband or other unique identifier for the teacher (and aide if applicable)  A whistle  Student & staff accounting paperwork - class list, contact information, key medical info  Tarpaulins or ground covers/plastic sheeting (opaque rather than clear if possible)  Age-appropriate “time-passers”  Latex-free rubber kitchen gloves  Sunscreen  Flashlight - Hand-generated or with 2 sets of spare batteries and/or glow sticks  Paper pad/notebook and pens  Bottles of drinking water + flavored electrolyte crystals  Survival blanket  Orange plastic disposable ponchos  Plastic garbage and trash compactor bags with strong wire ties  Rolls of duct tape, rubber bands, Super-Glue ™, light rope or parachute cord  Indelible markers  EMT shears or strong scissors  Toilet paper  Hard candy  Some items may have limited shelf life. Also, keep medicines and sharp objects secure in the container for safety  Identify all the children who have allergies or medical issues; keep a note in a sealed, marked envelope taped inside the lid of the Go- Bucket  Opaque sheeting can be used to provide shade from the sun and elements, provide privacy, as well as concealment.

41 1. Limit the OS!! Factor  Too long of an OODA Loop 2. Escape 3. Counter direct aggression Give people the knowledge to create second chances…They will make you PROUD!

42  How to Respond to an Active Shooter – DHS How to Respond to an Active Shooter – DHS  How to Respond to an Active Shooter - DOJ & IACP How to Respond to an Active Shooter - DOJ & IACP  Houston, TX Police Dept. video on Youtube: Run.Hide.Fight

43  BUT they are a good start!  The best laid schemes o' Mice an' Men, Gang aft agley, An' lea'e us nought but grief an' pain, For promis'd joy!  Robert Burns  “The only thing necessary for evil to flourish, is for good men to do nothing. “  Edmund Burke



46 ??? ANY QUESTIONS? ???

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