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A “PAWSitive” Bulldog BARKS Schoolwide rules and expectations for the 2012-2013 school year.

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1 A “PAWSitive” Bulldog BARKS Schoolwide rules and expectations for the 2012-2013 school year

2 Mission Statement Wylie Early Childhood Center will implement a positive behavior plan to teach self control to all students. Together the parents and facility will facilitate and support students’ academic, social, emotional and physical development to achieve independence.

3 Theme A “paws”-itive Bulldog: B e responsible A mbitious (do your best!) R espectful K eep trying S afety first

4 Voice Levels Turtle voice: Voice is off; no sound Mouse voice: Voice is on; whisper Duck voice: Voice is on; Inside conversation Bulldog voice: Voice is on; Outside conversation

5 Cafeteria *cafeteria- walk, sit on bottom, raise hand, duck voice *Cafeteria -Monitor the students -Point to poster

6 Morning Cafeteria morning cafeteria: -enter: left is breakfast, right is sitting for cartoons (both with backpacks on) -go through line: #1 over milk, #1 over juice, #2 over cereal, cheese : walk out of door and go left, sit in next open spot (left to right), mouse voice, bottoms in seat, eat, raise hand when finished, wait for teacher to take tray, go sit on line with backpack on ***after Christmas, teach to take own tray to trash when finished eating for ALL kiddos -sit and watch cartoons: go to end of line, sit on your bottom criss-cross, face forward, hands to self, book bag on, mouse voice Morning Cafeteria -Arrive at 7:00 – help with breakfast, open cereal and milk for students/pick up trays/ make sure students are quiet and sitting on bottoms -Arrive at 7:30- help open cereal and milk/greet kids (call child by name, if name not known give a positive comment – im so glad to see you at school today) coming in/make sure students are quiet and sitting on bottoms -Arrive at 7:45 – stand at your line, make sure your class is sitting on bottom, quiet -Arrive at 7:55 – have your class stand, with backpacks/coats on and ready to leave cafeteria

7 Hallway *hallway- turtle voice, nose and toes forward, walking feet *Hallway- monitor (look at student expectations)

8 Restroom *bathroom- turtle voice, go, flush, wash hands **revisit for either sanitizer or soap, leave Bathroom -Monitor the students – standing outside bathroom while students are coming and going (inside and outside the bathroom).

9 Behavior Hierarchy Level OneConsequences Talking Disrespectful Tattling Crying Hitting Inappropriate language Defiance Throwing Teasing Noise/Outbursts Fighting without injury (yellow) *warning *5 min (fence, privileges, centers, laps, etc) *10 min (fence, privileges, centers, etc) *move within group/table *remove from area *loss of item/privilege *cool down spot

10 Behavior Hierarchy Level Two Behavior that stops learning in which instruction cannot continue Bullying Inappropriate touching Inappropriate language Running away – 3x or more during an activity Exposing self to others (intent, frequency and duration) (orange) *laps around playground (15- 30 minutes) *phone call to parent *child note home to parent *time out *removal from area **possible referral

11 Behavior Hierarchy Level Three Physical harm to others (anything that puts others in danger) *Repeated disruptive tantrum occurring more than 1 time in a day : Throwing scissors Kicking Hitting Spitting Biting Scratching Running out of building/leaving campus Repeat exposure **parent contact FIRST before trip to office (red) *contact parents *office referral

12 Bulldog Bucks Immediate Reward: Bulldog Buck Chart/Clipboard for traveling Verbal Praise Daily Reward: Receive a buck get a Sticker, Stamp, or Candy Weekly Reward: Varies based on number of bucks received during the week

13 Bulldog Bucks Weekly Rewards *choose book to read *extra computer time *choose song for class to listen to *sit with stuffed animal at desk *photo recognition board in café *first one in lunch line (class) *special time with principal*** *choose game in PE *dance to favorite music in class (15-20 min) *movie time with popcorn *free pass to school game *pass to zoo *parent email to tell of accomplishments *eat lunch with teacher *eat lunch with principal *eat with a friend in classroom *free choice time at end of day *extra iPad time *bring special toy to recess *special pencil for the day

14 Teacher Rewards

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